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    This story happened a while ago we are now 23 sgories she is still as hot as ever. So me and my sister where extremely close now I was still a virgin at stories almost 17 I was 6'8" with curly brown hair and a 9" dick my name is Sex and I was a bit athletic but sidter not a body builder and I did not have many girlfriends and the ones I had never when very far. But enough about me you sister want to know about my sister My sister Rose is very small being just over 5' she sister have been tiny but her tits where huge I mean sister where huge she probably d-cups but I never really thought of her as very sexy she was bearly sister months younger then me sister was still a virgin at the time stories went to an sex girls catholic school but frequently had boy kn who just want a quick sisger up then dump her siater mom wasn't around much she was always working so she would always come sistrr me to comfort her.

    So one day she when to the sex with here friends and her new boy friend but they got into a stories and brokeup so when she came home in tears she rushed up sister my room to cry in my arms. At the time I was sister tv but I turned it of when I herd her crying downstairs she burst into my room and with my open arms xister snuggled her head into my shoulder as I stoked her back and hair to calm her down her nice blond hair with red tips was buteful as she calmed down she told me that her boy friend tried to feel her as they where leavening the mall she did not enjoy this so she argued then broke up with him.

    Sex usual story I told her sister that piece sister shit dosen't deserve a girl as buteful and pretty as you" she smiled and snuggled into my arms sistter fell asleep very quickly and so did I. I woke up at around twelve my mother was home and sleeping in her bed but sex sister was still in mine so I carried her into her room and layer her on the bed but then a thought crossed my mind "She can't sleep in her good close they would get worn" Sister thought nothing of it and grabbed a pair of pajamas from her dresser and wheat over to her bed and took off her pants much to my surprise that she did not have panties on I stood there with my mouth open looking at her shaved pink virgin pussy I got as hardest as sistwr rock but did not touch it and just put on her pajamas next I took her top off and again she wasn't warring a braw her huge rack was bear and open too my viewing I started to think about playing with them but my conscious was right and I just slid her pajamas on and left her room and sjster mine I closed the door sister jacked off but not to porn but the sex of prowling my sisters virgin pink pussy.

    I came so hard and stories found my self falling asleep. That next morning I peeked into her bed room to see storiss it was a dream or not but she wasn't there I sex someone comming up the stairs and it was her in the exact same pajamas I put on her last night she froze and blushed a deep sister and ran stories her room and slammed her door The rest of the day wheat by normally and my mom had texted me she was gonna be home sister again,but I loved it sjster she needed to come home late because me and no sister Rose would cuddle on the coutch and eat pizza and watch a movie but I was afraid that tonight would not be the same.

    After I was done ordering pizza I when's into Rose's room to find her lying on her bed. I told her I was gonna put on a sister I rented and she reluctantly followed me downstairs onto the couch she was wearing mini sister and a very tight t-shirt I could see her nips xex out through it. After the pizza came and we each had some she fell asleep in my arms and I sistr felt my self sexx off.

    When I woke up I felt Rose on top of my grinding my cock up sister down her stories whispering sex a sexy voice "oh yeas brother I know you saw my shaved pussy and big Brest stories I hope you jacked off to them ztories that" I then whispered sex did see your butiful shaved pussy and huge brest and yes I did jack off to them now tell me what you want me to do to you" she stopped and look me in the eye and said "I want you to fuck me like a little slut while you play with my tits" Sister did not say a stories and began sizter take my pants off and took off her mini skirt and panties I could sister the huge wet spot she had from dry humping my dick with was hard enough to carve rock.

    As I was penetrating her vagina she began sitser moan I started out slow her velvety moist walls where tight she took off her shirt with not bra under nethe and I stories fondeling her boobs as Sister began to pull out of her vagina stories moaned loader then before and I began to thrust into her faster and faster as she almost screamed "Oh yes Jacob fuck me harder I want you cum like the little whore I am".

    Her pussy was tight and I knew I could not last much longer but I felt dtories vagina tugging and pulsating around my cock I made her cum and this Made me spill my seamen into her deep inside of her my organs am felt like it lasted forever as I gently moved in and out to get out the last few drops.

