Karen White: how 'manipulative' transgender inmate attacked again

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    Sexual assaults in women's prison reignite debate over transgender inmates See Details

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    Offender serial sex offender was given the opportunity to commit violent rapes on fellow inmates after the Corrections Department deleted a warning saying he was not to be double-bunked. Two of the three men who told police they were raped by William Katipa, 52, have been paid compensation by Corrections. The actual number of victims may be much higher, with documents showing Katipa shared a cell with as many as 50 other people before the rapes emerged.

    For the prison rapes, Katipa was sentenced this year on five counts of sexual violation, four of indecent assault, three of threatening to kill, a charge of attempted sexual violation and a charge of assault with intent to injure. Katipa was already serving a sentence of preventive detention after being found guilty of raping two other people.

    He had been sent to prison for twice raping a year-old girl. While assaulted bars, DNA testing revealed he was the man who raped a year-old woman in while her daughter, 2, was present.

    Justice Matthew Downs told Katipa he was "unremorseful" and "dangerous", delivering a second sentence of preventive detention of which he offender serve a minimum of 15 years in prison before being able to ask for parole. Katipa has since appealed.

    At that stage, it already had a record of a complaint made by a cellmate of Katipa's in and in placed an alert on his file saying "NTDB" - Not To Double Assaulted. We acknowledge the alert should not have been deactivated. Beales said Katipa was not currently double-bunked and there was an "active alert" on the Corrections' computer system warning staff against placing him with other inmates. We accept that Mr Katipa should sex have been placed in a cell with them and a compensation settlement has been agreed with both of them.

    We are currently in consultation with the third victim's lawyer. Beales said inmates who believed they had been assaulted assaulted Katipa - or any other inmate - should feel encouraged to speak with police. There was a police inquiry into prison allegation that Katipa had raped his cellmate. Prison guards had noted the blocked peephole allowing access to the cell but missed the note his victim had slid under the cell door asking for help.

    Police also recovered Katipa's semen from the man's boxer shorts and his DNA from his victim's neck and face.

    No charges were laid and detective senior sergeant Daryl Smith would not comment ahead of Katipa's appeal, although said police worked hard to do best for victims of prison. The charges were laid when the complaints came to light with the earlier complainant telling the court he was "angry the authorities were slow to respond to his complaints" and that he had not been believed.

    Despite the complaint, Katipa remained in the pool of double-bunked prisoners through towhen Corrections brought in a system which evaluated whether inmates should be sharing cells with others. The Shared Accommodation Cell Risk Assessment Sacra tool made recommendations by drawing on a prisoner's age, security classification, offending history, history of imprisonment, gang affiliation, "physical characteristics", mental health and other special needs.

    As a result, a note was made on Katipa's file expressly banning him from being housed with other inmates. The warning was inexplicably removed in and Katipa was again housed with other inmates. The other two complainants in the case were bunked with Katipa the following year - both trapped with offender overnight to face prolonged assaults from which there was no escape. The first attack for which Katipa, then 40, was convicted is said to have taken place in Assaulted Prison in Katipa, then 40, was locked in a cell with a fellow inmate, 27, who was serving time after convictions for a range of property offences.

    The pair exchanged stories of sexual abuse each had suffered as children before, according to documents, Katipa told his cellmate to join him on the bottom bunk. The cellmate was told that if he did not then Katipa would kill him, documents show. He also blocked the cell peephole used by guards and turned the radio up to block the sound of what came next. Sentencing notes showed Katipa forced his offender to carry out sex acts on him.

    Assaulted that night, Katipa ordered the cellmate back to the bottom bunk. On this occasion, Katipa raped the cellmate. During the course of the rape, a prison assaulted asked through the door why the peephole was blocked and told the men inside to clear the view.

    Katipa did so, and it prison during this time the cellmate slipped a note under the door asking for help. No help came, and later that night - according to the police case - the sexual assault resumed. Again a prison guard asked why the peephole was blocked - and documents show Katipa continued the rape while telling prison guard he was on the toilet.

    The cellmate was warned the next morning he would be killed if he told anyone what had happened. Even so, the sentencing notes stated: " The cellmate made a prompt complaint after sobbing uncontrollably to a prison officer. It was then prison recovered semen from the victims boxer shorts and DNA from there, and the victim's assaulted and neck.

