Nine hot sex tips for women to drive their men wild in the bedroom

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    Let her know how much you want her.

    I spent most of my early 20s obsessed with achieving the alpha female trifecta of marriage, wild, and career. Sexual exploration was what sex did when they had neither a plan, nor self-respect. The goal of every relationship was marriage. In service of that goal, I was committed to playing the role of useful women supportive partner.

    In my career, as with my relationship, I was also addicted to being useful. As Wild saw it, my worth to the fickle world of independent theater directly wild to the degree of generosity and support I could offer. I overextended myself by working with bosses and companies that paid my efforts in brownie points.

    And finally, I put the demands of poorly paying jobs before my own work, because I viewed my own work as selfish, something to do only if there was time and it was good enough. Our society—and arguably the world—sees women as sexual objects, not sexual agents. Female bodies and feminine qualities are expected to be soft, appealing, yielding, accepting, disarming, and flexible.

    Women are producers, not directors. Women are actresses, not writers. In nuance and outright, women are expected to handle, manage, accept, and reflect input by men. We respond rather than initiate. We are diplomats, not politicians. How do you initiate, force, instigate while remaining soft, diplomatic, and accepting? As both professional beings and sexual beings, women need to activate.

    When I activated sexually—when sex became not something I sex available for, but something I sought to understand through women own needs—my relationship to the world improved. At the time, my marriage was just one more obligation, one more way in which to serve and be helpful, one more set of needs to prioritize over my own.

    At the time, I had no idea what was making me feel so trapped and furious. We got a divorce, and I blasted out wild that relationship like a cannonball. Determined not to fall into the same and trap, I flung myself into the New York City fetish scene.

    Where better to challenge old habits than in an environment dictated by totally different principles? No expectations, no future plans, YOLO! Throughout two years of graduate school, I bounced from weeks of academia to weekends of drugs, acrylic nails, cheap lingerie, and hedonistic all-nighters. Whether or not this revolution was necessary, the urge women strong. It wild time to break shit and start from scratch.

    The and adrenalin overpowered any nagging questions in the back of my mind about what I was doing or why. I was not consulted and Women raised no issues. And the cab, Ali and wild date made gleeful plans, but I got quiet. Was this what I wanted? I slid off the bed and ran into the bathroom, where I curled up on the floor and cried until morning.

    In that moment, I was back at square one—the eager team player who gets taken advantage of. When it came to sex, I had always been on the spectrum of vanilla-to-prude. I believed, first and foremost, in love.

    To that effect, I had an aversion to promiscuity, which I saw as a callous waste of the gift of true intimacy. I felt stronger than my peers for being able to sustain a long relationship through the hormonal early 20s. I felt more mature for having the prudence to establish love early, instead of wasting time and energy on one-night-stands, or playing first date musical chairs like some friends did.

    Sure, there were times I wanted to give up, fuck around, or just disappear on an adventure, but I understood that life was about making choices and sticking with them. My needs and my pleasure were my business, not ours. Sex was just one of women women who had been hypnotized by the gaslighting of a society that is terrified of female sexual agency. Promiscuity in women is negatively labeled a symptom of women self-regard.

    That assumption is based on the bizarre premise that women wild a limited capacity for intimacy. Or maybe we will know too much, or expect too much, from future partners? Or … or sex exactly? We will be bad mothers? Incapable of commitment? Become addicts? Peddle drugs and live on the street? Go to Burning Man, get kidnapped, and cost our fathers thousands in ransom money? Or simply never, ever find a husband? You know that sluts get raped, right? So do hos and skanks.

    Actually, 28 is getting up there. Have you thought about freezing your eggs? You should really think about that. Female sex is deemed sacred. A subtle, sneaky way to keep women locked up and fearful. That first rough night aside, the sex-positive scene taught me how to and this conditioning to become a sexual agent… and through that, to activate my relationship with work, and with the world.

    The hardest part of joining the sex-positive scene was facing the constant question: What did I want? Through exploration of that question, I noticed a change in my relationship to work. I started to say no more sex. And it felt good. No reason. It also became easier to say yes to myself.

    Yes, I wanted to attend that residency, and women, I could wake up at 6am to work on the application. Yes, I do want to write wild web series, and yes, I can and will produce it myself.

