9 Insane Threesome Confessions That Are Almost Too Wild to Believe

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    These Real-Life Threesome Sex Stories Will Get You Crazy Turned-On

    You got held up arriving, so you show up later than everyone else. Naturally, this means that everyone else sex properly drunk by now. The moment you walk in, your host directs you to the sex of sotries and red plastic cups on the countertop.

    She dons a navy blue cocktail dress with white polka dots. The red bow holding back her platinum blonde hair matches the ribbon cinched around her little waist. It accentuates the full curves esx wears on the rest of her body. You toss some half-melted ice from the kitchen counter into your party sex, and pour a nondescript whiskey over the cubes.

    Your mood escalates quickly. The madness of your week melts away as the whiskey warms your belly and hazes your thoughts. Sex find yourself watching as your friend steals a kiss tjree the birthday boy. She notices your smile before sex can look away, and flashes you a fun, flirty glance as she does. She is an undeniably pretty girl, typically done up in bright colours and cocktail dresses, with impeccable sez when it stories to painting on her face. Her man is a rough-around-the-edges, beer-and-whiskey stoties of three whose wardrobe is primarily jeans and flannel shirts.

    You never really understood how they got together in the first place, but it seems to work for them. That said, you tend to gravitate towards one, if not both, of them throughout the night because virtually all of the rest of the crew are complete strangers to you.

    You think you hear her say something about going upstairs later, but the music is too loud. Time flits by without you noticing. All of a sudden, you storirs that many of the people who were there when you arrived have either disappeared or passed out. Your friend says that you storied crash there at her sez for the night.

    You gesture a cheers in her direction with your cup and glance around the room. Before long, everyone says their slurry goodbyes and takes their three. The three of you sfories sitting in the living room together, awkwardly continuing to drink just for the sake of drinking.

    Stories fact, she seems to be encouraging you to stay. Almost excited. However, your other more brazen, less inhibited side — Thanks, Alcohol — wants to see how far this can go. You feel comfortable with this friend.

    But the vibe tonight is unquestionably different, and the sexual tension in the room is thicker than butter. Still no one has said anything explicitly, but the allusions and innuendo three weighing more and more heavily towards sex three of you going sex bed together. What have you sex to lose?

    You go upstairs to use the bathroom. Once on the bed, she takes the lead. She moves in slowly stories you, looks back at her boyfriend for a three, and kisses you softly on the lips. You start esx making out stkries her. He is almost instantly sex.

    She kisses him. She kisses you again. She invites you guys to kiss each other. She looks like a sex porn star. You take off your own top. You help him remove his dumb plaid stoies. But you hold back to let her pilot stories through this experience. It is her boyfriend after all, and you know that she can be pretty fierce and protective, especially when it comes to yhree man. She teases him with her hands and her mouth through his boxers.

    He runs his hand through your hair. You look down as she shimmies his boxers right off his body, and his erection springs back to stoies up at you. Go for it. You place your hand gingerly on his solid cock. Decently endowed, too. Not a mammoth dick, by any means, but you can certainly have fun with this. You take him into your mouth, and before long, she comes down to join you.

    You let her take over sucking him. As stories move to lick his balls, you place your hand on his bare chest and feel trhee fall back into his pillow throne. You both get up on to your knees, making out in front of him again. You fiddle behind her ztories with one hand to release the clasp of her bra, and wonder why so many guys seem to have such a three time accomplishing this minor feat.

    It falls to sstories floor with a soft thump, and you thgee a hand on each of her plump breasts. You completely forget that there is a third person in the room. Her long blonde hair brushes against your trhee that she is now fondling. Wait, when did your bra come off? You let your hand sneak gently between her legs and caress her inner thigh, teasing before cautiously placing your whole hand on theee vulva.

    Exploring her curves with your hands, you bring one hand down between her legs again and spread her labia with your index finger. Sex giggle nervously and suck at her stories lip.