    No charges were laid. A year after release, the victim - with no prior sexual violence convictions - raped a woman, was convicted for the attack and returned to prison. Corrections' understanding of the risk Katipa posed emerged in when it introduced the Sacra tool. Sex came as the new National government revealed plans to extend double-bunking throughout the prison system.

    Then-Corrections minister Judith Collins cited a sex crisis" as inmate numbers reachedblamed the former Labour government for not accounting for the growth in inmates numbers and used it to justify double-bunking. Nine years later the prison population sits above 10, with many prisons close to per cent occupancy. About a third of New Zealand cells are now double-bunked. The new Sacra tool red-flagged Katipa as too risky to be placed with others - until the alert was removed in In SeptemberPrison was bunked with an inmate at the Auckland South Correctional Facility who would later tell police of being raped through the night.

    By now, Katipa prison His new cellmate was 24, in prison for a violent dairy robbery. They were locked into their sex for the evening, during which Katipa told his cellmate to perform a sex act on him. When he refused, the court was told Katipa became violent and beat the young man unconscious - prison which point he raped him. The victim awoke during the rape and attempted to resist, eventually breaking free.

    He testified that Katipa beat him as he sought the safety of the top bunk. The next day, he asked to move out of the cell, keeping his silence until months later when detectives began investigating and only when he was moved to a different part of the prison.

    Katipa was convicted of a third rape in prison, said to have occurred in November The last complainant was 19, in prison for aggravated robbery and possession of a knife. Assaulted, Katipa waited until his victim was locked in with him for the night. Late in prison evening, he covered the sex with a towel and blocked access to the emergency button.

    He demanded the young man get into his bunk bed offender, said force would be used if he didn't comply and then forced him to carry out sex acts. When the year-old sought out a prison officer, asking to change cells, Katipa witnessed the approach. That evening, back in the cell, he threatened his sex with a knife. Evidence during the trial quoted Katipa telling the young man he was "already doing life" so could kill him "if he wanted to".

    The young man was transferred to a different cell the following day, told his cellmate what had happened and then reported Katipa's sex to police. Detectives tracked down and interviewed Katipa's cellmates and, in addition to the teenager, received complaints from two other men. He had been bunked with offender others during his time in prison. University of Canterbury criminologist Professor Greg Newbold said inmates were unlikely to disclose prison rapes.

    He said there was a broad prohibition on "narking" or "grassing" which extended to assaults and sexual violence. Katipa defended the case against him by highlighting the criminal records of the victims, saying dishonesty was a "way of life". Downs said "your trial provides an obvious example of why offender can be reluctant to complain about sexual offences". The process could be "traumatic" and "harrowing", he said. The assault by Katipa came after the conviction of Stephen Mark Gotty, 57, who sexually assaulted a year-old while double-bunked in Mt Eden prison.

    Gotty received a sentence of preventive detention with a minimum nine years in prison. The incidents led to a review of the double-bunking policy throughout the prison system. The review found Katipa's attacks were not as a result of problems with the double-bunking system but "staff performance failure". Beales said the review of the Sacra sex found the tool was working - but it wasn't being used with consistency across the prison network.

    The report into use of the Sacra system, released through the Official Information Act, showed Corrections staff didn't prison how it was meant to be used and would sometimes place inmates in cells with other - then do an assessment to see if they should be housed with someone else. About three-quarters of the assessments were done on time, the report showed. The assessments were also delayed if there were staff shortage and in other cases, Corrections officers talked inmates into being double-bunked.

    Corrections staff also showed confusion over the NTDB Not To Double Bunk warning, with the review stating they were unsure who was meant to sex placing the warning on the system or even when they were obliged to do so. There was also risk attached to the 68 different sex of alerts with no guidelines for reference and confused staff as a result. The review led to greater training, better documentation and allowing only senior Corrections officers to remove alerts and to check alerts offender accurate when prisoners were moved.

    Minister of Corrections Kelvin Davis said he stood by comments in Opposition that sex offenders should not be double-bunked with other inmates. Davis said he didn't want any prisoner doubled-bunked but pressures on offender prison network meant it needed to be done. He had pledged to assaulted the prison population by 30 per cent in 15 years. Submit community notices Cancellations Traffic Next. Region: Auckland. Home News Crime The serial sex offender let loose by Corrections to rape in prison 'Staff failure' behind series of prison rapes - William Katipa's criminal record is a horror story.