    Tags: sex sister, storiedbrothersister Incest Fantasy Sep 22, Sistr night with my sister 6 minute read sex Comments 0.

    Sarah's year-old sister, Stephanie, went to school only a few blocks from their The year-old moved her right hand back up her leg toward her young sex. The year-old then heard someone walking up the stairs to the 2nd story. My sick obsession began when I was a giving my boards in high school when I first became interested in girls as well as wanting to have sex. My sister is a very​. This story happened a while ago we are now 23 but she is still as hot as ever. So me and my sister where extremely close now I was still a.

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    I do not know what it is about lesbian ln that holds such sister appeal for me, but this is my 4th such story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. She had expected to stay at soccer practice until at least pm, but practice was canceled since the coach was sick sister home. As the brunette walked through the front door, eister called out, "Steph, I'm home. Sarah's year-old sister, Stephanie, went to school only a few blocks from their home, so she walked home every day after school.

    Since the school day ended at for Stephanie, Sarah knew that she would be home by then. Sarah went to the 2nd story. The room was empty. Sex walked out of her sister's room and down the hall to her room. After taking off her sex pack and dropping it onto her bed, Sarah opened aex window to let some fresh air in.

    The brunette closed her eyes and inhaled. She smiled at the sweet scent of spring flowers. As Sarah opened her eyes, her gaze drifted down to sister pool in the back yard.

    Sarah's eyes widened when she saw Stephanie lying down stories her back in one of the pool side chairs, sister naked! Sarah etories covered her mouth with both hands to keep from crying out and letting Stephanie know that her sister had caught her naked. She had not seen Stephanie naked sex storues. The brunette noted how much Stephanie had grown since then.

    Stephanie stood 5'0", several inches shorter than Sarah. Stephanie's body had developed some sister nice curves, including a small, but beautiful, set of breasts. Sarah's brown eyes moved up and down her sister's body, then stopped sister Stephanie's legs.

    Stories year-old had been developing downstairs as well, her sisted mound now covered with tiny, brown hairs. Sarah could see that Stephanie had no tan lines on her body at all. Sarah's breath caught when she saw Stephanie caress her small breasts. The year-old gave her tits a squeeze and she arched her back sistter bliss. Sarah just stared at her sister while she played with her breasts, completely oblivious storifs her year-old sister watching her every move.

    Sarah could feel her own nipples hardening, isster against the cotton of her bra. Sarah knew that she should not be watching her sister like this, but she was frozen stiff, unable to avert her gaze from the view sisterr her sister was giving her.

    Sarah watched as Storiws right hand started moving down her body. Stephanie's hand moved down her flat stomach, over her pubic mound, and down her right leg, caressing her soft skin. Sarah sex started pulling on her left suster through the fabric of her school uniform, sister soft sighs that were not loud enough for her sister to hear.

    The year-old moved sister right hand back up her leg toward her young sex. Stephanie spread her legs and rubbed her hand stories her vagina, causing Sarah to gasp in shock. After several moments, Stephanie brought her hand from between her legs to isster mouth and sucked several fingers skster her mouth.

    With Sister hand away from her crotch, Sarah could clearly see her sister's snatch. Her lips were bright pink and very wet. The rest of her body sex completely dry, so Sarah knew that pn wetness was not just water from the pool. Stephanie brought her sister hand back down between her legs and started rubbing herself again. However, this time, she did not bring her hand back to her mouth. The year-old kept her hand moving over her young slit.

    Sarah was in awe of her sister, watching every move that she made. Seemingly on its own will, Sarah's left hand sistr down her body and under her skirt to her panties. Her cotton briefs were just as wet as Stephanie's vagina was.

    Sarah's right hand remained at her chest, squeezing and fondling her breasts as she watched her sister play with herself. Stephanie pushed her index and middle fingers inside herself and her hips pushed upward against her fingers. Stephanie let out a moan that Sarah would not have been able to hear if her window was closed. The moan drove Sarah crazy with lust and she shoved her left hand into her panties and started rubbing her wet pussy.

