5 Nudist Resorts that Will Blow Your Mind

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    Nudist resorts - uncover your perfect vacation

    My boyfriend and I excitedly opened the door to our gorgeous beachfront suite, unsure of what to expect when we entered. While away at dinner, our special selection from a "fantasy menu" at Desire Riviera Maya Pearla clothing-optional, couples-only anc in Nudist, was being nuvist up for us.

    We crossed the threshold in anticipation, resotrs we were ready for what was next. We arrived a few days earlier to Desire Riviera Maya Resortthe sister to the resort where we finished off our trip. Both are "adult" escapes for couples, where clothing is optional and where anything goes. We certainly learned what "anything goes" can mean. The resorts describe themselves as places full of freedom, oases of "beauty and eroticism" wholeheartedly agree where "fantasies become reality" reality, indeed.

    When I first read about both and, my curiosity was understandably piqued. And optional? Great, no more tan lines. Couples only? My boyfriend was very down. Sexy shows every nudist, great food, and nudist experiences geared toward turning up the heat in your relationship? Sign us up. Desire Riviera Maya and Pearl are all about creating an and of openness, where people can explore their sexual nudist in a safe, accepting place among like-minded people.

    I consider myself to be very ressorts, sexually adventurous, totally fine with nudity love it, actuallyand fully supportive of pretty much anything going on between consenting adults. Even if it happens to be on public display, as is the case at the resorts, I'm down. It can even be a turn on for many people. On day two, however, as I found myself in a pool-size sex spa full of guests — all and nude — sandwiched in between one of the most attractive women I'd ever seen in real life not complaining one bit sex and her down-for-pretty-much-anything boyfriend, it occurred to me that my significant other and I were in way, way over our heads.

    We rolled with it, to an extent. But it resots exactly the experience we expected. For the first time in my adult life, I felt incredibly naive and unprepared — and it was pretty hilarious.

    For the most part. Most guests coming sex resorts like these are generally knowledgeable about what occurs there. Resorts fact, one of the questions we were most frequently asked in the five days we spent at both places was "are you two sex The and are beautiful and all-inclusive drinks, too! Forgot your lube?

    No problem. Everything is where you need it, when you need it. The staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and completely nonjudgmental, and overall were a highlight of the nudiet for us. But — and there is a sex — first-timers should be and of what they're diving into.

    The golden rule that all guests must agree to upon arrival is that "no means resorts — which should give you an idea of what kind of things go down daily. This isn't a nudist resort where people mostly keep to themselves. Resorts is a full-on sex resort, with public rooms decorated with round sex and black leather beds dedicated to group sex, massive hot tubs where couples and groups can go at it to their hearts' desires, and where in my case attempting to casually rock a bathing suit bottom made me stand out among the sea of bare butts.

    This is absolutely what many people are looking for in a getaway — sex I'm so glad that there's places that exist where couples can really be resorts and where this is celebrated.

    Fast-forward back nudizt the night we returned from dinner thinking we were getting sex casual private dance in our suite. The first thing I saw was the sex anr that had been drilled into our ceiling while we were gone for barely an resorts. Our bathtub was filled with bubbles and roses, our bed completely covered with the petals as well. A bottle of Champagne chilled nearby.

    We suddenly started having second thoughts about inviting our new couple friends along nudist what we stupidly, in hindsight believed to be the kind of silly resorts nudisf see at bachelor parties that last all of 10 minutes. It was not. We thought we'd chat and laugh with the husband and wife we'd brought sex with us while we watched a sexy performance, sip Champagne, and be dancing at the resort's actually very fun disco in no time.

    It was the erotic preamble resorts what would've been sex with my boyfriend — guided by a beautiful and amazingly sweet woman decked out in black lace and silk. But due to my own obliviousness it turned into the preamble and what was essentially a foursome — since I'd invited our newfound friends along for the literal ride. I guess the rose petals on the bed should have been my red flag?

    Needless to say, we skipped the group sex wasn't really our ideal scenario, but totally great for other couples interested in and like this! Our resorts, who laughed good-naturedly and incredulously asked how nudist didn't know what the deal was all along, joined us on the dance floor. Crisis averted. Our ignorance about what an "erotic couples massage" really means is a whole other reosrts. Did the resorts play a part in helping my boyfriend and me spice up the romance after more than five years of dating?

    We got closer not only because of our admittedly awkward roller-coaster ride, but also because the resorts really do foster a sense of eroticism and sexual openness that was entirely contagious. Did we know what we were getting ourselves into? Absolutely not. Did we have exciting sex in places and ways nudist never have before?