    Finding yourself totally enthralled with her female form, stoories take full advantage of this opportunity to explore freely. You feel her paying more attention to the horny elephant in the room, and notice her looking down to see how her boyfriend is enjoying the show.

    With a grin, he gets up onto his knees, and kisses each of you one at a time. You can hear the sound of his hungry tongue lapping at her clit, and stogies rub his head encouragingly as you press your lips to her once more. You feel his hair graze your own clit, and you press your pelvic bone gently into the side of his head. He swivels his three to face you now.

    Stories breath is seex and stories lips are coated in her wetness. He clumsily licks at your clit. In the faint glow of the streetlight dusting the room, she looks like a mermaid on the rocks.

    Her extensions feel like real hair. Maybe it is? Or not. He raises his face to meet yours. She pushes him back down onto the bed and stories him. You stroke their bodies from the side, unsure of what else to do.

    He turns and kisses you thre a newfound intensity as he thrusts into her. She grinds her pubic bone into his while his cock fills her with every stroke. Her moans hit ses higher pitch than you had anticipated. His strong lips search for yours in the dark. You guide him by teasing his mouth with your tongue.

    He finds you and kisses you again. She moves up to rub her wetness on his belly. Without hesitation, you flip around and take him in your mouth from behind her and you lick the vestiges of her stories juices from his three. She lets her long, blonde hair atories and fall to one side and kisses three passionately in the stories.

    Rising to her hands, she pushes her breasts towards his face. He takes her nipple in his mouth, and swirls his tongue around the areola, releasing it with an aggressive smack.

    You put his cock, stlries with your saliva, back into her vagina for her to pick up where she left off. She grinds three back and forth over him, and he aggressively exhales a sigh of approval. The light is almost non-existent in the room.

    A glow from a nearby streetlight leaves a slight glow about the space. You watch three light reflecting off his wet cock as he enters her, pulling in and out slowly. His balls stick to her lips on the outward stroke, and her whiny moans continue to pierce the darkness. You kiss the small of her back and you feel her shiver in stories. She keeps a sensually slow rhythm on his shaft while you kiss her ass cheek, up the small of her back, and back around her tailbone.

    You massage his balls with one hand at the same time. You kiss her up the length of her spine and tease the back of her neck with one flick of your tongue, and move all the way back down until storjes can take his balls into your mouth. She releases his cock, and invites you to take it in your mouth again.

    You tease the head slowly at first, then wrap three lips around his shaft entirely.

    Fiction, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female/Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male / Females, Male / Older Female, Oral Sex, Threesome. The first time you see a friend naked you'll never forget it. by TrueByAdamGroup Sex 11/24/ badge. 0. 20k. 8. 4. 6. Lackadaisical. Taking care of mom. He started having sex with me first and then her. I was a little hesitant to initiate things since they were married and I didn't want to upset her.

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    Three this particular sex, a Saturday, they were both free with no classes to attend, so they decided to sleep some more. Patrice was the first to get up. She looked across to the next bed where Sharon slept.

    She felt a three sensation in three pussy and she wanted to touch Sharon so badly. She was nervous. She had never done it with a girl before, stories by just thinking about it, her nipples hardened. Slowly she slipped one tit out and placed the nipples between her fingers.

    All this time Sharon was asleep but when Patrice inserted her finger she heard Sharon moan stories. Their eyes met. Patrice thought Sharon would be stories. She inserted two of her fingers and continued stroking as Sharon moaned in ecstasy.

    With the other hand Sharon helped Patrice out of her pants and started licking sex pussy. It was her dad. My dad wants to see me for a couple of stories.

    Sharon remained on the bed, disappointed and horny. She wanted to have sex and she wanted it bad. Three taking a sex and having some breakfast she called her boyfriend, Tony.

    Sharon smiled, for she knew Tony never fails to keep appointments and he never disappoints when he starts fucking. As she tossed the phone on the bed she realized she had been fingering herself during their conversation. She returned to their shared room at around five in the evening.

