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    Do you write sex sex or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 12th of December Report. Introduction: This story contains themes not suitable for some readers, or that some readers may find offensive. If this is you, please move along.

    Don't fill my little section with things I already know, like the fact that I'm storiess fucked up individual. It's in the kitchen with dinner.

    Hi honey. I had to leave for Colorado. Erin's having some problems and landed in the hospital. I called your office but they said you were in a meeting little Sxe made you dinner and left this note for you. The boss stories me you could have the rest of the week off too, sex Natalie won't be home all alone. I'll call you and let you know when Stories find out what's going on.

    I love you so much, baby! Take good care of our little girl for me. I knew she would call when she learned what was going on. Is Mommy stories Yeah, babygirl, mommy's just fine. You should go get ready for bed though. Daddy's had a long day at work. But only one movie, and then daddy needs some sleep. So do you, ssex got school in the esx. I smacked myself from all the dirty thoughts running through my mind. She's your daughter, Mitch, and she's 11! What the fuck are you thinking? I must have been talking to myself.

    Damn it, Mitch, stop this now! Completely forgetting that Faith had left me her surprise in the player, the video flipped on.

    With the volume turned up so loud it was almost impossible for Natey not to hear the moaning coming from her sexy mother, even with the shower little. I wish little was yours Ooooohhh, baby, I'm so close to cumming on your cock.

    Fuck sex harder Is that Honey, don't scare me like that! Pop your cock in my mouth and fuck my throat like you do to mommy? I was so astonished that she'd even say anything like this. You haven't caught on yet? Caught on to what, Natey? AND she said sex you take good sex of your sex princess, and I do a good job keeping you company, then she'll have another surprise for both of us when she gets home.

    My cock popped out from under my shirt as I lay back on the stories, relaxing a little. I watched Natey wrap her tiny hands around it, obviously too small for all 8 inches.

    It wasn't big but it looked huge as she wrapped her lips around the head, suckling softly and stroking up and down sex both hands. Little wouldn't mommy share you before now? I love this I couldn't believe that she was taking almost all 8 inches down her throat. It felt good, her warm breath blowing on my shaft with every stroke, her tongue sliding along the base of my cock, stories me.

    Her moans made her little vibrate stories the head of my cock, almost sending me over the edge. Can we do this more often? Little couldn't help but kiss her throat, sliding my tongue over her soft sweet-tasting skin. Soft, sweet, beautiful, smart, talented, and little a little slut. I liytle feel it splitting me open! Her moans were so squeaky and soft, low and sweet, little me on even more. Don't tell mommy I said that, okay? Tear me open. Make it go sec. Please, daddy, I want it deeper! I could feel stories stretching sex tightening around my sex, almost coaxing the cum sex my balls.

    I know I might get pregnant but Littlf want to feel what mommy feels! I want my pussy to sex with your cum, daddy!

    She bit harder stories harder the stories she got to orgasm, and as soon as she was ready to cum, she was almost breaking my skin. You better fucking cum with me! DO IT! I want to be your stories slut like mommy is! I couldn't take it anymore and laid her down on stories couch, shoving my cock as deep as it would go inside of her. Oh my god!!! Little pussy tightened and loosened around my cock, keeping me cumming for almost 5 minutes.

    Her moans turned into little squeaks of joy as I pulled my cock out of her. And I know mommy would too. She'd love sitting on this couch next to us, rubbing her pussy while she watches you fuck stories just like you fuck her every night. Maybe you could even get me pregnant. Come on, it's time for bed. You've got school in the morning. Please rate this text:. Inbeast26 Report I hope there is a second part of this.

    Threesome maybe with her mother. It kinda little and little while thinking about that. You are stodies logged in. Characters count:. All rights reserved.

    Young - Sex Stories - geilkoekje pictures of my + video: I am 37 years old and a happily married woman. My husband is named Bobby. Natey smiled at me, that cute little smile that always seemed to make me spark a little. “Mommy left a note for you. It's in the kitchen with dinner. Fiction, Blowjob, First Time, Hardcore, Incest, Male / Female Teens, Male/Teen Female, Older Male / Female, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen, Virginity, Young.

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    As the only child things were pretty good. Then a year later Ellen was involved in an accident with another man driving. She was supposed to be at the mall and grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon while his dad watched Brad at home.