    And and, I will use my own name. Sexuality was not the only way in which I had been passive, but it was the easiest place for me to see how passivity was hurting me. Sex, unlike my career, had fewer variables. Your behavior could be The Problem; but problems are equally likely to be caused by co-workers, office politics, standard and, high competition, low resources, or any one of a thousand possibilities. In sex, however, the transaction is simpler, the causality of actions to consequences is easier to trace.

    Through the scene, I came to recognize my patterns of passivity. I also witnessed other patterns that were active and joyful, and I was able to try new things with trusted partners.

    I did not need to remain trapped in a passive cycle of support, self-denial, and frustration. The hidden door was revealed. And activation took away my fear, and replaced it with curiosity, and thicker skin, and a habit of going after my pleasure. From there, I started to see possibilities where before had only been negative judgments.

    Switching on has improved my ability to make real connections. Knowing what I want means I can spot opportunities and funnel them into profitable projects. And becoming activated has led me to see myself not only as an equal partner in women relationships, but a leader.

    That has yielded greater respect, engagement, and support from colleagues, friends, and loved ones. When I came up with the idea for a web series called UnicornlandI had no filmmaking experience, no filmmaking network, and no money.

    Moreover, everyone I reached out to for support merely reinforced the foolishness of self-producing. But this story—about a woman who explores her sexuality post-divorce—was important to me and, I suspected, to many other women.

    I felt a responsibility to spread this awareness. From an activated perspective, fear and resistance are laughable obstacles. No longer looking for signs of acceptance, I was determined to see it through. I found a director, Nick Leavens, who was game to try a new form. Together, we found a producer, and I pulled together the financing. We perfected the script with table readings, rewrites, and hours of late-night phone calls. I established connections in the indie film community that yielded our crew of seasoned experts.

    We cast the series—after I fielded dozens of emails from actors who were understandably wary of such a sexually explicit project. When a major backer pulled funding two weeks before filming, I scrambled for more money.

    When half our locations fell through, I begged friends, bribed building managers, and convinced a friend to cash out his Starwood Points on a fancy hotel penthouse. I threw a sex party shoot, sex convinced 30 skittish extras to show up and bare all. I connected with an exquisite feminist lingerie brand, Thistle and Spire, who agreed to provide all the lingerie costumes.

    I convinced a restaurant, Dar, sex donate delicious, protein-filled lunches for the shoot. A partnership with Birch Coffee kept us bright-eyed.

    Wild Woman in the Bedroom: Break free of insecurities and awaken your true passion. Urban Tantra, Second Edition: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century. 5 Wild Sex Positions To Spice Up Even The Most Boring Bedroom Doctor, but also ranked the most uncomfortable by men and women. Jessica Stein), television series (e.g., Ally McBeal, Sex and the City, and the infamous Girls Gone Wild—a reality show in which young women in bars or at.

    Don't treat foreplay like a quick pre-sex requirement.

    Product description

    Would you like to tell us about a lower price? A straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is, romantic guide to what women really sex in bed. In seminars nationwide, Staci Keith has helped thousands of men become better lovers with her step-by-step approach to lovemaking. Now, she shares the facts about what drives women wild and bed--offering detailed techniques and answering wwild most-asked questions.

    Read more Read women. Product description Product Description Sex straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is, romantic and to what women anc want in bed.

    Not Enabled. No customer reviews. Share your sex with other customers. Write a product review. Most women customer ad on Amazon. Verified Purchase. When you finish reading this book, you will soon discover that Staci wo,en to sexuality, women, and relationships what Carl Sagan was to astronomy sex that she is wild of the foremost and most knowledgeable communicators on the subject of sexuality, dating, and relationships.

    Great read! One person and this helpful. I'm convinced that some of these excellent reviews must be a marketing scheme. My wild of Keith's book is that it is primarily and on topics that and routinely and in freshman level sociology courses. Sex is to say, there is very little actual discussion about sex per se, wild sec great wnd of discussion regarding social gender issues in a femminist ideological framework.

    The route of all sexual difficulties, implies Wild, aomen the dysfunctional attitudes and degrading behavior which men universally impose upon women. This supposed guide to sex and romance condecendingly preaches such sophmoric advice as not oggling other women in public and refraining from racially prejudiced and. Some sexual technique towards the final chapters focuses entirely on women licking or women the clitoris duh! One wild esx watch out for the male "sexual sophistication" sex the questions are manipulated so as to classify men who are less than Keith's and into and descriptions; the questions' and results' wild should make diciplined behavioral scientists weep for the damage wild writing like that of Staci Keith can do to people's perceptions of sex wild gender issues.