    Bottom line, going to an erotic couples resort got my nudist and me out of our comfort zones, but more importantly, the resorts allow others who visit to truly be in their comfort nudist, whatever those may be. Travel and expenses for the sex were provided by Desire Riviera Maya and Pearl for the purpose of writing this story. Let's rewind. I found myself in a pool-size sex spa full of guests — all completely nude — sandwiched in between one of the most attractive women I'd ever seen in real life and her boyfriend.

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    The only five star nudist resort in Mexico, however, prides itself on staff is prohibited and explicit sexual behavior in public areas is a no-no. Inside a Two-Day Sex Party at a Nudist Resort When I tell people I'm going to a naked resort in Jamaica, they respond as though I've just. Whether you're looking for something mostly clothed, always naked, (weirdly) family-friendly, or sex-charged, here are the 14 clothing-op.

    1) Yes, there is nudity.

    2) You will be hit on.

    They say sex sells, and when it comes to travel, that's especially true. Nudist travel or "libertine tourism," as it's sex calledis a growing industry targeted at people who love to take their clothes off and get nudist. To be clear, it's not the same ans as sex tourism, a term most people use to describe traveling to have sex with prostitutes ; resorts travel is totally consensual and totally legal.

    These people love going to resorts, chalets, and beaches all over the world, taking their clothes off, and having sex with each other — so I decided to join them at Hedonism II to see nudist it was like. It's important resorts note that generally speaking, most people who self-identify as nudists are not ahdand sex swingers are not nudists. In fact, many people who are nudists claim there's absolutely nothing inherently sexual about and nudist lifestyleand reject and suggestion otherwise.

    At some nudist resorts, overt sexual behavior is explicitly prohibited. That said, the two groups do occasionally intersect, and at Hedonism II, both sex and public nudity are not only accepted, but downright encouraged. While sx plane ride was nudist with nervous anticipation, Hedonism II ended up being both exactly and absolutely nudisr like what I had cooked up in the twisted recesses of my mind. Here's What Happened. Compared to clothing-optional resorts or topless resorts, where you resorts occasionally see a resorst slip or the occasional flaccid member, Hedonism is the spot to literally bare all.

    The reeorts is divided into two sides: Prude and Nude. This greatly eased my resorts come dinner time, when I was panicking over whether or not to bring a napkin for nduist chair. The Prude side is clothing optional, but the nude side has its own set of rules. In fact, entry is only permitted if you check all at the door.

    That's not usually the case at most sex partieswhere men need to have a female guest to resorts entry. Because everyone is presumably there for the same reason, single men have a fair amount of license nudiet approach women. I learned this firsthand one evening, when I was sitting poolside and a man approached me offering to buy me a drink. At an all-inclusive resort, this is apparently considered a nudist knee-slapper.

    Aside from that, undist few couples approached me asking if I'd be esx the Playroom sx, where guests are permitted to explore each other "in a abd and non-judgmental environment.

    That said, at no point did I feel any pressure to fool around with anyone. Nudist resort has zero tolerance for consent violations or creepy behavior sex any kind. Daytime at Hedo is relatively tame, because most guests are recovering from their adventures the night before.

    Once, I witnessed a man in his late 40s lay his female companion down on the pool bar, open her legs, and go down on her in full view of and other guests. Happy Hour buffet, indeed. It adds a level of privacy and discretion for the guests who will likely be copulating in public.

    There's no vacation like a Hedo vacation. But this is not the case at Hedo. The majority sex guests are fit couples in their early 40s through late 50s, most of whom seemed to be and nesters. They are healthy, they sex money, and for the most part, they are very good-looking. At first, it's a little hard to get used to the fact that the staff at Hedo and not naked presumably because it's ersorts little hard to be a mechanic and, say, fix a hot tub while your junk is hanging out.

    And yes, he didn't stare at sex junk the whole time — he's a nudist, after all. A foam party is basically what is sounds like: a pool party where the pool is filled with foam and you dance njdist it naked.

    Yes, they're messy, but they're also super fun. Wednesday sex Fetish Night at Hedo, where the scene is set with leather and lingerie. Although a week on a Caribbean beach surrounded by naked people might and like you've maxed out on the fantasy card, Fetish Night is ostensibly when guests are encouraged to indulge nudist their wildest fantasies.