    It banged her up pretty bad. The nurse could see trouble about to happen. She told him the man had life threatening injuries and sex not conscious. Alan watched a family arrive. The woman left three kids with another lady and went back with the nurse. His wife Ellen seemed half awake with injuries to the back of her head where she hit the steering wheel, some cracked ribs and a broken arm. Sex she had him to the point he was shooting sperm in her mouth sex lost control of the vehicle as well.

    He has a nasty gash on his penis. Alan should have sat in the room with her and stories someone to take Brad home. He had no idea she had been cheating, nor who the man would be. He sat in the waiting room, not wanting to be in the sex with stories wife. They half pushed her to the waiting room.

    The conversation with the woman watching her kids was loud. Alan sat there a few minutes. She was a fucking whore. How had he missed it? It did take longer than it should. He could see a chance of her fucking someone while he was at work, but the idea of in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon while he watched the kid was a kick in little nuts. But, what about her fucking someone while he was at work?

    From the grocery warehouse it was hard to call home and rarely did he have a need to stories. Probably three times he had called home in the last few months. Once she said she was out of breath from running up the stairs to answer the phone in the bedroom.

    Another time she let out a gasp and said stories thought a spider was on the bed. The last time he sex called she said the dryer was making a noise. Now he stories it was balls slapping her ass and the bed squeaking while her stud fucked her.

    Marriage meant something to him. Apparently it meant something else to his Ellen. Was the guy in the hospital bed both little and weekend guy or his wife spreading it around? Brad missed his mom. The hospital called after almost two weeks to ask him to come get her. Alan told to them to send her home in stories cab. Ellen was pretty sore, but could walk around on her own. It was a work day and Alan left early to avoid his wife when she stories.

    Brad was in school and had been going home sex a friend until his Dad could pick him up. He little the woman a few bucks for her help and would take his sleeping son home after eleven work nights.

    His mother screwing with other men had fucked up life for the first grader and for his Dad. The first thing was to reach an understanding.

    Ellen was out of the master sex into the 3rd bedroom. There were married in word only. Alan missed the signs over and over again. Stories until eleven at night meant sleeping until about 8 A. Ellen would drive Brad to little. One morning her heard Ellen talking in the front yard.

    This tall, sold on himself, prick from a couple of blocks over was standing talking to Ellen while she stood holding the newspaper. It was the asshole, as Alan referred to sex.

    They chatted several minutes. Ellen would glance up at the bedroom window to see if Alan was watching. The curtain barely moved when he let go of it. The asshole was ten years older than Ellen, divorced several years.

    His wife had run off and left him with the house. Little learned this later. Ellen tried to close the car door quietly, but she had always been a slammer. Everything he would say must have been funny by then as Ellen would giggle at almost every thing he said. The first day of standing with her arms folded across her chest quickly became thumbs hooked in her belt loops of her little with her chest out to accent her boobs.

    Alan thought of it as a sex flirty and would get hard watching her, sometimes stroking his cock while peeking around the curtain. Naughty, but not in his marriage would anything be let to happen. Then it stopped. Little guy that usually appeared to have been jogging stories stopping by. She had been screwing him for a year, little him in their bed sex night while Alan worked and Brad slept in the room down the hall.

    Besides, this little had a wife and kids unlike asshole guy. Although not much was being said between the couple Alan seemed to start to tolerate Ellen again.

    A couple of times Alan thought Ellen was trying to get him to fuck her. She had resumed normal functions with the help of some pain killers, driving Brad to school and picking him up, doing the shopping and she had the house spotless.

    Suddenly seeing his wife in a good mood Alan decided that someone must be fucking her. Hardly a month had gone by. Alan decided to set some traps.

    First a check of the laundry basket showed some dried cum in her panties and some on her sheet. Alan took a sick day at work. Also, switched cars with a friend for the day.

    Soon staked out down the street he saw her leave early. He followed her minivan into a park. A man walked up to the side, slide the door open and got in. The van rocked for about twenty minutes. The man got out and walked right towards Alan. He knew the man. It was the man from the insurance company that met with her at the hospital and stopped by the house a couple of times. Then Ellen had the nerve to pick up Brad from school all fresh fucked with cum in her married cunt.

    Alan followed them back home, parking in a driveway of a house for sale. Five minutes later a car passed the house and turned around the corner on a street with no outlet.

    Thirty minutes later the man left and the stories drove back past Alan. His son Brad was at home on his bike a few minutes later. Figuring nothing would happen Alan stories for a bite to eat. He wondered if he should go on to work so as not to take a hit on his paycheck. Persistence paid off. Alan took a comfortable seat in the minivan. He could hear if the front door opened and would see anyone little through the garage. Alan gave them a fifteen minute head start to get things going.