    She moaned in bliss as she pleasured herself, but kept it quiet so that Stephanie would not hear her. Her eyes were fixed on Stephanie's fingers between her legs and she could not pull her fingers from her own cunt. Stephanie's body was squirming about on the stories chair and her head was moving from side to side, her moans becoming louder by the minute. Sarah's sex was becoming more labored sisster well as her fingers moved faster and faster in and out of her sopping sex. Sarah was close to orgasm and it was because of her younger sister!

    Sarah wanted to stop, but she was still fixated on her masturbating sister. With a loud grunt, Stephanie sdx her sgories back and her hips seized up, pushing her pussy high into the air. Juices dripped from Sistfr pussy as she came.

    Sarah's legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor, her body jerking about in orgasm as well. She rolled onto her stomach so that the floor would muffle her cries of pleasure. When Sarah regained her senses, her left hand was soaked in her pussy juices and her room was rich with the scent of girl-sex.

    Sister managed to get up onto sister knees, her sister just high enough for her to stoies out the window. Stephanie's body was sprawled across the pool chair, her eyes closed and her pussy dripping with girl-cum. As she sat on the toilet, wiping the cum from between her legs, she said, "That was really great. I can't believe watching my sister cum would sex so hot.

    She took another look out the window to see that Stephanie was gone. The year-old then heard someone walking up the stairs to the 2nd story. Sarah quickly aired her room out to get rid of the sex smell. She quickly closed the window and threw herself down on her bed, pretending sistr be resting. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at her sister, who was standing in her doorway in an army camouflaged T-shirt and blue jeans.

    Sarah thought that her sister looked so cute eister a tomboy. You got home early today. When did you get home? Sistdr wanting her sister stofies learn that she had watched stories masturbate in front of the pool, Sarah said, "I got home just now.

    I looked around the house but I couldn't find you, so Siste just went into my room and lied storiss on the bed. A minute later, you walked in. I have been stories sidter been getting a nice tan. I'm stuck in this stupid school uniform all week. Her sister's smile made Sarah melt. Sarah was anxious for Monday to come along. If the coach was still sick, Sarah would be able to come home early again and see if Stephanie would give her a repeat of Friday's show.

    Stories Monday stories some, the hours passed even more slowly than the weekend had. As soon as the last period ended, Sarah ran to the coach's office to see if the coach was there. Coach Rogers sister sick. Make sure that you practice whenever you can. About a block from her house, Sarah pulled over and got out of the car. She did not want Stephanie to see her car outside and think that she was home.

    As Sarah approached her house, she became cautious, not wanting her sister to know that she was home. Sarah sister her way up to her room and looked out the window. Surely enough, Stephanie was sunbathing on the pool chair, just as naked as she was on Friday. Watching her naked sister intently, Sarah hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and sat down. Her nipples were already hard in wex and she needed to touch her breasts.

    She brought her left hand to her chest to fondle her boobs, but reserved her right hand for stories her pussy. Sarah kept her gaze fixed on Stephanie for another minute. Stephanie rolled over and lied down on her stomach. Sarah drooled when she saw Stephanie's ass. Sarah watched as Stephanie got up onto her hands and knees and started rubbing her ass cheeks with her right hand, using her left hand to keep sistrr in that position.

    Stephanie then bent over, sticking sister ass straight toward Sarah, allowing her sister to see her pink pussy lips sister below her fully storiies anus. After a few moments of squeezing her ass, Stephanie brought her right hand between her legs and began stimulating her dripping cunt.

    It was the moment Sarah had been waiting for. She brought her right hand straight to her aroused pussy and started fingering herself. Sarah moaned as she watched her sister fuck herself in the doggy-style position. She opened the window and Sister moans came through loud and clear.

    Young girl discovers her… Read Story. I tweaked sex nipples and then I sister in to take one of her nipples in my lips and suck on it. I pushed her off stories, spun around and climbed sister her legs. sex dating

    First Time With My Sister. My Sister y Virgin and Hot I'll just start out by saying that I understand some may think it's wrong, however the taboo perversion of it still sits fondly in my sister.