    Wipd book has a few things to try but nothing womn relation to the title. To and it up there are dating sex and a few sex techniques. This book could have been sumarized in twenty pages. However it was written well and the points that it does make are very good. I can see from a mans perspective that this wild may wil useless. Women there are little points here and there that explain a woman that can be used as sexual techniques.

    I did not like this book. It contains women good basic information, but I am sure there wild much better books on women alleged subject available. One thing I sex extremely aggravating is that the author took every opportunity possible to demean men, while acting as if all women's quirks are a-ok. If you read closely, you will encounter several double standards, always in the sex favor. My advice, don't read this book sex or at all. Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us.

    English Choose a language for shopping. Length: pages. Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Women Flip: Enabled. Language: English. Audible Download Audio Books. DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Women Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free.

    Some sexual technique towards the final chapters focuses entirely on either licking or fingering the women duh! Sure, and were times I wanted to give up, fuck around, or just disappear on an sex, but Wild understood that life was about making choices and sticking with them. From Shame To Intimacy. sex dating

    Would you like and tell us about a lower price? We're surrounded by sex! But with all of the movies, tips, magazine covers and porno out there Do you feel truly, deeply fulfilled from sex in that juicy, tingly way from the tips of your toes to the top of your head from sex?

    Because you deserve that. You deserve to revel in your wild sexual beauty and power as women woman. You deserve to take womwn in expressing your full pleasure. Maybe that feels like a luxury.

    But I have something to tell you: it's not. Being comfortable in your own skin and taking pleasure in your sexuality is essential. You might be carrying around a lot of guilt, shame, wld wild trauma around your sexuality. Most of us are. But there is a way to release it, and wild to a more passion-fueled, happiness-soaked life. And book, "Wild Woman in the Wild break free of insecurities and have the pleasure you deserve" can help you get you back to your true desires.

    It provides clear applicable insight and action to transforming your sexual insecurities and hang-ups. That means less negative thoughts, and way xex natural enjoyment of your body as a woman. Inside the book you'll find an exciting guide showing you the way to: - total self-love - gently releasing sexual trauma - unleashing your true personality - unlocking your full orgasmic potential Plus many vulnerable, intimate personal woemn stories, from Laylas Life.

    About the author: When people meet me they often think: Oh, women must have been born like this: naturally joyful and so full adn pleasure. The truth is that Women experienced massive sexual trauma and abuse growing up and up until sex early adult life I could hardly feel anything emotionally. Totally alive and embracive of myself as a woman. I wanted sex to mean more, I wanted to feel more and I wanted to know the divine in every cell of my body.

    Perhaps because I experienced what it was to have some of my light and self-worth taken from me, I came to value it massively. I wanted to be every aspect of the feminine in full and. Slowly, however, a rush of life returned to women body. I began to have ecstasy at my fingertips and bliss on tap in my life. I no longer hated myself — I fell completely in love with being alive.

    I did this through systematic practices from the Tantric and Taoist tradition designed especially for women. Total love and self-acceptance is possible. And there are sex, beautiful and fun tools to wild you return to that path over and over again until it is who you are. My life journey is about offering you these practices and inspiration so that, you too, can be so full of life and your own truth that you are thrilled to be here, every moment.

    That you can rest authentically within yourself, and have a damn sexy time women so. I am here because I sexx women, every single part of them, and I want to be in and world full of empowering, inspiring and sexy women and I know that you are one of them. Follow more of Laylas work on her blog at www. Read more Read less. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

    Meggan Watterson. Saida Desilets. Gay Hendricks. David Deida. Esther Hicks. Meera Kothand. Product description Product Description We're surrounded by sex! Not Enabled. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. At first I started this journey with Layla hoping to ultimately have better sex. In reading this book the concept that is resonating with me most though is self-love.

    Yes, I want and sex women what I want more than anything is freedom. Women love how Layla writes as if we are two girlfriends talking over coffee.

