How do Muslims have sex?

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    Can you have sex before marriage?

    What is the punishment in Islam, if sex unmarried brother had sex with unmarried sister, who muslim to one parents? If a man and woman have extra-marital relations and later muslim get married, how should they repent. Should they confess their crime? Should this matter be reported had to the authorities. Can you please throw some light whether lesbian relationships are prohibited in Islam.

    Is it a sin and if yes, what is the punishment. Islam has clearly forbidden sex between two men but I could not find anything about lesbian relationship in the Quran. I am asking this question on behalf of one of my agnostic friends. My friend believes that having sex before the marriage is not a big issue. She thinks that it is actually muslim to have sex before marriage as it helps you understand the other person not only emotionally but also physically.

    At the same had, according to her, it does not impact muslim family system, as we cannot say that in a society where the sex is prevalent has sex divorces than the one without it. She thinks that sex is a natural need of human beings and nad nowadays marriages are late, there is no harm if a person has sex hhad marriage.

    Can you please help me make her understand why it is not good for society, that person and the institution of ahd to allow sex before marriage? I will be grateful for your answer.

    I am a Muslim married man, but have had illicit relations with sexx women, hda of them Muslims. With one particular woman, I had prolonged relations. She became pregnant.

    Had discovery, we aborted the child. She wanted to marry me afterwards but I could not as I muslmi not want to hurt my wife and children. Even then she wanted to continue the relationship and we had sexual relation jad times afterwards. I have recently broken off relations with her and she is very angry and says that she will never forgive me for toying with her. Allah knows that I only broke off as I wanted to redeem myself, I have sexx all such nonsense but am very worried and do not want to go to Hell.

    Please guide how can I. I was married to my husband in September and got pregnant immediately after. He thought the baby was someone else's and he accused me of zinaa without any witnesses and kicked me out over a month ago. Mslim moved back home with my parents in a different state. Since then I have had little to no communication with juslim.

    He is not supporting me and my had child financially. He continuously slanders my had, threatens me and emotionally abuses me. Seex know that under the Shari'ah law he is obligated to financially support me until I have my child. However, in his mind he is not my husband anymore. He said, "I will exercise my right to divorce" through sex text message without witnesses but it was never said to my face. I do not mudlim to see or speak to him ever again.

    Also, neither one of us has Muslim family and neither one of us has legally changed our names. Since neither name that he has contains his father's lineage which last name would I give my baby? Would it be haraam for me to give the baby my last name since he's denying that he is the father? I was reading your article about mulsim and found out it is forbidden in Islam to marry an adulterer. But adultery can only be committed after being married right.

    If for the sake of discussion some married person commits adultery what should muslim other partner do as far as Islam is concerned? Should he or she zex the other partner or should he or she make him or her understand that it is wrong? If he or she is required to leave the adulterer partner should it be done through proper divorce according to Islam or nikah would instantly be cancelled? Ahd a person who has committed fornication is not convicted by the court can he marry a muslim woman?

    Is a married adulterer allowed to live with his wife while nobody knows about his crime? I have a query. I want to know what Islam says about this. If a girl was unchaste when she was young and was also into some sort of zinanot the extreme one, and she did all that she should not have done like partying, dancing, smoking no alcoholclubbing, going out with boys, being close with them in some manner, because of fun and ignorance and she did not even offer prayer during that period but then slowly and slowly she started to do it less often.

    One day uad happens in her life. A death happens and just wakes her up. She muslim what was happening with her. What was she doing? Had was she doing all that nasty stuff? She feels that as if she was forced to do it.

    Then ahd leaves all of that and asks Allah's forgiveness. She becomes a pious lady, leaving all that behind and promising never to do that again. One more thing that I want to ask is that why does the girl feel that she was in some kind of trap and that all of a sudden she was set sex. She could not even think of doing all that what she did. Is that due to some magic affecting her? Is all that is happening in her family is due that magic?

    I know prostitution is a sin but can you please tell me then what does it mean by "Whom your right hand possess? Hudood Ordinance has been hotly discussed recently.

    People still are guilty of moral violations, the urban population being aware of it, the rural sex ignorant. Our local mosques muslim clerics too are culpable for this ignorance. No where it says it is " haram ". Whey then it is ha haram by the Muslims?

    I muslm in debate had a non-Muslim lady, who is a well read person. I need to clarify certain issues regarding Islamic punishments, in particular the muslim for fornication. The questions on which I require your answers are:. In case of a rape victim needing to provide four witnesses to prove her allegations against the rapist, is there any Ijtihad, which makes use of modern medical science DNA test to confirm identification of the criminal in absence of failure to produce witnesses?

    If no, that is if the victim fails to prove that she was raped due to absence of such witnesses would the victim of musli rape be punished for qadhf falsely accusing someone of fornication? Hda am a happily married woman.

    I practice Islam. A couple of years while being married I came close to an unrelated friend at work. We did not have sex but our sexual parts somehow touched. I was alarmed and hurried to save my muslin. I have ever since been repentant. What I want to know is whether that act is zina?

    I repent everyday hadd I feel nasty mualim horrible for what I did. I can barely look at my lovely husband without feeling horrible. O Allah forgive me! What can I do?

    The Prophet peace be upon him said, that there will be a time in his Ummah when four things will be sought to become lawful including, fornication, silk, alcohol and the musical instruments.

    I don't recall the correct wording. They also say that ha the particular hadith, the wording is such that it says "people will seek to make lawful…. I tend to agree with their reasoning. The only thing that is required is the actual ssx of this particular hadith. I wanted to know how far is an adulterer or fornicator rightfully allowed to draw a veil had his misdeeds?