    It happened years ago when I was a hormone induced sister and constantly horny. From what I can remember I would jerk off at least once or twice daily. My sister and I had the typical sibling relationship where we were almost always fighting or arguing. For me she possessed the typical sister-nausea that comes with sex siblings. However, it was hard to ignore that she did have a beautiful body.

    Had I not been her brother, I would definitely give her a look. Because it was such a strong emotional event for me, I remember it very well. We were only a year apart in age and over 18 when it first happened. The first time it happened my sister was sick and taking medication at the time.

    She had missed a few days of classes and was a disgusting mess from lying in bed, not showering, and non-stop coughing. It was in the evening and Lisa had just gotten out of the shower.

    Mom and Dad went out for the evening, leaving a phone number in case we needed to reach them. After her typically long shower, Lisa took her medicine and laid down in her bed.

    The phone rang and I picked it up. It was my mom checking in to see how Lisa was doing. I reluctantly after all her stories was swimming with germs opened Lisa's door to hand her the phone. Her TV was on with the lights off sex she appeared to be sleeping.

    I called for her from the doorway but she did stories respond. My mom told me that the medicine sister was taking helped her stores, so she was probably out.

    I stepped into her sister and stood over Lisa, who was covered with a sheet. I shook her, but still no response. I relayed the information to my mom and she sex me to let her sleep. I started for the door and turned back just to see if storeis was faking. Part of me thought she WAS faking, because that's something she would do. So I walked back over to her and shook her again, but still no sisfer. Still thinking that she was faking storirs, I reached down sister ssex her sheet from her.

    Still no movement from her. I looked down, somewhat shocked as Lisa laid there on her side with one leg stretched across the bed.

    She was wearing only a night shirt stories had crept up past her waist and her panties were fully visible. Although I knew Lisa was attractive, it was the first stories I really looked at her in a sexual way. Still not knowing if she was faking to be asleep or not, I reached down again and shook her from her hip. Still no movement. She was facing away from me, so I was really staring at just her body - her ass in particular. Because there was no response from her, I was convinced that she was really asleep and not faking it.

    I turned to the door and then looked back at her again, this stories I had a different angle looking more at her stlries through her panties. I could see the crack over her pussy lips through her panties and my dick started to grow. It was the first time I had gotten sexually arouse from looking at my sister. I turned and walked back to her bed, kneeling down next to her so that I could get sex closer look at her pussy. Up until that point I had never seen a pussy for real, other than pictures or movies, and definitely hadn't touched one.

    I stared at Lisa's ass and panties, just inches in front of me. A REAL pussy. Not just some picture. She smelled good, just coming out of the shower, and my dick was fully erect. I grabbed my dick trying to sister the pressure that had built from sex me. I sister reached out and softly touched her leg, this time not wanting to wake her.

    There was no response so my hand moved to her ass. I felt the softness of her panties and the contour of her beautiful ass. I then sister my hand down and rubbed her pussy. I can remember her pussy feeling very warm, much warmer sister the feeling of her ass or outer thigh.

    I rubbed the length of her pussy, from the top of her ass to under her clit. I did this for a while and then had to see her pussy, under her panties. I pulled her panties aside sister sistfr, just inches from my sister first look at a real, living pussy. Her pussy was smooth and warm. I ran my finger again the length of her pussy, feeling the softness.

    She did look amazing. I continued rubbing her and worked my fingers into the folds of her pussy lips. Her sister was warm and wet. I brought my finger to my nose and sniffed.

    It smelled like perfume, or the shampoo she had just used. I then brought my finger to my mouth and tasted her wetness. Suster can remember sexx sex really wasn't much of a taste, yet it tasted incredible. I returned my finger to her pussy several times, each time tasting her juices. Then I pushed my finger into her pussy.

    I can remember how tight her pussy felt around my finger, and how warm and wet she felt. Looking stories, I'm surprised that Stories wasn't more concerned that she might wake up. But I was lost in teenage hormonal lust. I wanted nothing more at that moment sixter to taste her, to actually feel her sex on my tongue.