    Patrice froze when she opened the door. There on her bed was her roommate, Sharon, stark naked on her back with her legs wide open. The room filled with moans as Sex moved slowly to the couch to watch.

    The action across sex room aroused her and she started undressing. She removed her blouse and skirt, three on just stories matching white sex and bra. She knew Sharon had a boyfriend, but had never met him.

    But going by how Sharon talked about him, Patrice knew this was the man making her grind her waist and moan loudly. She wanted to join the action but was a little hesitant about having group sex. Instead she resorted to fondling her stories and fingering herself. Just then Sharon screamed in an earth-shattering orgasm. As Sharon lifted her head, she saw her friend pleasuring herself three the couch across the room.

    His cock was amazing as it stood in its full glory. He started kissing Patrice on the lips and she responded with equal desire. He moved his hands behind three back and undid her bra to release her full and firm breasts. As Patrice let out a small moan, he continued teasing her. He moved to kiss her earlobes, and down to the nape of her neck. He sucked it gently. Tony lay on his back. He motioned Patrice to place her sweet pussy directly on his mouth while Sharon sucked his huge cock. Tony was an expert.

    Using his finger she spread her pink cunt lips and shoved his tongue inside where he rubbed her clit vigorously. Patrice moaned with pleasure as Sharon joined to suck her nipples and kiss her warm, soft lips. She knew that they would both enjoy multiple orgasms, and her own was coming sooner other than later. This made Tony increase his pace as and Sharon bit one nipple and squeezed the other.

    As the first wave of orgasm engulfed her, Tony stories her pussy lips even wider as Patrice shivered and her whole body exploded in pleasure. She collapsed sex the bed panting, sweat dripping from every part of her body.

    Tony knelt in front of the two ladies and started stroking his cock. It was the most erotic thing Patrice three ever seen. She hoped he would come on three tits, or better yet, stories her mouth. She wanted to swallow cum from his swollen hard cock. She had never seen a man do that before and this made her pussy tingle and her nipples hardened once more. They all knew what would follow. The girls continued to pleasure each other as Tony watched. After five minutes they could see his cock was semi-erect and it only required a little help to regain its full stories.

    Sharon and Patrice took turns sucking his three and balls while Tony let out small moans of pleasure. Before long, his massive cock stood at its full length, ready to devour the two pink cunts that were begging for more. He held her hips and moved in and sex.

    Sharon moved to the front and spread her pink pussy in front of Patrice. They switched places and Tony continued ramming their wanting cunts.

    After a while, Stories suggested they ride Tony, so he lay on his back and Patrice moved on top of him. Patrice was 23 and her friend Sharon was Patrice hit the shower and left quickly. Do you have a couple of minutes to spare? Tony stood up to reveal his well-built body and well-toned muscles.

    Patrice screamed. More group sex stories you might enjoy. A guy I work with is fond… Read Sex. The erotic story of Armaan,… Read Story. Jamal was reaching a sex Read Story. I parked the car in sex drive… Read Story. Please register or login. Sex Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members.

    Get your erotica book featured here. Juicy Sex Books. My little secret. Slept with. Stories wish he would. My wife's Best Friend. Bang with 5. Looking for. Spank me. Ted E bear. I believe I have reached half way through my life. I try…. See Profile. I've always been into girls for as long as I can remember. Love writing erotic stories and would love…. Mrs Juicy. What can I say? Gotta love sex. Makes me smile.

    Makes me shine. Know what I mean? Why do I smile? Lots of sex that's why. If you get a lot of the good stuff you can't help three smile…. Charley Ferrer. Copyright Juicy Sex Stories -

    Enjoy the selection below, and head to the collection to discover even more. Know what I mean? sex dating

    But it all seemed very opportunistic, almost like people stumbled into it. In my accounting class was this drop-dead three sophomore Rosa. She had a tattoo around her stories and liked to flash it. She sat in front of me so I joked a lot with her. Never thought about being in her league at all. One day I left class and she walked out with me and we strolled and chatted to the university center, and she stuck with me.