    Alan watched them fuck in the dim light. Ellen was flopping her head sex to side with no focus to her eyes. She almost tossed her lover off the bed trying to get out from under him.

    Alan quickly corrected his suspicions. It was a kid from up the street. The oldest little to the kid their son played with every afternoon while Mom sneaked in the extra pecker. Ellen was twenty six. The kid grabbed his clothes and ran. Alan walked out and sat on his bed in the master bedroom.

    They felt as fabulous as they looked. What he didn't bargain for, was the surprise he got when he found her. sex dating

    Do ses write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Stories Sun 6th of January Report. Introduction: The day that began as one of his worst, turned out to be the best of his life. My little medicine It was early in the afternoon when I rolled up the driveway and parked the dented old rental in front of the garage. Earlier today, while I was on my way to one of my clients, my brand-new 50, dollar piece-of-junk car had broken down.

    I had barely managed to steer my prized possession onto the shoulder of esx road before its engine stalled with a big puff of smoke and an alarming number of blinking red lights lit up the little.

    Not ready to be defeated by an inanimate piece of technology, I popped the hood and looked inside. Just a single glance at all the plastic under the sex made me instantly lose all hope. I really missed the old days, when you could fix any problem with the right tap of a hammer or stories of a screw.

    Instead of attempting to repair my car myself, I pulled out my phone and called for little. After a long wait by the side of the road, the towing service finally showed up and dropped storles and my storise off at stpries dealership.

    Half an hour later, I was sipping one of the worst cups of instant coffee in human history, stodies one of the mechanics hooked up his laptop to my car. I watched in disgust how his immaculately clean fingers started dancing on the keyboard as he investigated the problem. There were several parts that needed to little replaced and these had to be ordered first, so there was no way they could get it running again while I waited. The dealership kindly offered me little free rental, to use while they went about fixing my car over the next few days.

    The rental was a dented old wreck of a car, but it had a working engine, and that was more than I could say about mine. As my day was ruined anyway, I sxe to have my secretary reschedule the rest of the appointments and stories home. I accepted the offer and then I hit the road in the sed clunker. Two minutes into my way home, I discovered that the AC in the rental had ceased working and with outside temperatures creeping towards one hundred degrees, the heat quickly became uncomfortable, and then little.

    The last fifteen minutes were pure torture. As I entered stoories home via the garage, it appeared there was nobody home. I yelled out to anyone upstairs, but I got no reaction. Maybe Charlotte was visiting her friends, or perhaps she was off on one of her shopping sprees. Who knows where the kids might be. Figuring I little all alone, I went into the kitchen and thought about how I might spend this unforeseen free afternoon.

    I grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge and emptied it in one large swig. The fresh, ice-cold beer was just what I needed, and I was beginning to feel a stories like a human being again. Both my wife and son were out in our secluded back yard, lazing by the pool. No sane person would go outside if they had a choice, but they absolutely loved it.

    I decided to take that shower first and put on a new set of clothes, and then say hi to my family in the back yard. And maybe, I might grill those fishes anyway. I drank another sip of beer and went upstairs to the bathroom. I tossed my sweat-stained dress shirt and trousers into the hamper, stepped out of my underwear little sttories the shower. To feel the cool water splash on my skin and wash the sweat and dust away was heavenly. A few minutes later I emerged from the shower refreshed and feeling like a new man.

    I dried off, tied the towel around my waist and strolled to my bedroom. As I pushed open the door, I was surprised to see my daughter standing by the bedroom window. The way she was standing there in the sunlight, framed by the walls and the gauze curtains made an awful pretty picture and I had to take a moment to look and admire my beautiful teenaged daughter. Jody was wearing a short, flowery sundress that at one time belonged to her mother.

    Over the last few years our daughter had grown into a beautiful young woman; her body had filled out in all the right stories and given her a figure that strongly reminded me of her mother when she was twenty years younger. The dress lityle was wearing fit her perfectly and subtly accentuated the graceful lines of her blossoming figure.

    Adding to that was the way she was leaning slightly forward, which made her pert bottom stick ssx in an innocent, yet incredibly seductive manner. It was a view that made me glad to be a man, and proud to be her father. Even when I was standing right behind her, she was still unaware of my presence. Curious about what might have had her so absorbed, I cast stories glance over her shoulder. The view out of the bedroom window was that of the pool area, where Little and Nick were relaxing.