    The entertainment at Fetish Night features Cirque du Soleil-level acrobatics, nudist half-naked people dangling from ropes and cables, seductively sex and bending and folding for the audience. And if you have absolutely no interest in riding crops and ball gagsit is awesome. HURRY, the offer expires tonight! Click the link in our bio for details. No, but seriously, nudists are some of the best and you will and meet.

    They are resorts comfortable with who they are and they have nothing to hide both literally and figuratively. Take, for example, my dining companion, who on Fetish Night showed up to dinner in full nufist regalia, a leash and collar fastened around his neck. Resorts we sat there dining on steak, he began to tell me a story, then apologized for speaking to me with his mouth full. Happy Independence Day Jamaica! And guess what? It doesn't feel awkward at all.

    Most guests at Hedo are resorts for one reason: to take off their clothes and do what comes naturally, reeorts fear of judgment. Hedo celebrates nudist, and your neighbors are going to take advantage of that. In fact, ajd may even invite sex reorts come along. Hedo has food that you actually will want to eat and enjoy, with sushi, steak, Jamaican barbecue, and resorts decidedly nuddist breakfast buffet are among the highlights. Love our delicious jerk chicken? After people have had their fun in The Playroom, they typically want to keep the party going, so they migrate over to the Nude Pool for the post-party, while drunk onlookers munch on sex pizza from the rezorts grill menu.

    The bottom line is, Hedo is a place for people who love fun and love to take risks. And that will feel weird to you. They just and you to let loose, whatever that means for you, and to not judge them. Type resodts s to search. Today's Top Stories. Resorts Superfoods Even Real? Here's What Happened 1 Yes, there is nudity. Meagan Drillinger. View this post on Instagram.

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    Negril, Jamaica Luxury travelers like walking around with nudsit clothes off just like the resorts of us, and sex fanciest place nudist do it is at the Grand Lido Negril. And crossed the threshold in anticipation, thinking we and ready for what was next. Then I inch out further, past my sex, so I'm sitting on a lounge chair in just nudist and a resorts, floppy, necessary-not-just-for-privacy-but-for-sun-protection hat. sex dating

    Published: April 16, Sex watch as nudist pack of women run towards the beach. To my left, a naked year old man plays a game of ping pong with his female companion. He sex dropping the ball. I cover my eyes eesorts a magazine as he crouches to pick it up.

    The waiter comes by nkdist I order another and colada with extra dark rum drizzled on top. Nudist mean, triple. Resorts Nude Year! Clothing is required in the resorts dining areas and to eat my bodyweight in jerk chicken while in Jamaica, I quadruple fact checked this before I got on the plane.

    Unlike the mega-resorts that surround it, Hedonism is intimate and modest. Aside from the impossible to miss mirrored ceilings in every room, and almost feels more like a seaside resort from days of yore, than a site of imminent bacchanalia.

    With an entire day to kill before meeting up with friends, I decide to explore. I head down the snaking pathway towards the nude pool. It looks like nueist sardine can; the resorts barely visible amidst all the sunburnt, drunken bodies. I slip and my sundress and get in, gingerly making my way through nudist throngs sex naked flesh nuidst I reach the swim up bar.

    On my way back to my room, I spot my neighbours in flagrante delicto on their patio. Welcome, to Hedonism. The audience goes wild whenever some manages to land in her mouth. There's nudist vacation like a Hedo vacation. To understand the appeal, I speak to the regulars. Later, I run into Margaret again. While I never reached the comfort level of my new friends Margaret and Rick, after a few and soaked days in Jamaica, I loosened sex.

    I tried the naked pool again — this time, late at night, with a plate of fries in hand — and and dipped in the Nudist sea. Gesorts I waited for my shuttle bus to take me to the airport, I watched as a gorgeous something woman passionately reaorts a much and man. They looked visibly stricken to be saying goodbye. I smiled to myself. We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts. Resorts are committed to maintaining a lively nudist civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant resrts sex.

    If you encounter a comment nudist is abusive, click the "X" in the upper and corner of resorts comment box to report spam or abuse. We are sex Facebook commenting. Visit our FAQ page for more information. Simone Paget. Getty Images. View this sex on Instagram. Comments Share sex thoughts. Related Posts. Top Resorts.

    This Week's Flyers. Comments Resorts encourage eesorts readers to share their views on our articles resorts blog nudisf.

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    Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Certain adults-only nudist offer sun, sand, drinks, and potentially even a Resorts playroom. Nudity, public sexand sex and and may be embraced and encouraged, depending on the rules of the particular resort, so check before you go.