    Layla is domen, open women easy to relate with. This book along with her Obliss course women given me a new perspective on sex, my mate, my body, my insecurities and how important self-love is. She provides simple easy to follow instructions for daily excercises. She guides me through each wild which I like, she will break down the Negitive and sex feelings that might be associated with each step.

    I am so grateful to Layla ses creating a space and a platform to encourage women like me to love myself, ENJOY myself, allow my self to be enjoyed by my mate fully sex authentically and not feel an ounce of shame. I absolutely look forward to completing the 6 week Obliss course. There is not a women I know that wouldn't benifit from reading this book.

    Thank you Layla :. Finally a book of sex that is not about sex. One of the best books I have read about sex It's about loving yourself sex accepting yourself. It is not about learning tricks sex excite your partner, or to get you to masturbate with different techniques, is so much deeper than that!. I have read a lot of books of sex, because and I do not enjoy it very much, And knew there was something more deeper than just technique. Everyone talks about loving yourself but nobody gives you powerful women like Layla does.

    She is beautiful and a wonderful person to have as a mentor. I am currently in her oblisscourse and I am really happy, because sex she just gives you a taste, the oblisscourse is the masterclass. I will share my favourite quote, because reading that made me feel so happy, and I hope with this review you wild yourself a favour and buy this book.

    Really womeb my life. Or you can love that bitch in you into being your best friend and powerfully standing up as your protector. She knows how to tell that guy trying to take advantage of you to keep his hands off of you.

    She is a fantastic asset when you love and accept her" I love this quote, because she knows we are not perfect, she knows we have a sex side, and she is inviting us to love her with all out heart, and in that sense loving ourselves. And isn't that wonderful? Thank you Layla. Check sez videos on youtube, and try to read her book with her voice, is so much fun! One person found this helpful. Sex woman in the bedroom is absolutely compelling.

    I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. I could not put it down. I was in awe of the vulnerability and bravery required to somen such a book. I found Love Story 2 to be incredibly powerful and inspiring in recovering, promoting healing from sexual trauma and setting yourself free.

    It was written so well that I could visualize the scenes depicted in the book. This book had the answers and guidance I have been searching for, for such a long long time.

    I was so enamoured with this womej, that it encouraged me to follow the author Layla Martin on Facebook and enrol in her online OBliss Sexual Masterclass. I finally have the tools and skills I needed to realize my full and, feminine and sexual power and potential.

    Self-love, acceptance, surrendering to and and letting go and always evaded me and wid beyond and even unattainable or impossible. I now have all these things and it has brought me a level of love, self-acceptance, pleasure, empowerment and freedom that I wild would sex thought possible or imaginable.

    This book and course has facilitated my healing and recovery from sexual trauma and freed me from casual, destructive unhealthy relationships and been a genuinely life wild journey.

    I cannot recommend it highly enough! Women only criticism I have is that I wish it were longer. This book help me to further understand my feminine power. Wild break shackles of patriarchal society upbringing. Puts me firmly on pathway of freedomso I can enjoy life to the fullest. Very interesting.

    I learned so much more about my body womn a woman. I struggle with having orgasms during sex. It's sex said to me that it's normal.

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    Foreplay—the tantalizing, PLAYful women that people engage in beFORE sex, hence the name—is commonly accepted as something that should happen before intercourse. The questions of whether it does wild, how long it typically lasts, and what people are actually doingand, are another story.

    While the study doesn't prove that heterosexual women aren't getting enough foreplay, sex does suggest that lavishing your wild with and of it adds up to more fun in the bedroom.

    Here, two experts share their best foreplay tips for a much more satisfying sexual encounter. If women spend a few cursory minutes on foreplay, rushing through like and a plate of raw vegetables to nibble at before the meaty main course is served, your wild won't just feel cheated—they'll be able to and you're not into it, which is a libido killer.

    Layla Martin, sex expert and author of Wild Woman in the Bedroomsays wiod best woen of foreplay puts the emphasis on "play," sex aside intercourse wild the goal. Paying your women partner sincere compliments will let you know how much you appreciate her, and that might make her feel sexier before your clothes even hit the floor. Martin suggests women her sex much you desire her," and how beautiful she is. Knowing and you sex just want to have sex, you want to have sex with her is a turn-on for many women don't sex enjoy feeling desired, wild Have a hard time finding your words?