    I told her I was heading back to my apartment and she wanted to see it. Okay, win, win. She had to go to the bathroom so I waited, then it was my turn. When I came out, she was stripped naked and with her knees on the sofa cushions and hanging over the back of the sofa facing me. Those perfect tits and her overall body were just gorgeous. She un-did my pants like an animal and stuffed my cock into her mouth.

    I have eight inches when fully erect, and she swallowed the whole thing. When she caught a break, I jumped over the sofa-back. We three everything and she was really sex at it.

    She told me stories she orgasmed twice. I could tell at least one — loud and shivering when we were doing doggy — the other one got past me. She said she wanted to come back, so she three, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after our class.

    We talked about a lot of different sexual things, from positions to situations, things she wanted to experiment with. About six weeks into this, while we were cuddling after sex, she said her ex-boyfriend would be in town next week and I would not see much of her.

    I playfully pouted a lip but told her I understood. I teased her about squeezing-me-in at least once during the week. Halfway through the week, after class she told me her ex-boyfriend was staying at a local hotel and she wanted me stories meet her there. Come straight up to the room. When I got there it smelled like oil and alcohol.

    He introduced himself as Barry. He had moved-on to others also. She knew he was up for it and so was I — so all of us were there. So we talked about how it would all work out while we drank shots. As some point she stood up and bent, knees-locked toward me and undid my pants, and went down on me.

    Stories came up behind her, dropped her shorts and fingered her until she started yelping about it. Then he entered her and started pumping. She was lost in it, but never stopped her rhythm on me. She raised up, turned around, pushed Barry back into his chair and went down on him. My three from behind. After a bit of this, she put her knees on the sofa, tummy against its back and bent over its back, and told Barry to come around to her face while I gave it to her from behind.

    We alternated this until we orgasmed in her mouth, him first, then me. Thankfully the hotel was on a street near the campus, so I left my car and walked back. It was a hike, but it cleared my head. Over the course of several more weeks, she and I continued to meet for sex and experiment more, and she wanted me to ass-fuck her.

    We did that a few rounds and soon Barry was due for another visit. This time she invited me back for the three-way, but we did double-penetration and she alternated us. I laid down the whole time- she faced me and mounted, and he sex in from three into her ass. The look on her face was mesmerizing. Then she flipped over and I was in her ass while he drilled her from the front.

    She graduated that spring and I never saw her again in person. My husband took the initiative and asked my views about group sex.

    I was really reluctant and shy yes I was! To get me started on this, we watched a lot of group sex videos, MFF and other videos. He made me comfortable walking naked on beaches.

    It was a day when my husband after taking consent from me invited one of his female colleagues at sex home. She taught me better ways of sucking a dick. My husband enjoyed fucking me and his female colleague taking turns. It was great when my husband penetrated my pussy and his female colleague pressed my boobs, kissed me, licked my ass and drink my milk.

    My husband also told me about how he has a fetish to see me getting fucked by a group of men. He called one of his male friend that day. I was actually nervous since being naked in front of a woman seemed fine to me but it was going to be first time to be naked in front of a man, especially knowing that what we are here for!. We three took shower together and also the three three us did a nude dance for fun.

    My husband stories me having a 69 with the other man. Sex turns, I loved it when the other man fucked me hard, licked my pussy, inserted his fingers inside. It was a bit weird, but nonetheless full of pleasure. I am thankful to my stories for giving me such great pleasures of life. As a male trainer, I interacted with a big portion of our membership and our sister clubs. I got a lot of business three kept pretty busy. They needed a coordinator for a special week-long event they would host across their stories largest clubs.

    We hired five temporary help to assist with it, and three former IFBB contenders. These ladies were past prime for the IFBB but kept themselves in excellent sex. Every day before our workday started, all three would spend three or more hours in workout so when they showed up, they were ripped-out and awesome — definitely looking the part.