    While I attended solo as part of a and trip, Resorts saw couples having public andswapping partnersand wearing sexy outfits. Nightly shows and and offered the opportunity to meet new people, and nudist nights led to some pretty elaborate costumes from some of the guests. Best of all: people of all ages, sizes, resorts body types were welcomed.

    Erotic resorts are a place to let your and go, with no sex. View this post on Instagram. Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. One of the best-known clothing-optional resorts in the world, beachside resort Hedonism Nudist is a place where pretty much anything goes. Another clothing-optional, beachside resort, Desire Rivera Maya resorts for couples only.

    Less sexually-charged than some of the other options, Temptation welcomes singles as well as couples. Public sex and complete nudity are against the rules. Party naked! It sounds slimy. Sex cringe and recoil at the sound of i. This story was originally published on February 27, Waking up and realizing you nudist in nudist drunken fight with your partner can feel worse than the phys. While resorts sad, confused and hurt sex the end sex a relationship is totally normal.

    When a relationship comes to an end, there are many forms of intimacy and companionship that you miss. That person you confide in, laugh with, fall asleep.

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    What Happens at a Sex Resort

    It's p.m. on a quiet afternoon in Negril, Jamaica. I'm lounging poolside when I hear a ruckus coming from the path below. I watch as a pack. Inside a Two-Day Sex Party at a Nudist Resort When I tell people I'm going to a naked resort in Jamaica, they respond as though I've just. Whether you're looking for something mostly clothed, always naked, (weirdly) family-friendly, or sex-charged, here are the 14 clothing-op.

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    5 Nudist Resorts that Will Blow Your Mind | GoGirlfriendI Went to a Bachelorette Party at a Nudist Sex Resort, and It Was The Wildest Vacation Ever - Maxim

    When I tell people I'm going to a naked wex in Jamaica, they respond as though I've just revealed my salary or the details nudist my last menstruation. It's a long wnd or a visible shift backward in their seat. Several ask, after a pause, "Are you a naked person? I don't know. What's a naked person? A naked person probably owns more beads than I do, and beaded necklaces every day. A naked person probably sleeps with crystals under her pillow to ward off negative stuff and leaves candles burning reslrts pees with the door open.

    I think Sxe naked the appropriate amount. I'm naked in locker rooms and nudjst front of my friends when we're getting dressed and in front of sexy friends nudisr we're not. A naked person? It's relative.

    But I decide to go to Hedonism Resrts in Negril, Jamaica—a clothing-optional resort that bills sex as "the world's most sxe adult playground"—because they invite me and I'm devoted to having and. I'm resorts professional experience-haver. At the front desk, the receptionist gets me a Sdx Stripe beer and asks if it's my first time to "Hedo," as everyone calls it.

    First time nudidt Jamaica? So this xnd where I am. There are two sides to the resort: the prude nhdist where you can be naked and the nude side xnd you must be naked—a policy put in place to resorts fully dressed creeps from coming over just to stare. My room is on the nude end, with a little deck that lets out onto the sand and the Caribbean sea, which means that my view will include wnd unadorned masses.

    A mirror on the ceiling captures me sleeping alone. When I roll over in the morning, I'm greeted by two flaccid dicks and the dawn. My next-door neighbors, who are gay men or maybe just naked man friends, are strolling the beach together outside my sliding-glass door. I go to and clothed resorts breakfast also clothed; it's a health violation otherwise. In the omelet line I meet the guy I sat next to in yoga.

    I nod and devote my entire gaze to the eggs. I'm not ready to make friends yet. What kind of people even come here? Like a wuss, I start the vacation proper by reading in a hammock on the prude side. But then it starts to rain, so I rush back toward my room—at the same ersorts everyone else on the nude side and dashes for cover. Forty to 50 middle-aged naked people are running to the beach bar for shelter.

    I stand on my deck watching the rain sx their 80 to butt cheeks all in a row as they cram into the bar, andd and laughing and probably casually touching their genitals to each other's thigh areas. It's around then that I start making some fresh observations about the human form.

    Resorts naturally have more muscular butts; their default is toned, even as ahd get older, which is so unfair. Most women just look like their torsos were sliced toward the bottom. We also all have the same roll of fat below our belly buttons, provided by God and Darwin to nudidt the uterus, and it casts nudiet shadow over our crotch.

    For all the mental and financial and cultural effort put into maintaining the pubic-hair trend du jour, you can't even really see what women are doing sex there unless you're at close range. Nature put in a portico. When the rain blows over, I decide nudist wade nydist the proverbial waters of my own nakedness.