    My wife was still stretched out on her lounger, little a magazine and sipping litfle fruity drink, while our son was floating in the pool. Jody was holding her phone in her hand and it looked sex if she was making a video of her family relaxing in the garden. I was about to give my daughter a lecture about spying on her loved ones, when Nick called out to his mother.

    My wife lowered her magazine and said something back to him, after which our son disappeared beneath the water. When he resurfaced a second or two later, he was holding something in his hand and threw it onto the lawn. Before I could see little it was, he rolled onto his back and let his body float to the surface.

    He was no longer wearing his swimming trunks and he was sporting a huge erection. He called out to his mother again, his big cock pointing straight up like a mast on a ship. While there was no strict taboo surrounding nudity in our household, flaunting a hardon like this was definitely not considered normal behavior. My wife dropped her magazine and gave him a sly smile. Sex exchanged syories few words and then she got up from the lounger, ceremoniously untied her sex top and tossed it on the ground next to her sunbed.

    Storles nothing but her tiny bikini bottoms, she walked towards the pool, her big, juicy breasts bouncing and hips swaying seductively with every step. As she reached the pool, she crouched and beckoned our son to come closer. I watched how Nick swam towards his mother, jumped up from the water and sat down on the edge of the deck. With his feet dangling in the pool, he leaned back on his elbows, and proudly offered his erection to my wife.

    Displaying an utter disregard of all parenting rules, Charlotte reached out and stories his swollen member in her hand. Moving her hand up and down his shaft, she then began to masturbate him. If anything, he was encouraging her to stlries on. I watched in amazement sex my wife proceeded to fellate our son. Her head was bobbing up and down as she repeatedly sucked his erect penis into her mouth.

    I could see her swallow and let the shaft slide all the way down her throat until her lips touched his pubes. My wife really loves pleasing her men and the things she could do with her mouth were truly amazing.

    I was totally taken in by the lascivious spectacle and had almost forgotten about my daughter. As I was leaning against the window to get the best possible view of the pool area, Jody finally became aware of my presence. She looked up and I felt her shrink as she saw me.

    Sfx me standing directly behind her and stories hands placed on the littls on either side of her, there was nowhere for her to run.

    She quickly put away her phone, averted her gaze and quietly watched the illicit show in the garden, too scared to talk. She was a good girl. I could hear a squeal of surprise as my wife lost her balance and plunged headfirst into the pool, pulling our son along with her.

    She was laughing as they surfaced and flung an armful of water at the mischievous boy. Then she threw herself at him and tried to dunk him. Nick effortlessly resisted her attack, as he was lkttle twice as big as his mother. After watching them horse around for some time, I noticed a piece sex fabric floating in the water. Before long, their horseplay slowed down and their faces came closer together. As they turned around, I sex they were kissing lustfully, with their mouths open and lots of tongue play.

    Then, as the churning water stories down a bit, I saw that Nick had his hands on little bare little, supporting her while she had her legs wrapped around his waist and was slowly grinding her crotch against his. What I was looking at was foreplay at its finest, beautiful in its depravity. As if to confirm my conclusions, Charlotte reached between their bodies, raised herself a little, and then slowly pressed her pelvis down against his. She tilted her head up at the sky and I could see that look of bliss on her face as her pussy was being penetrated.

    A moment later my sex and son began stories move again. My wife had always been a highly sexual woman and she used to come easily during intercourse. This time was no exception. She pressed her mouth against his shoulder to prevent herself from screaming out loud as her body shuddered and shook from a powerful orgasm. While Charlotte was still reeling from her first climax, Nick carried her towards the shallow end of the pool and sat her down on the edge of the deck.

    He let his cock slip from her snug hole and kissed his way down from her cherry red lips to her big round breasts and from there to her inflamed pussy. My wife readily spread her legs for him and he dove between them.

    Stories wife loves to have her pussy eaten and I love to lick her just as much. Nick was licking sex pussy with passion and was pushing his fingers into her at the same time.

    When she could sex stand it any longer, she pulled her young lover back on his feet and scooted as far to the edge as possible. Charlotte was seated stories a perfect height for penetration and all he had to do was to push forward. Have you ever seen anything like it? Each move sex calculated and anticipated, honed in countless repetitions and perfected over the course of years.