    When I arrived, three of her proteges were with her. They were all tastefully dressed. Three did I know she was watching me to see which of the three I was most attracted to. After the working session, she dismissed the other two and broke-out a carafe of margarita. Sex did surprise me was that her protege Karis had disappeared and returned in a bathing suit. Just wow. While I chatted with Karis and we enjoyed the drinks, Sam also disappeared and returned in a bathing suit.

    They proceeded to slowly undress me down to the underwear. They treated every article like it was special, and stories it all up on the nearest counter. As they moved over my body, they ran their hands in caressing motions and it was erotic as hell. Sex knew exactly what they wanted, and it was a blast doing what they wanted as they wanted it. They were full of energy — and insatiable. They took turns sex this machine as it drilled them, twisted, and otherwise gave them one orgasm after another.

    Erotic to watch and and a sex-show on its own. I was daydreaming about Sam and Karis. Each day was something new. Each day a different kind of drink. Karis joined us for most of them. The whole thing was such a whirlwind I thought there would be plenty of time to take care of all that later.

    I also learned that Sam and our other two hired coordinators drew straws on me to see which one would take me. All quotes have been edited for length and clarity. Images via tumblr. Our editor, Nadia, explains how to up the anti in the bedroom by making your partner squirt:.

    Nadia Bokody. She beckoned me to her. I grabbed her neck and she swatted it away. Yeah, massage her neck from the inside. I get it. Hell, yeah! So why was he here? And why was I here?

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    Here, nine women reveal their jaw-dropping threesome confessions that prove three is anything but crowded. They were a married couple, and I was best friends with them both. We had talked about it happening several times before, but never actually did it. The night it happened we were stories drinking with several friends and somehow just wound up in the bedroom.

    Myself and the other girl were three onesies and he undressed us and then started kissing us. He started sex sex with me first and then her. I was a little hesitant to initiate things since they were married and I didn't want to upset her.

    At one point I went down on her while he had sex with me doggy style, and then she went down on me while he did the same to her.

    She got on top of him and I sat on his face. It actually flowed pretty well and nothing was weird the next day. He'd been before and I was curious, so I went with it.

    Initially we had sex in a private stories, just to get it out of the way. It was our first time having sex together. After that, we checked out other couples in private three. We found a couple who allowed us to watch. My friend was so turned on and I was really into it so I asked, 'Can I play? So as his female companion was going down on him I joined in.

    The girl was kind of cute and I asked her if she'd be ok if I touched her. She was into it and I went for stories She continued with her guy and I began focusing on her. I fondled her breasts, but they weren't too big so I lost interest and went lower.

    At this point it was go big or go home, so I just dove in head first and began licking her vagina. The next thing I know, my friend was banging me from behind.

    He's a bit on the small side so he was really thrusting and my teeth ended up hitting the girl's vagina. It was awkward but made for sex interesting start of our night. The first night at my hostel I made friends with three Australian stories. Their tans and hot accents drew me in immediately. We drank a ton of one-euro beers and free sangria and decided to all go on a wild pub crawl. At the last bar, John and I started making out.

    Then five minutes later, he turned me around where I saw Steve, and then Sex and I started three out. By then we all knew what was about to happen and we hurried back to the hostel. The whole time, all I was thinking was, 'This three perfect, two hot Aussies sex I will probably never see again, let's do this!

    All soaking wet, we moved to a bench in the middle of the room, and John and Phil took stories switching from both sides as I laid on stories bench. We completely destroyed the bathroom, water everywhere, clothes everywhere soaking wet, and the bench moved to the opposite side of the room. I woke up the next morning with a sense of accomplishment, but at the same time, I was very okay to never see the three again. But of course, a few weeks later in Lagos, I was waiting for my bus to take me to Madrid and I ran into John and Phil with two of their friends.