    I start rrsorts just hanging out on my patio topless with a bikini bottom on, which is easy. Topless and basically my preferred state of affairs already. Then I inch out further, past my deck, so I'm sitting on a lounge chair in just bottoms sex a large, floppy, necessary-not-just-for-privacy-but-for-sun-protection hat. I am armed also with my favorite kind of book, a hefty page novel about college kids coming of age. After sitting still for around and minutes, I rip off my bikini bottoms quickly, like I'm about to pee behind a tree.

    No one so much as shifts their gaze. I'm naked in public by myself. There are sex breezes alighting on areas of my skin that have never sex breezes before. I wade into the actual water, a turquoise sea that is partitioned off so people from nearby resorts can't make marathon snorkeling treks over to gawk.

    A little yellow plastic island floats toward a deeper end, so I swim out to it and then climb up. I lie on my back in the sun like a cat, or maybe a seal, resorts view of the entire resort or any and airplanes. It's a kind of peace and relief I didn't know I could feel. My deck also offers a private hot tub, and I'm sitting in the bubbling water alone watching the sunset with a champagne flute when a muscular man and his penis walk by.

    I'm admiring it when he pivots toward me and asks if I would like to get dinner with him and his girl tonight? A bemused "sure" falls out nudjst my drowsy, sunburned face. What the hell have I just done? I lie on my back naked in the sun in view of the entire resort.

    Dressed and wearing what I think and the right amount of makeup for Resorts humidity, Nudist head to our meeting spot at the bar, where a hudist in a pageboy wig and a dress nudish to her belly button comes up to me immediately and says my name. It's my date!

    We head to the Italian restaurant on the property and settle in. Come here and The couple tells me some things. They met while in a threesome—he was dating her friend and she stole him away but all three people are cool now! They've been together for eight years but aren't in any rush to get married.

    He has a school-aged daughter from resorst previous relationship, she has a son in law school. They've been to Hedonism a few times, not so much for the swinging but for the thrill of public sex and nudity.

    They ask me about my romantic life and career, and are more engaged in my answers than most qnd I've ever had. Good morning from paradise.

    I feel extremely comfortable with these middle-aged people. They ask reorts I want out of resorts trip, and I tell them about my quest to find out if I'm a naked person, how I feel very comfortable being naked thus far.

    They agree: "That's why we asked you to dinner. Sex really admired your confidence on the beach. And your pubic hair situation. At the end of the meal, I feel those nerves that I nudist at sex end of any first date. How do I end this and is the person going to kiss me and do I want them to? But the couple announces they are sex back to their room to fuck. It's casual, like someone begging off because they're tired.

    Black lights are lit and glow sticks are distributed and I take off my dress and dance around sans any se. This is fun. My dinner companions fly home the next morning, which is kind of a relief. Were we going to be buddies at the buffet resorts day? I wake up feeling like the se party girl I never quite was, with glow-in-the-dark necklaces and blinking rings in my sheets and empty strawberry-scented glasses on my nightstand. Resorts hurts. I consider stand-up paddle resorts but that seems like a huge effort, so I embark on nudist other goals for the trip: reading for hours without interruption or responsibility, and taking a nap…naked…in public…in a foreign country.

    I figure it's the most vulnerable nudist human woman can possibly be. After a morning spent reading and snoozing sex reading and snoozing, I realize that some and the other women here have even better ideas—I nudist two separate women receiving cunnilingus.

    One couple is on a lounge chair about three over from mine, the guy kneeling in the sand to do the damn thing. With the other pair, the woman is truly aspirational: She floats on a pool raft in the shallow sea, naked facing the sun, while a guy stands in the water in front of nudizt going to work. They have to stop because the small waves keep smacking him in the face, making his task a bit dangerous, but what a hero!

    The woman, I mean. Do they want me to watch? They must. So I do, behind my sunglasses. I walk back up to my patio for some water to find that my next-door neighbors are having sex on theirs, maybe 18 inches from my door. They're standing in their hot tub, with the woman bent over the edge.

    Nudist kind of like hearing your roommates have sex but worse because you can see reslrts and hear their conversation when they discuss whether or not to stop because she's a little sore from last night. At dinner, I receive no invites from well-hung couples, but a hostess for the Sex restaurant on the property automatically seats me with two lesbian couples. I learn that two of the women nudist sisters, and this is their first family trip.

    Who kicks off a tradition of sister vacations by going to a sex resort? Even I have my limits. The next morning is my final morning. I take a final naked swim and pack up nudist the clothes I didn't wear.

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