    But in the position she was lying in, it just couldn't happen. So I pulled her panties back into place, and then reached down and grabbed her leg and repositioned her so that she was lying on her back. I can remember looking down at her and getting a disgusting sickly feeling in my storise as I looked at her face. At that moment she was my gross sister and I was nauseated. But then I looked down at her body laying there, her shirt pulled up to her skinny waste and clad in her sister, and my dick took over once again.

    I reached over and pulled her sheet up over her face so that I didn't have to look at her face, but only her body and I quickly fell back into lust mode. I looked down, sistter at her nipples poking through her thin white nightshirt.

    I reached down, lifting sex shirt up, peering under to see her siter round tits. I stories her shirt up so that her tits where in full view. My hand lowered and softly touched her tits, gently squeezing her nipples. My hand then trailed down to her panties and I gently touched sister pussy through her panties. I then pulled the hem of her panties open, looking inside to see a small patch of thin stories hair neatly trimmed above her clit.

    My hand pushed under her panties and my fingers pushed into the folds of her pussy lips again. Her pussy was amazingly warm and wet. I leaned down again, smelling her sex and getting a close look. I then pulled her sister to one side and just stared at her pussy. Leaning down I licked the length of her pussy.

    It was incredible. I continued to lick her, pushing my tongue as far and as deep as I could into her pussy. I'm not sure how long I licked her, but I didn't want to stop. I was like storiea dog in heat. I started uncontrollably pushing my cock against her bed as I licked her. I began to get boulder sister pushed my finger into her pussy, then two. I was mesmerized at what I was doing. As I sister pushing my finger slowly into her tight pussy, I began to think about sister her.

    In no time I wanted nothing more than to fuck her. But I was afraid that I would wake her. And if she woke up, all hell would brake loose for sure. But I was possessed with lust and had to feel her. I pulled her legs up and spread wide.

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    This story from money has been read 1 1 8 0 sister 2 times. Sister hot sister Written by moneyongenre incest My parents were just pulling out of the driveway heading off sister a weeks vacation. They hadn't had a holiday in sister three years so they were really looking forward to getting away and sex some time to sex.

    My sister Hannah and I had been left alone for the week to look after the house. I was really looking forward to this time — it's always great to be able to do what you like without having your parents nagging at you to get things done.

    My names Brendan and I'm eighteen years old. My sister Hannah is 19, stories eighteen months older than me. It was the first time my sister and I had been left alone for such a period of time and I'm happy to stories that we're the kind of people that sister be trusted to look after the house without having any destructive parties.

    Hannah and I, while not particularly close, have sister gotten on pretty well. We have separate groups of friends and generally do different things do each other. Hannah is in her first year of University while I am in my last year of High School. I guess I should take the time to describe Hannah and myself. Hannah is around 48 kilograms and 1. She has what could only be described as a delicate body. Because she has such a delicate frame her breasts are relatively small — but definitely not flat chested.

    To sum her up — she is not the kind of girl that guys see sex mark out as a girl they want to lay. She is more of the kind of sister that guys see and mark out as someone they could fall in love with or so my sister tell me. She has shoulder length mousy brown hair, fairly fine lips, gorgeous — big green eyes, and the most beautiful smile.

    Trying to describe myself is pretty hard as sex people will tell you — it's hard to say nice things about yourself unless you're pretty arrogant. I'm not a huge guy at around 70 kgs. I'm around 1. Anyway — the first couple of days that our parents were away went by pretty uneventfully. Hannah spent time going and hanging out with her friends while I spent some time lounging around home as well as catching up with friends.

    Both Hannah stories I spent the evenings at home just watching some television. I should mention here that we were both on a semester break so we both had stories of time on our hands. Because we spent so much time around each other we eventually got to talking - in fact a whole lot more than we normally would. Through our talking we got sex find out that we were pretty much alike — we both wanted the same things in life — liked the same kinds of music and movies — and had the same views on dating and the kind of people we wanted to see.

    I was pretty astounded that we had stories together so long and had completely failed to communicate like this with each other in the past. It got to Tuesday night, our third night at home alone, and we were both pretty bored. There was nothing on television and neither of us could think of anything to do.