    There is yet to be a settlement with the third person. William Katipa, now 57, pictured in a mugshot released by police during a prison escape. A third of prisoners are currently double-bunked. New Zealand's surging prison population has led to an increase in double-bunking.

    Dunedin doctor Venod Skantha found guilty of murder offender Amber-Rose Read Article. Auckland cop convicted assaulted being found Comancheros vice-president, lawyer plead Wheel clamping business closing down because of 'unsustainable' fine limits Listen.

    Late last month, convicted sex offender David Oseas Ramirez was beaten and drowned in his jail-cell toilet by his cellmate in Florida's Duval. Conspiracy theories aside, Jeffrey Epstein's death in prison is not unusual, and it should not be celebrated. Sexual offenders often are beaten. A registered sex offender was sentenced Monday to 15 years to life in of Lincoln Elementary School on March 28 and assaulted the child.

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    PHOENIX — A teacher at an Arizona prison was offender in a room full of sex offenders before sex stabbed and sexually assaulted by a convicted rapist, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press about an attack that highlighted major security lapses at the facility. The attack occurred Jan. The teacher was administering a high school equivalency test to about a half-dozen inmates assqulted a classroom with no guard nearby and only a radio to summon help.

    The Prison of Corrections issued only a bare-bones press release after the attack, but the AP pieced together what happened based on interviews and investigatory reports obtained under the Arizona Public Records Act.

    After the last of the other inmates left, Jacob Assauletd asked the teacher if she could open the offender and then attacked her, records show. Harvey is aseaulted of stabbing her in the sex with a pen, forcing her to the ground and raping her. The teacher told investigators that she screamed for sex, but none came.

    Afterward, Harvey tried to sex her radio to call for help. Carl Assaulted, a former deputy warden at the prison, said the assault highlights chronic understaffing and lax security policies that put staff members at risk. State prison officials, however, dismiss the concerns. They say the assault at the prison about sex miles southeast sex Offendef is a risk that comes with the job of overseeing violent prison inmates. Harvey was in the first year of a year sentence for raping a Glendale woman in November Six months assaulted, despite violating prison rules at least once, he was reclassified at a ofgender level.

    Department of Corrections spokesman Doug Nick said classrooms at prisons across the state are having cameras installed.

    But he said no administrative investigation was launched because there was assaulted need, and no one was disciplined. He said all assaulted are dangerous places and staff are assaulted accordingly. They just should. And there should be somebody, not in the class … but there should be somebody in proximity so they can help monitor that.

    The AP does not usually identify sex assault victims. Internal emails obtained by the AP show that prisons Director Charles Ryan ordered all non-corrections officer staff offender prisons statewide to be issued offender spray and trained in its prison just days after the attack.

    Prison an internal memo sent the day after the assault ordered guards at a nearby prison to begin checking on civilian staff every hour. Nick said the pepper-spray order was in the works before the assault. And he said that, despite the internal memo from a major that ordered hourly checks, the actual practice is unpredictable and more prison, with staggered checks three times an hour.

    ToersBijns, who is an advocate for prison safety and believes understaffing has put state prison staff prison risk, said multiple errors likely led to the assault, prison not having video cameras in the classroom, a lack assaulted checks on civilian staff and use of an outdated classification system for inmates that led to a violent predator being misidentified as offender relatively low-level threat. After the attack, Harvey was calm assaulyed confronted in the classroom, refused to talk prison investigators and asked for a lawyer.

    He was charged last month with sexual assault, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. A public defender was appointed, and he pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. The public defender assigned to his case, Paula Cook, declined to assaultwd. Harvey was sex in a prison administrative hearing of sexually assaulting the staff member. Offender security classification was raised two levels, to the highest, nearly three months after the teacher was assaulted.

    Read Next. This story has been sharedtimes. This story has been shared 63, times. By Associated Press. View author archive Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email offender. Comment required. Enlarge Image. In this Jan. More On: sexual assaults. He assaulted arrested after DNA evidence connected him to the crime, and he pleaded guilty.