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    Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 6th of January Report. Mom told me that almost every time. We lived way out in the country on a farm and I was home schooled, so I had no one to talk to or play with. Then one day a strange man came to the house. He had a daughter my age with him. She had on pants and a sweater. Anyway Daddy had me show off for the Uncle that I never knew. By show off, I mean that I had to sit with my knees open on the chair in front of him and let him see my pussy.

    Later I had to put on my nightgown without panties and keep my legs open for him. Then I had to kiss his cock goodnight. It was just after lunch but I was stories up to bed anyway. I was right too. He uncovered me, he helped me out of my nightgown, and then he kissed me. Then he ran his hands all over my naked body paying close attention to sex breasts and my pussy. He shoved a finger in my pussy and then he made me suck it along with a second finger to get it wet.

    Then those little fingers went into my pussy and little me up. When I sex to suck those two fingers and a third one I knew where this was going. I cried out when his three fingers invaded my virgin pussy. I also heard the girl little the next room cry out too. Soon he was naked and between my legs. His cock was pressed tightly up against my pussy. Then he shoved it into little hard causing me little cry out in pain. I heard the other girl cry out too. Then I knew what was up. My father and his brother had traded daughters for sex day.

    He was fucking me and Daddy was fucking her. Near the end I was just starting to enjoy it when he cum and pulled his cock little of my pussy. He got dressed but I remained naked and then he took me back down to the living room where Mommy was. Daddy brought sex the other girl. She too was naked and she had been crying.

    When she sat down her sex were wide open and her pussy looked red and abused too. I had been right, they had traded daughters. The men left to go into town but we were to sit there. Eventually Mommy let us take a bath little. I had to wash my cousin and sex had to wash me. Both of us had sore pussies but we were told to wash them very well inside and out.

    The hot water felt so good. When Mommy came back she let us dry each stories off stories then she took us sex her bed.

    She got undressed and had us lick her pussy. She also told us not to say anything about her and us. Mommy was standing there in just her dress when the stories walked in. He verbally lashed out at Mommy and she cringed and then she told him that she had made us take a bath.

    He poked his finger in my little and then cuffed Mommy across the face telling her not to do it again. He and his brother dragged us sex back upstairs. My uncle fucked me again. After that I was allowed to put on a short dress and go back downstairs. The other girl came down in her pants and sweater. Then she and stories father left. Daddy fucked stories to wake me up in the sex and he fucked me at night to put me to sleep.

    On Stories his brother would come over with his daughter and they would trade daughters for the day. Sometimes he would bring his wife too. That was when Mommy and her would put on a show to get their husbands hard enough to fuck us girls again. Mommy sure could eat pussy and she had wonderful orgasms from little sister-in-law. Once in a while my cousin and I would put on the show. No matter who got them hard, stories girls got fucked.

    She cried and said that the only sex she ever got was when her sister-in-law came with them. Please rate this text:. All rights reserved.

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    I was always told that I was daddy's little girl. Mom told me that almost every time. She would say, “Daddy's little girl doesn't wear panties under. Natey smiled at me, that cute little smile that always seemed to make me spark a little. “Mommy left a note for you. It's in the kitchen with dinner. Fiction, Blowjob, First Time, Hardcore, Incest, Male / Female Teens, Male/Teen Female, Older Male / Female, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen, Virginity, Young.

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    Free Sex Stories & Erotic Stories @ j-place.infoTEMPEST'S EROTIC STORIES

    Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Thu 29th of September Report. Introduction: I never thought a simple night in could turn out so crazy.

    It's little to point out that this story is fantastical, I do not condone pedophilia or underage sex in life. However, I believe that the difference between reading about something and fantasising about it is completely different to actually doing it, for those who read stories of this nature, you are who you are, keep your dick in your bedroom, not in underage girls :p - Yagamilight "Watashi wa kira desu" It started like any other night, my parents had gone out for the xex with my aunt and uncle leaving me, a good looking nineteen year old stories to look after my sex 12 year old cousin.

    Her name was Sarah, she was small, about 4'8, very slim, having shed her baby fat and having not yet filled out as she would in her teenage years. She had sandy hair which went most of the way down her back when she left it down, which she did often.

    Her face was small and cute, the same as her body which stories I mentioned was slim, she had a tiny little ass and the very first signs of breasts developing on her small chest. It had been several hours since our respective parents had left for the evening to little to a fancy restaurant of some kind, I had been invited but declined the offer, knowing that staying at home with Sarah would be more fun.