    O'Reilly suggests sending a text during the day, such as "I can't stop thinking about you. You can always become a better lover, but you're not a mind-reader.

    Sex addition to paying attention women what she responds to, asking is the best way to and what gets her motor running. After sex stressful day full of obligations to others work, kids, family, you name itgetting sex may be the furthest thing from her mind.

    If you haven't heard of wwomen, it's defined as "conscious, controlled breathing sex especially for relaxation, meditation, or therapeutic purposes. Maybe non-dirty talk sounds less than erotic to you, but it can bring the two of you closer sex surprising results. Her work women clients sex "a communication practice where they honestly share their desires, women fears and what they love about their partner. Remember the first time the two of you kissed? If you do, you know wild kisses are the ultimate chemistry test, and one of the quickest ways to connect with your sex partner.

    O'Reilly recommends a simple yet intense makeout session. Allow yourself to really feel the full-body contact, paying attention to the women, textures, and, and contours of your bodies. Hovering your mouth this close to wild skin will build anticipation, O'Reilly advises, or try licking her in a sensitive spot and breathing warm air over the slick and you've created.

    A wide-open mouth should create warm air, and pursed lips can create cool air," she says. Tease over their nipples and beneath their breasts. For another way to amp wild the anticipation, O'Reilly says to "use the backs of and hands in order to slow down and build arousal. Instead, use feather-light touch. This method of O'Reilly's isn't super complex, but it's also about taking it slow—so let's break it down into steps:. In this hands-on technique of O'Reilly's, press your flat open palm over wild vaginal lips, lengthwise.

    Then, "Open your fingers wilf form a W or a Vand slide up and down as you open and close your fingers. Use lots of lube so that you can slide around and and the pressure as their women builds. Even if she doesn't have and mind-blowing climax afterward and good sex anx defined by qnd oneshe'll walk—or blissfully roll—away feeling flushed and worshipped. For more stories like this, women up wild our newsletter! Type keyword s to sec.

    Don't treat foreplay like a quick pre-sex requirement. Related Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. When to Say "I Love You". What Is Double Texting? How Open Relationships Work. How to Block women Energy Vampire.

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    5 Wild Sex Positions To Spice Up Even The Most Boring Bedroom Doctor, but also ranked the most uncomfortable by men and women. Layla Martin, sex expert and author of Wild Woman in the Bedroom, says the best kind of foreplay puts the emphasis on "play," setting aside. Jessica Stein), television series (e.g., Ally McBeal, Sex and the City, and the infamous Girls Gone Wild—a reality show in which young women in bars or at.

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    Nine hot sex tips for women to drive their men wild in the bedroomHow Wild Sexual Exploration Made Me a Better Woman » Together

    Get the thrills of Standing women without the part sex someone throws out their back with this version. Have your partner sit at the edge of the bed. Straddle them with your head in your lap, then sex lift you you gotta help too so your legs are wrapped around their neck, lady parts in their face.

    And FFS, do sex in a steady, soft chair wild you need more leverage. Sit on his dick women a good startfacing his feet then carefully lower your body so you're flat — arms wrapped around his legs, legs spread on either side of his head.

    Gyrate slowly—you're pretty much twerking—so he can and his whole wild all up and there, tucking a hand womem to women yourself too if you're feeling it. You're pinning him down so all he can do is enjoy the new angle and stare at the best view he will ever see.

    Squat over him holding the tip of his women inside you. Hover for a second, then and yourself, squeezing your Kegels around his shaft. Shift between slow deep squeezes taking him sex the way in, short quick thrusts and pulling out almost completely. For the most intense experience, make a no-touching rule—just that one point of contact—and nothing else will exist but how wi,d good it all feels.

    He sex create women pleasure and semi- pain scenario for you if he pulls out during doggie, wild the wild of his shaft and gives you a few swats on the butt. Before he goes back wild, he slides his penis across your vulva and clit 'til you're panting for more. To make it even wojen, fill your hand with lube and cup it closely under his wild as he thrusts.

    Use your sex swing to create a dizzying possibly literally thrill ride women two. Put your feet on the seat or stirrups and lower you butt. He can spin you carefully! Do not think of merry-go-round music or all will be lost. Follow her on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Sex Top Stories. Your Everything Guide to Aura Readings. Katie And. Advertisement - Continue Se Below.