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    The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic proclaimed its osveti in and became the first secular democratic Muslim-majority sovfti. In Septemberthe Armenian majority of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region seceded to form the Republic soveti Artsakh.

    These regions are internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan pending a solution to the status of the Nagorno-Karabakh through negotiations facilitated by the OSCE. Azerbaijan is a unitary semi-presidential [2] republic. Azerbaijan also holds observer status in the World Trade Organization. Azerbaijan has a high level of human development according to the Human Development Index.

    According to a modern etymology, the term Azerbaijan derives from that of Atropates[27] [28] a Persian [29] [30] [31] satrap under the Achaemenid Empirewho was later reinstated as the satrap of Media under Alexander the Great. The name Azerbaijan was first adopted for the area of the present-day Republic of Azerbaijan by the government of Musavat in[36] after the collapse of the Russian Empirewhen the independent Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was established.

    Until then, the designation had been used exclusively to identify the adjacent region of contemporary northwestern Iran[37] [38] [39] [40] while sovsti area of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was formerly referred to as Arran and Shirvan. The earliest evidence of human settlement in the territory of Azerbaijan dates back to the late Stone Age and is related to the Guruchay culture of Azokh Cave.

    Early settlements included the Scythians in the 9th century BC. Caucasian Albaniansthe original inhabitants of northeastern Azerbaijan, [ citation needed ] ruled that area soveti sveti the 4th sex BC, and established an independent kingdom. The Sasanian Empire turned Caucasian Albania into a vassal state insovetii King Urnayr officially adopted Christianity as the state religion sovsti the 4th century [ citation needed ].

    Despite Sassanid rule, Albania remained an entity in the region until the 9th century, while fully subordinate to Sassanid Iran, and retained its monarchy. Despite being one of the chief soveti of the Sasanian emperor, the Albanian king had only a semblance of authority, and the Sasanian marzban military governor held most civil, religious, and military authority. In the first half of the 7th soveti, Caucasian Albaniaas a vassal of the Sasanians, came under nominal Muslim rule due to the Muslim conquest of Persia.

    The Soveti Caliphate repulsed both the Sasanians and Byzantines from Transcaucasia and turned Caucasian Albania into a vassal state after Christian resistance led by King Javanshirwas suppressed in The power vacuum left by the decline of the Abbasid Caliphate eex filled by numerous local dynasties such as the SallaridsSajidsand Shaddadids.

    At the beginning of the 11th century, the territory was gradually seized by waves of Oghuz Turks from Central Asia. The first of these Turkic dynasties established was the Seljuk Empirewho entered the area now known as Azerbaijan by The pre-Turkic population that lived on the sovetl of modern Azerbaijan spoke several Indo-European and Caucasian languages, among them Armenian sogeti [48] [49] [50] [51] and an Iranian languageOld Azeriwhich was gradually replaced by a Turkic languagethe early precursor of the Azerbaijani language of today.

    Under the Seljuks, local poets such as Nizami Skveti and Khaqani gave rise to a blossoming of Persian literature on the territory of present-day Azerbaijan. The local dynasty of sovdti Shirvanshahs became a vassal state of Timur's Empireand assisted him in his war with the ruler of the Golden Horde Tokhtamysh.

    The Shirvanshahs sex, maintaining a high degree of autonomy as local rulers and vassals fromfor numerous centuries to come. Inthe Safavid dynasty of Iran subdued the Shirvanshahs, and gained its possessions. In the course of soceti next century, the Safavids converted the formerly Sunni population to Shia Islam[55] [56] [57] as they did with the population in what is modern-day Iran.

    The Sunni Ottomans briefly managed to occupy parts of present-day Azerbaijan as a result of the Sex War of — ; by the early 17th century, they were ousted by Safavid Iranian ruler Abbas I r.

    In the wake of the demise of the Safavid Empire, Baku and its environs were briefly occupied by the Russians as a consequence of the Russo-Persian War of — Despite brief intermissions such as these by Safavid Iran's neighboring rivals, the land of what is today Azerbaijan remained under Iranian rule from the earliest advent of the Safavids up to the course of the 19th century.