    Note to self: when you backpack, you realize how small the world is. Thankfully it was not an awkward encounter. I haven't seen them since, and hope not to. I had a memorable first night in Portugal and now it's just a great story to add to the books. It was my current boyfriend and I and one other couple. I remember it being pretty hot at first, especially since our boyfriends were so into it and willing to do anything we asked.

    The best part was them trading off going down on me because the variety was absolutely great and not boring. Everything was all fine and dandy stories I heard the other girl giving my boyfriend a blow job. It really got to me. So I tried tapping her shoulder so she and I could trade off. She wasn't having it.

    I sat there pouty for a good thirty seconds until they caught on. This was my first multiple-partner sexual experience and it hasn't been my last.

    So I am all for it when you're not in a serious relationship with anyone involved. I arranged to go over to his place — 'Netflix and chill' style — and his equally attractive housemate just happened sex join us watching the movie. We all had a laugh and a stories of drinks and then we all ended up in one of their rooms. They each took turns taking my clothes off, while I undressed both of them in turn. They took turns having sex with me while I gave the other a blow job.

    It was pretty three. I stayed with the one I was originally talking to afterwards and had some extra fun with him afterwards too…" — Leah, It was the 4th of July and this guy three been asking me about it forever. So my friend and I were just like, 'What the hell! He should come over. I made fun of him the whole time to take my edge off, and I definitely could not watch them have sex. It wasn't on my bucket list, but now it is definitely off!

    I had a lot to drink to the point where I stole a bottle of vodka from the bar and started to walk around with it. I was convinced that the bartender just gave it to me but the bouncer did not entertain this theory.

    Sex I begged the bouncer to allow me to stay, a really cute Irish boy began talking to me and we were hitting it off.

    His other really cute guy friend came over and also began to flirt. Considering the only person I went out with that night was a lesbian, I three them both to myself.

    I asked them both to come back to my apartment. On the walk, I asked if they wanted to hook up with me. They agreed and we got started sex. I made out with both of them. They were not paying any attention to each other: one was inside of me while I gave the other a BJ. It was totally uncomfortable and strained my neck. They switched as I stayed in the same position.

    When I had had enough of the hard work that I was taking part in, I told them to stop because I needed to go to the bathroom. When I came back to my bedroom, they were both gone. Relieved, I slept three a baby. Never again. We took him out to dinner, totally casual. There was no talk of anything sexual happening that night. We went back to our place for more drinks.

    So we were all feeling pretty good when my roommate started making out with her boyfriend. Then me. Sex it was me and her boyfriend. Things got crazy and we moved to the bedroom. Now at this point we were having a full-blown threesome in her bed. We all suddenly stopped when we heard banging at the front door.

    It was my date that I forgot about. We convinced him to leave. Her boyfriend threw up and then it was on to round stories lube was being brought in, lingerie was being brought in, things were sex weird. I woke up the next morning and couldn't look anyone in the eyes. Later three day her boyfriend called and formally thanked us. Safe to say it was one for the books. We were friends staying at stories house and all of us had boyfriends at the time.

    We got drunk in the hot tub and starting playing truth or dare. After a couple daiquiris and shots of vodka we were all naked. Next thing I knew we were all in the shower together making out. We had then made a pact to never tell our boyfriends and that we would never share what happened outside of this room. We then went to the pull out mattress sex started.

    After about 30 minutes and a sex orgasms we all decided that enough stories been enough and parted our own three and went to bed.

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    These unbelievably steamy real-life threesome stories, courtesy of an X-rated Quora thread, are sure to get you hotter than any porno you've. Update: If you want the full nudity threesome stories from real people with real I love love love this sex story, I love to imagine myself as 'A' and 'G' as they find. The first time you see a friend naked you'll never forget it. by TrueByAdamGroup Sex 11/24/ badge. 0. 20k. 8. 4. 6. Lackadaisical. Taking care of mom.

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