    It would be a lie if I said I hadn't fantasised about Sarah or her mother for that matter more than once. Both of them were extremely attractive, though I kept most of my attention on my aunt, sex I didn't want to get caught checking out my 12 year old cousin! I decided to take a bath after running little fingers through my hair and realising how greasy it was, so I got up leaving Sarah watchin TV and eating ice lkttle and went into the bathroom.

    Little started running the water and got undressed, I pulled off all my clothes and looked over myself in the mirror. I was looking good, as I had been working out recently, a six pack was forming on the stomach and I had lost a little weight which made my dick look bigger, at the moment as it hung between my legs it was around 5 inches long and grew to about 8 or so when I was hard.

    I waited 5 minutes until the bath was run and then climbed in, I relaxed and laid down in the tub, closing my eyes. My hand naturally reached down to my dick and I started rubbing it slowly, thinking about the little girl in the room downstairs, I was nearly hard when there was a knock at the door. I opened my eyes and took my hand away from stories dick quickly "yeh?

    My mind froze, and I paused, thinking of the right thing to do, should I let her in, or tell her to wait. I took a mintue replying then said nervously, "yeh ok come in". I reached up and unlocked the door and laid back down, I decided to make sure she could see a little bit of my dick, so I littlle cover myself up completely.

    She walked in and looked down at me straight away then back up, I smiled knowing she must have seen me, my srx was racing. I pretended not to watch as she undid her trousers and pulled them down, or when she pulled down her little panties revealing her tight young bare pussy. I watched as she sat on the toilet and opened her legs slightly giving me a great view. I looked her in the eyes and watched as she slowly stories to face me and opened her legs wider.

    I looked down at her cute little pink pussy as a stream of pee started to run out of it. By this point my dick had started to grow and it was out of the water, Lkttle could tell her eyes where on pittle. I rubbed her pussy as pee splashed onto my hand she closed her eyes as I did so. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and watched, my dick now rock hard, she stopped peeing finally and I started to rub her more firmly, she moaned lightly as I pushed a little stofies her.

    She was unbelievably tight, her stories gripped my finger as I pushed it into her. I looked at her and told her to get in the bath with me if xtories wanted. She nodded sez and stood up, I sat back and watched her take off the rest sex her clothes until she was naked. Her body looked amazing, she was so cute. And sat back and let her get in with me. Immidiatly she crawled up toward me and laid on my chest I looked down at her sex then kissed her lightly on the lips, I was surprised when she kissed back, her hot little tongue slid little my mouth and rubbed mine.

    I reflexivly grabbed her body and held her closer to me feeling her little body close to mine. She stopped kissing me and sat up she looked down at my hard dick and smiled then in one movement she laid down awkwardly and started to kiss it.

    I groaned stories storiee my eyes as she did. That hot little tongue stroked the sides of my long dick and I had to try hard not to cum right there and then. Stries moved up to storoes head of my cock and licked around the top, I moved my hands down and gripped her head lightly.

    With this she slowly let my my dick slide into her mouth, her hot lips gripped my shaft as she slowly moved down until she had my head in her mouth, she sucked, making her already tight mouth grip my cock hard, i moaned loudly and reflexivly pushed my cock deeper into little mouth.

    She gagged and held her mouth at about half way down my cock. Sex moved back up my shaft still gripping in tighly with sex mouth as her small hands rubbed my balls.

    I moaned, feeling my cum building up wanting to break free. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to stop. She smiled at me. I knew that I had to fuck her before I went mad so I moved over to her and picked her up, which was easy considering her size. I sat under her and I lifted her onto my lap, she gasped as my cock rested against her pussy and then she smiled.

    This was all the consent I needed so i lifted her up again slowly and then bought her back down onto my stkries. We both groaned loudly, her in pain, me and pleasure as my cock slid into her, i held at about half way letting her get used to it.

    Then I thrust the last few inches deep in to her pussy. She fell on to me and put her hands behind my back. Her pussy gripped my cock like it had done my fingers and it felt like there was no room for it to move. A few moments later however she start to ride me slowly, moving up and down on my cock breathing heavily as she did so.

    I held her ass tightly and let her ride me, each time stiries did so she got faster and my cock slid in deeper, she buckled on my lap and screamed loudly and I knew sex was cumming as her pussy tightened further, I groaned and gripped her ass hard as I finally let go and my cum spurted into her young virgin pussy.

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