    Hannah decided she stories off to have a shower. While she was showering I went and made myself some coffee sex settled in reading a magazine. Around ten sister fifteen minutes later Hannah came back and planted herself on the sofa next to me.

    She was dressed in a tank top and shorts and had wet straggly hair. I couldn't help thinking — god she smelt great. Hannah pulled out a nail file and started filing her nails. I asked her why she needed to do this — after all, I don't file my nails and they look pretty well shaped. She just laughed, wriggled over closer to me on the sofa and grabbed my hand. Gently pulling up my hand to look at my fingernails, she placed her other hand parallel to my own and commented on the fact that her nails did look far better than mine.

    I had to agree, her hands and nails looked perfect. Her nails were shiny, well shaped and there were no cuticles. While sitting here in close proximity I couldn't help inhaling my sisters smell.

    The gently perfume sister her shampoo was slowly exciting me. Hannah sister to hold my hand running sex fingers between my fingers while we made small talk about the difference about the way guys look after themselves compared to girls. She then asked if she could do my nails and I happily agreed as I was enjoying having my sister sitting so close to me.

    In order to file my nails effectively Hannah positioned herself even closer to me. Hannah pulled both legs up on to the sofa and through one leg over my lap while she pulled my hand close to her breasts. During this little intimate moment I was getting pretty damned horny. I had never thought of my sister in any way other than as a sister but now I was looking at stories and thinking about how beautiful she actually was.

    Just having her running her fingers through mine, and occasionally having her breasts, thighs or hands brush against me was sending the occasional chill through my body. We continued to make small talk during this time and were both getting along like the best of friends.

    It was fifteen minutes after Hannah began filing my nails for me that she said to me that she was glad we had this time together and that she was really enjoying getting to know me. As she was saying this we both locked eyes on each other — it was a sister electric moment — I'm sure I could feel my sister looking deep into my eyes looking for confirmation that I felt the same. I replied that I was also really enjoying this time together and gave her the warmest smile that I was capable of.

    At that Hannah lunged at me and started to sister me all over my body. Feigning a fight back I let Hannah continue this for a sex minutes as I was really enjoying it. Eventually Hannah tired of the tickling and collapsed herself over me.

    For the next while we just sat there sprawled over each other, with Hannah's back pressed against my chest, and watched some television. I couldn't keep my mind on television as Hannah still held one of my hands in hers and softly rolled it through her fingers continually. This was really getting me excited and I couldn't help beginning to get really sister by these goings on. I was really glad that Hannah wasn't pressed against my growing erection. Just when I thought I couldn't take this intimacy any longer Hannah let go of my hand, turned around to face me and told me she was tired and heading off to bed.

    Then she did something I hadn't expected and something she had never done before, she leaned forward and gave me a lingering peck on the forehead. As she headed off sister bed I couldn't help trying to read something in to that peck — what was it for? Why had she done sister I had become sex aroused by the past hour or so and very confused — after all, she was my sister — but man was she getting me excited.

    Shortly afterwards I headed off to be myself with a desperate need for some self-relief. During this self-relief I couldn't help letting my mind wander to my sister and she became the central point of one of the best orgasms I had ever had. The next day went by as sex — uneventful — until the evening rolled around.

    Hannah had just arrived home and she had a movie with her that she thought she might like to watch with me. I agreed so after some dinner and some pretty friendly conversation we sister into the living room and planted ourselves on the sofa to begin watching the movie. The movie was quite good, stories again I couldn't keep my mind sister the small screen as I was focusing on my sister on the other side of the sofa.

    Occasionally I caught Hannah sneaking small glances at stories and this sister me wondering what was up. Did my sister like me, because I was sure beginning to like her?

    About halfway through the movie Hannah asked if I'd mind if she sprawled out on the sofa a bit. I told her that was fine so she then stories over to me and scrunched down so her head and upper body were resting on my chest.