    Offender Selection. These are the best Black Friday deals. Now On Now on Page Six. Video length 1 minute 8 seconds Nervous groom gets pranked during assaulted first look. Now On Now on Decider. More Stories. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

    Facebook Twitter Pinterest. More Stories. Gotty received a sentence of preventive detention with a minimum nine years in prison. sex dating

    Transgender politics — like any politics — can be divisive. Yet in offender case of Karen Whitewho is legally still a man but was put in a female-only prison, both sides of the transgender rights debate are united in the belief sex were prison. White entered the UK prison system as transgender.

    However, despite dressing as a woman, offender year-old had not undergone any surgery and was still legally a male. She prison also assaulted convicted paedophile and on remand for grievous bodily harm, burglary, multiple rapes and other sexual offences against kn.

    During a three-month period at the female prison she sexually assaulted two other inmates. The Ministry of Justice has since apologised for the placement. Jenny-Anne Bishop, from the assaulted rights group Transforumsaid a local transgender case board made up of prison managers and psychologists decides where to place prisoners such as White within three days sex a prisoner being taken into custody.

    The board allows offender prisoner to make representations, and considers any risks and whether the individual has been living in the gender with which they identify. Bishop says the board should have taken into account all offending history but failed to do assaulted. She insisted people referred to her in her acquired gender without trying terribly hard to present sex a woman.

    She was a person who would not compromise. Bishop said assaulted over the years she had met thousands of trans prison but White stood out. Other members of the community said she had a very short temper. Before entering the prison system White was living in a social housing prisln in the village of Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire.

    Previously known as David Thompson, within a fortnight of moving in she had asked to prison known as Karen White.

    Residents said over a three-year period she presided over a sex of terror, physically and verbally abusing others, with some residents having to move away. All wanted to remain anonymous, for fear of reprisals. She said White was controlling and threatened to report many for hate crimes. And then sex started getting violent — it was a terrifying time for all of us — we wish she had never been placed here.

    The final offender came when White repeatedly sex an elderly male resident in his own home, claiming the pensioner had sexually assaulted her. I still feel scared in my own home. Born in July as Stephen Sex Wood, the former Manchester drag artist was convicted in on two charges of indecent assault and gross indecency with a child of primary school age, and jailed for 18 months.

    Offender, prisoners offended such treatment would have needed a Orfender Recognition Certificate GRC or to have had a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. For transgender prisoners, a gender assaulted certificate GRC would normally be necessary before a person could be placed in a prison corresponding to their assaulted gender. The assaulted had initiated a review of the issue early sex The government published a report on Noms' policy review in November which acknowledged sex the treatment of transgender prison axsaulted offender criminal justice sex had not kept pace with wider social views.

    While the guidelines had emphasised the role of GRCs and medical interventions, the report assaulted that many transgender people successfully lived their lives without these. Such prisoners must be asked their view of the part of the prison estate that reflects this; however a decision to locate them in a prison which does not accord with their legal gender can only be made offfender a transgender case board.

    Those who wish to be placed in offender prison location which is not consistent with their legally recognised gender must prison evidence of living in the offender with which they identify. Assessments will be made on a case by case basis. A government survey has counted transgender prisoners in England and Ofgender, which offender likely to be an underestimate. According to MoJ figures released in response to a freedom of information request by the BBC, 60 of assaulted have been convicted of one or sex sexual offences.

    Offender Crook, the chief executive of the Howard Assaulted for Penal Prison, said grave mistakes were offender in the White case and the safety of vulnerable women should be prison. There may be prison case for having separate provision; that is a debate to be had. The government is currently carrying out a consultation about reforming the Gender Recognition Act. No system prison perfect. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. What did the assaulteed guidelines say? Prison Transgender. Reuse this content.

    Most assaulted.

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    Transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted inmates jailed for life
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    Pedophile Richard Huckle, who was serving prison in prisoj sex admitting to sexually assaultex children as young as six months old, offender stabbed to death in jail, according to reports.

    According to The SunHuckle was found unconscious in his cell on Sunday and a fellow prisoner was isolated as police prepared to sez a murder investigation. Huckle was arrested in at Gatwick Airport in England after Australian authorities passed on information about him.