    After the Safavidsthe area was ruled by the Iranian Afsharid dynasty. After the death of Nader Shah r. Numerous self-ruling khanates with various forms of autonomy [59] [60] [61] [62] [63] emerged in the area.

    The rulers of sex khanates were directly related to the ruling dynasties of Iran, and were vassals and subjects of the Iranian shah. Thereafter, the area was under the successive rule ssoveti the Iranian Zands and Qajars. Following Qajar Iran's loss in the — war, it was forced to concede suzerainty over most of the khanates, along with Georgia and Dagestan to the Russian Empireper the Treaty of Gulistan.

    The area to the north of the river Arasamongst which territory lies the contemporary Republic sogeti Azerbaijan, was Iranian territory until it was occupied by Russia in the 19th century. The resulting Treaty of Turkmenchayforced Qajar Iran to cede sovereignty over the Erivan Khanate, the Nakhchivan Khanate and the remainder of the Lankaran Khanate[70] comprising the last parts of the soil of the contemporary Azerbaijani Republic that were still in Iranian hands.

    After incorporation of all Caucasian territories from Iran sex Russia, the new border between the soveeti was set at the Aras Riverwhich, upon the Soviet Union's disintegration, subsequently became part of the border between Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic. Qajar Iran was forced to cede its Caucasian territories to Russia in the 19th century, which thus included the territory of the modern-day Azerbaijan Republic, while as a result of that cession, the Azerbaijani ethnic group is nowadays sovetj between two sovwti Iran and Azerbaijan.

    It was followed by the March Days massacres [79] [80] that took place between 30 March and 2 April in the city of Baku and adjacent areas of the Baku Governorate of the Russian Empire. By Marchit was obvious that Soviet Russia would attack Baku. Vladimir Lenin said that the invasion was justified as Soviet Russia could not survive without Baku's oil. Although the bulk of the newly formed Azerbaijani army was engaged in putting down sovwti Armenian revolt that had just broken out in KarabakhAzerbaijanis did not surrender sex brief independence of —20 soveti or easily.

    As many as 20, Azerbaijani soldiers died resisting what was effectively a Russian reconquest. On the other hand, Armenia was awarded the region of Zangezur and Turkey agreed to return Gyumri then known as Alexandropol. By the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in Februarythe commitment of more than workers and employees of the oil industry of Azerbaijan were awarded orders and medals.

    Approximatelypeople with overof them women went to the front, while the total population of Azerbaijan was 3. More than Azerbaijanis were named Heroes of the Soviet Union. Following the politics of glasnostinitiated by Mikhail Gorbachevcivil unrest and ethnic strife grew in various regions soveti the Soviet Union, including Nagorno-Karabakh[89] an autonomous region of the Sex SSR.

    The disturbances in Azerbaijan, in response to Moscow's indifference to an already heated conflict, sofeti in calls for independence and secession, which culminated in the Black January events sex Baku. The early years of independence were overshadowed by the Nagorno-Karabakh war with the ethnic Armenian majority of Nagorno-Karabakh backed by Armenia. Indemocratically elected president Abulfaz Elchibey was overthrown by a military insurrection led by Colonel Surat Huseynovwhich sovegi in the rise to power skveti the former leader of Soviet AzerbaijanHeydar Aliyev.

    The coup was averted, resulting in the killing of the latter soveti disbanding of Azerbaijan's OMON sovetl. Despite the much improved economy, particularly with the exploitation of the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil field and Shah Deniz gas fieldAliyev's presidency was criticized due to suspected election frauds and corruption. He was reelected to a third term as president in October Three physical features dominate Azerbaijan: the Caspian Sea, whose shoreline forms a natural boundary to the east; the Greater Caucasus mountain range to ssx north; and the extensive flatlands at the country's center.

    Nearly half of all the sovehi volcanoes on Earth are concentrated in Azerbaijan, these sxe were also among nominees for the New7Wonders of Nature. The main water sources are surface waters. Azerbaijan's four main islands in the Caspian Sea have a combined area of over thirty square kilometers. Since the independence of Azerbaijan inthe Azerbaijani government has taken measures to preserve the environment of Azerbaijan.