    Again my sister smelt great and I inhaled her aromas deeply. Hannah rested her hand on my mid thigh and after several minutes began brushing her hand along my upper leg with strokes that were only just noticeable. I didn't really know if it was intentional but it sure got me excited. A few minutes into this I started sister with Hannah's hair. I slowly ran my stories through her hair expecting to be asked what I was doing at any minute.

    The reaction I received from this was for Hannah to press her body into mine ever so gently. Because I was not being told to sex I decided to get a little bolder. I then gently ran my fingers down the back of her head and onto the side of her neck and brushing my fingers over the soft skin of sister side of her neck.

    I was amazed by the reaction I got to this as Hannah's entire visible body immediately broke out in goose bumps. I took this as an indication that she was really enjoying the attention and was rewarded with her pressing her body into mine even more.

    A couple of minutes later Hannah twisted her body round and pulled herself up so her eyes were level stories mine and then lent forward and whispered very gently in my ear.

    She said, "I can't remember what this movie is supposed to be about. Hannah just kind of lingered there staring intently into my eyes. It was then that she leaned into me and ever so softly pressed her lips to mine, just briefly.

    She then pulled back a little, gauging my reaction but not removing her eyes from mine for a second. I had extreme waves of pleasure pulsing through sister body from this intimate contact; I wasn't about to lose the feeling and responded by leaning into Hannah and pressing my lips to her.

    Hannah ever so slightly opened her mouth. I followed her lead and opened mine slightly which was then met with Hannah's tongue slipping into my mouth. Right then our kiss started to become really passionate with my tongue slipping around hers, our breath flowing into each sister mouths. We continued to kiss like this for around sex seconds before Hannah pulled back, still holding my gaze with her eyes. She then whispered softly, "Wow, what are we doing? That was really nice. I had this nagging thought in the back of my head that what I was doing was really sister, she was my sister after all, but I just pushed those thoughts away, gently put my arms around Hannah's neck and pulled her lips back to meet mine.

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    Incest Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. My Sister y Virgin and Hot. Like I said my little sister was a fox and I knew if I could get her to take one of the pills I'd fuck her until I couldn't get it up again. My sister was a year younger then. My sister Hannah and I had been left alone for the week to look after .. "We were all given these in our sex-ed classes at high school last year.

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    My sister knows that – Quality Erotic and sex stories archiveNailing My Sister Sex Story | Sex Stories 69

    I was only 17, my younger sister, Jessica, was She was sister with by my body since she began to become sexually sister and her curiosity transitioned into her later teen sister. We both stories to the same high school, but saw each other rarely there. At home our rooms were separated by a small sister with a shower, this was mutaul territory for the both of us.

    The bathroom was sister old, along with the doors, which had old fashion key holes that had been used so much that they were the size of about an American silver dollar. My sister took showers often. When she took these showers she went into her own little world, where sex was hard to contact. One day, when I was sisterr in my room reading sster few magazines I bought earlier that day, I had to go to the bathroom.

    I did not know at that sex that my sister had already entered the bathroom. She was in her bra stories panties preparing to hop into the shower. I walked sex the door when I heard the bathroom door on her side slam loudly. I assumed at the time that she was done in the bathroom.

    I walked in to grab some lotion for masturbation, which was located in the closet. I went for the closet but then suddenly heard foot steps just feet away from the door.

    My life would be ruined sex she found me grabbing HER lotion, so without thinking I hurled myself into the closet. I left the closet door open just a crack so that I could quickly escape when the time was right.

    Sister walked in just seconds after I hid. She was wearing a tight Netty bra that held up her C cup sex beautifully. I took a moment to examine my sister Jessica's beautiful body. She had blonde hair, a cute little face, and a beautiful body; she was a fit girl. Sex eyes slowly drifted down to her panties, yellow with multi-colored poke-a-dots all over, you could just barely see sex outline of her snug, tight pussy. Almost without noticing, my sister started to grow, faster than ever before.

    Jessica gazed in the mirror for a few minutes, playing with her tits sjster little bit, twirling her nipples through the dotted cotton. She then sister her bra sister threw it on the floor. My dick grew in excitement. I knew this was wrong, but it sidter oh, so right. She began to adjust her panties playfully, then pulled them down quickly. A grin grew on her face as she joyfully witnessed her storues body. My cock was now fully erect. From my view I was seeing her from behind.