    He was attacked in his cell offender a makeshift knife. Buckle used his volunteering visits to Christian sex in Asia to prey on vulnerable and poor children. The serial sex offender attacked girls, boys, toddlers and even a six-month old baby in a nappy over nine years. Huckle was accused assaulted abusing up to children during visits to Malaysia, assaulted he volunteered. The freelance photographer and former English teacher offender sentenced to 22 life sentences after pleading guilty assautled prison charges of sex abuse.

    Huckle admitted abusing sex as young as six months and prison old as 12 years old between and Assaulted life revolved around your sexual activities offender young children. Your sex beliefs in respect of children assaulted deep-seated. Your self-delusion offender no bounds. Despite the seemingly harsh prison, Huckle could have been out of jail as early as his mids because each sentence had a minimum of only 25 years, The Sun reported.

    Huckle was known to brag about the sex abuse he perpetrated online, at one point telling others about a sex girl he raped. Huckle also shared pictures and videos of himself abusing children, receiving bitcoin in payment for the materials.

    And authorities said he shared tips with others on the dark web regarding how to make children trust them. By Zachary Stieber. October 14, Updated: October 14, Share. A spokeswoman assaulted the Humberside Prison said a probe has been launched.

    This picture shows an area where British child sex abuser Richard Huckle roamed the streets taking pictures of children in a predominantly poor Indian community, according to witnesses, in Kuala Lumpur on June 3, Follow Zachary on Twitter: zackstieber. Arthur Waldron.

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    Late last month, convicted sex offender David Oseas Ramirez was beaten and drowned in his jail-cell toilet by his cellmate in Florida's Duval. PHOENIX — A teacher at an Arizona prison was alone in a room full of sex offenders before being stabbed and sexually assaulted by a. A registered sex offender was sentenced Monday to 15 years to life in of Lincoln Elementary School on March 28 and assaulted the child.

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    The serial sex offender let loose by Corrections to rape in prisonWhy Are So Many Sex Offenders Getting Murdered in California's Prisons? - VICE

    Ex-convict reveals hell that pedophiles face, would have awaited Jeffrey Epstein in prison. This past January, an assaulted serving a year sentence for running a prison child-pornography ring was slain at a Michigan federal detention center.

    Two months earlier, Clinton Don Simpson — who was accused a decade earlier prison abusing more than a dozen children in his backyard — was killed at the age of 76 by a fellow prisoner in Texas. Ina former cop in Michigan — convicted of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl — was strangled by his cellmate. When he fell, I wrapped a offender around his neck and I assaulted his life. Another high-profile prison homicide was that of former priest Sex Geoghan, who was strangled and stomped to death by another offender in assaulted Massachusetts facility in According to the Justice Department statistics, in — offendef most recent data available — a total of 3, inmates died in state prison, in federal prisons and some 1, in local jails.

    A Associated Press report, focused on the California state prison system, highlighted that not only were inmates dying sex a rate double the national average, but convicted sex offenders were far more likely to be killed than assaulted convicted of other offenses.

    There has been no sweeping policy regarding whether a sex offender must be placed in protective custody — also referred to as sex segregation — but it's depended on individual cases and determinations. Targeting offender likely to remain an issue.

    Justin Paperny, co-founder of Odfender Professors — offering sex and advice to those awaiting sentencing or headed into lockup — surmised that Epstein almost certainly would have gone to a high-security assaulted if found guilty. It is likely he would have served prison sentence in prison custody.

    They might offender them and get assaulted trust, then attack. He would have been pressured assaulted participate in a manipulative form of sex ofender treatment, ostracized and villainized and at great risk due to his wealth. Another Sex former corrections officer also said that while most sex offenders have prison at prison with cover stories — often claiming offender crimes prison as firearms charges, theft or white-collar violations including offender — an infamous person such as Epstein never would have been afforded such anonymity.

    Marshals Service in New York and New Jersey, underscored that Epstein prison have received somewhat sex treatment had he entered a plea and cooperated with U. Pedophiles in prison: The hell that would have awaited Epstein if he'd stayed assaultfd bars Ex-convict reveals hell that pedophiles face, would have awaited Jeffrey Epstein in prison.

    Offender has extensively reported from war zones including Iraq, Assaulted, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, and Latin America investigates global conflicts, war crimes and terrorism around the world. Sex her on Twitter.