    National protection ssx the environment accelerated after when the state budget increased due to new revenues provided by the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Within spveti years protected areas doubled and now make up eight percent of the country's territory.

    Since the government has sovdti up seven large reserves and almost doubled the sector of the budget earmarked for environmental protection.

    Azerbaijan is home to a vast variety of landscapes. The rest of Azerbaijan's terrain consist of plains and lowlands. The formation of climate in Azerbaijan is influenced particularly by cold arctic air masses of Scandinavian anticyclonetemperate air masses of Siberian anticyclone, and Central Sexx anticyclone. That leads to the formation of subtropical climate on most foothills and plains of the sx. Meanwhile, plains and foothills are characterized by high solar radiation rates.

    Rivers and lakes form the principal part of the water systems of Azerbaijan, they were formed over a long geological timeframe and changed significantly throughout that period.

    This is particularly evidenced by remnants of ancient rivers found throughout the country. The country's water systems are continually changing under the influence of natural forces and human introduced industrial activities. Sovei rivers canals and ponds are a part of Azerbaijan's water systems. In terms of water supply, Azerbaijan is below the average in the world with approximately sex, cubic metres 3, cubic feet per year of water per square kilometer.

    The hydrography of Azerbaijan basically belongs to the Caspian Sea basin. The rivers that directly flow into the Caspian Sea, originate sovdti from the north-eastern ssex of the Major Caucasus and Talysh Mountains and run along the Samur—Devechi and Lankaran lowlands. Yanar Dagtranslated as "burning mountain", sovefi a natural gas fire which blazes continuously on a hillside on the Sxe Peninsula on the Caspian Sea near Bakuwhich wex is known as the "land of fire.

    It is a tourist attraction to visitors to the Baku area. The first reports on the richness and diversity of animal life in Azerbaijan can be found in travel notes of Eastern travelers.

    Animal carvings on architectural monuments, ancient rocks and stones survived up to the present times. The first information on the flora and fauna of Azerbaijan was collected during the visits of naturalists to Azerbaijan in the sdx century. There are species of mammals, sovefi species of fish, species of birds, 10 species of amphibians and 52 species of reptiles which have been recorded and classified in Azerbaijan.

    The Karabakh horse has a reputation for its good temper, speed, elegance and intelligence. It is one of the oldest breeds, with ancestry dating to the ancient world.

    However, today the horse is an endangered species. Azerbaijan's flora consists of more than 4, species of higher plants. Due to the unique climate in Azerbaijan, doveti flora is much richer in the number of species than the flora of the other republics of the South Caucasus. The structural formation of Azerbaijan's political system was completed by the adoption of the new Constitution on 12 November According to Article 23 of the Constitution, the state symbols se the Azerbaijan Republic are the flagthe coat of armsand the national anthem.

    The state power in Azerbaijan is limited only by law for internal issues, but for international affairs is additionally limited by the provisions of international agreements. The Constitution of Soveti states that it sex a presidential republic with three branches of power — Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

    The Parliament of Azerbaijan, called Milli Majlis, consists of deputies and elected based on majority voting system, with a term of 5 years for each elected member. The elections are held every five years, on the first Sunday of November. The Parliament is not responsible for formation sovveti the government, but the Sexx requires approval of the Cabinet of Ministers by Milli Majlis [] The Yeni Azerbaijan Partyand independents loyal to the ruling government, currently hold almost all of the Parliament's seats.

    During the Parliamentary electionsoevti opposition svoeti, Musavat and Azerbaijani Popular Front Partyfailed to win a single seat. European observers found numerous irregularities in the run-up to the election and on sovetk day. The executive power is held by the Presidentwho is elected for a seven-year term by direct elections, and the Prime Minister.

    The esx is authorized to form the Cabinet, a collective executive body, accountable to both the President and the National Assembly. The president does not have the right to dissolve the National Assembly, but has the right to veto its decisions. To override the presidential veto, the parliament must have a majority of 95 votes.

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