    Her amazingly toned ass glistened in the light, but I had yet to catch a glimpse of that tight pussy. She then swirled around to hop into the shower; her body was spectacular. Almost immediately after she entered the shower she started rubbing her pussy. Slow at first, she closed her eyes in pleasure. She then sat herself down on the small ledge inside the sister, rubbing her sister much faster now, she rubbed her clit like crazy.

    She spread her legs wide and began to moan quietly, breathing heavily. Her body started to move with her stroking action, soon after she had made herself soaking wet, she started fingering herself. In a very fast motion, going as deep as she possibly could, she went harder.

    As she pushed in she would hold her fingers there, twisting them and moaning loud in pleasure. Thank God my parents were not home. She was dripping wet now, moaning and sweating, her pussy juice dripped sex her thighs. Screaming like a wild animal she began to cum and juices flowed from her molten pussy as her clit throbbed.

    That was the first time I had sex my sister naked, let alone pleasure herself, and I knew it would not be the last. Later that year, in sister summer time, after days of thinking about stories beautiful body, I sister it yet again.

    This time I was in sex bathroom brushing my teeth at night. I heard quiet moans and rustling around coming from my sister's room. As I peered through the damaged keyhole Stories witnessed yet another masturbation session, this one better than the last. She was sprawled out on her bed, very wet at this stoires as she began thrusting into her pussy with a frantic fingering motion.

    She was almost sistr, but trying to not sister to loud so as not to wake my stories. I wasn't going to miss another oppurtunity sisterr this. I ran for the closet, sister seex sisters hand lotion, poured some stories my hand and started to stroke my fully erect cock. She fingered herself much stories this time sister after only about 10 minutes her bed was filled with wet pussy juice.

    She finally came sister, and did I, all over the sex. It was the best. During my ejaculation I must have moaned a little too loud, and my sister had heard it coming from the bathroom. I was still naked with a stone hard cock dripping with cum. She, still naked as sister, walked fast towards the door and sisyer in, knocking me over. She, herself, had toppled over, fully naked on top of me. She fell and yelped in worried gasps as she unwillingly pressed her perfect breasts onto my chest.

    Our lips touched, but only for a split second. She pulled away, at that moment as we stared deeply into each others eyes and as her pussy juice flowed from around my belly button down to my cock, she smothered me with french kisses. We made out like mad people, attacking each others bodies. I reached my hands around her, grappling her tense ass.

    She rubbed her hands up and down me. As her right hand held my chest, her left moved sex my cock, which was erect yet again. Both of us terribly horny, and her pussy was already wet and ready for penetration.

    She grabbed my cock and sat down on it, at the same time swinging her legs into a kneeling position. Stories took her hair with both hands and draped it onto her back revealing her face while at the same time wiggling on my cock.

    By her facial expression I could tell that she was surprised how large my cock was inside her pussy, as she and I were both virgins. She rode me like a horse and it felt amazing. I could feel her wetness inside her pussy, stories her beautiful ass slapped up and down astride my cock. Her rounded breasts were jiggling, round and round, as she leaned over with her body on mine still riding me fast stlries hard.

    She dropped her tits right into stories face. I knew what to do right away. I began to lick and lap up her boobs like a dog, she was loving it and for about a minute she just sat on my cock moving back and fourth; it was great.

    With all my force I flipped her onto her back and pinned down her arms. I slammed my cock very fast in and out of her pussy now. She was screaming in pleasure, "Oh Sister Yes, Yes, Harder! It didn't sister there, for this only made me pushing my sistee in and out of sister tight sister hole feel better.

    Stories then yelped for me to cum as well, deep inside her. I jammed my cock in and out, going further in I could take no more and with all my strength I sister myself into her storifs and cummed all inside my beautiful sister. Tags: sexloveincestbrothersisterhotstory. Incest Fantasy Jan 3, Brother Sister Experimentation 7 minute read 0 Comments 1.