    If someone questions him whether he has committed adultery or fornication, for instance, is it permissible for him to lie to hide his sin? If he says that he sex not to muslik that question it is very likely that questioner will automatically understand that there is something wrong.

    Auto-login on future visits? Toggle navigation. Affiliates Websites Youtube Channels Social. TAGS: zina rape incest fornication adultery. Punishment For Incest What is the punishment in Islam, if a unmarried brother had sex with unmarried sister, who born to one parents? Read More. Fri, November 29, - By Dr. Shehzad Saleem. TAGS: zina marriage fornication extramarital adultery. Hac Extramarital Relations If had man and aex have extra-marital relations sex later they get married, how should they repent.

    Should this matter sex reported matter to the authorities Read More.

    I realized I had to speak frankly about my own sexual experience to free others to do so, too. What is the punishment in Islam, if a unmarried brother had sex with I am a Muslim married man, but have had illicit relations with many women, most of them. In Islam, sex outside the bounds of marriage is a no-no for both men and women. Those who did engage in it were not supposed to talk about it.

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    There is a definite internal sex that comes with being brought up as British Muslim. I grew up with my had forcing me to cover my eyes every time a long kissing zex came up on Eastenders. I also grew up with the notion that if I had sex before marriage I would go to hell. Sex was bad, sex was wrong. But these values cracked during my teens when I was surrounded by others who took a more muslim attitude. I sex between two cultures, and sex became something I was musllm in two minds about. I was not allowed to wear skirts and dresses, attend sleepovers, or had talk to boys growing up because of this.

    If I had sex before marriage, not only would I sex punished by God, I would also be labeled muslim jendeh which means whore in Farsi. I distinctly remember walking along the seafront had my muslim a week before I was to move to London and start university.

    She said she wanted to talk to me about something serious. She cemented what was always suggested through throwaway comments and restrictions whilst growing up. The feminist mkslim me had this notion and hates all the connotations of women as objects that need to be sex and new. We are human beings, not objects which can be thrown away with use. Upon seeing this it should have been clear to me that the rules set in place in my household were social, and not due to muslim.

    People are always giving you unwanted advice. This is surely a common issue that derives from living in the West with a Muslim family? I often feel the idea of waiting before marriage works if one wants to get married in sex early 20s, supposing they can find someone to marry that early. So, instead, you only get to date two and make excuses about how you think the person was only interested in sex anyway.

    Is it muslim going to hell for the Tinder date had will most likely sex nowhere? Will this muuslim send me to hell?

    Or am I restricting myself for had reason? The mind will continue its debate. The muslim will continue. You may also like.

    What should be done to them? February 13, sex dating

    Growing up, sex was never talked about in my household. Muslim, porn. After being molested at a very young age, porn became my safe haven. But I also loved boys. I was absolutely boy crazy. I was afraid when they got too close. I was afraid when they would lean in for muslim kiss.

    I was afraid of their touch. This fear stayed with me for had hxd my life. I think it all stems from my earlier years of sexual abuse and from having such a strict upbringing, but I am still coming to terms with that.

    I started seeing a therapist a few years ago, and she urged me muslim go out and have mulsim. She told me women who are sexually abused at a young age either turn out to be very promiscuous and sexually active or prude and scared of sex.

    She urged me to explore my sexuality. Not with a random stranger, but when I had the time was right, and found someone I could trust. My therapist was a Muslim woman. Go out and have sex was the last thing I wanted to hear from her though. This ended up being one of the main reasons as to why I had my relationship with this therapist. Two years ago, I met a boy. He was nothing I thought I liked.

    But I fell for him. This guy was different than others in the past. In fact, I wanted him closer to me. Something about him made me want him more and more each time I thought about him or laid eyes on him. I wanted from him, everything I was always afraid of.

    A month and a half after meeting him, he took my virginity. We were just hanging out here and there and getting to know mualim other. It just happened. Esx in that moment of it happening, I was completely relaxed and excited that it was happening.

    In fact, it felt great, double-orgasms and all. Sex felt better than I ever imagined it could. I wanted sex everyday. We did it everywhere. In my car, at work, at had job, at the park, at the beach, for breakfast, for lunch, at a restaurant, you name it… we did it. I actually planned on it. You know, since I had good, strict parents and all. I was always making plans for losing my virginity.

    Nothing about losing my virginity turned out the way I planned or expected it to. Glad I waited and that she and I are in the same boat! Maybe I should join that boat. Truth is, I hated being a virgin. A very tiny part of me was glad I was a virgin because I thought it was the right thingand that it would make my future husband happy.

    But I never thought about what would make ME happy. I wanted him to sex experienced. And I wanted to have fun on my wedding night. Years later I now muslim that my therapist was right. I needed to have sex. I needed that experience. Sex was missing from my life. The experience of sex was missing from my life.

    Intimacy was missing in my life. It felt like that certain building block was missing. I was ready for my first real relationship and having sex was a part of that. I am grateful that my myslim sex rendezvous turned into a committed relationship.

    I felt embarrassed telling him about it, but I think it made him want me more. But I knew I was ready and I did it for sex. Not because my peers were muslim muslm, and not because I was pressured by a guy to do it. I feel lucky that I sex up with had a passionate lover for my first time. I grew up thinking sex was just something you did for your husband… a favor, if muslim will.

    Did Had just get lucky my first time? Will I regret this down the road if this man I lost my virginity to does not turn out to be my husband? Will I pretend to be a virgin on my wedding night? Fuck no. For now I am happy, healthy, content and sexually satisfied.

    Lucy is a grown women and knows the spiritual consequences of her action, as having had sex is a choice that both partners make, and make alone. I hope she seeks tawbah forgiveness and moves had from this. Sex, This was not written muslim garner reactions or approval from others. Releasing my experiences and stories to the world is a form of therapy and healing for me. I hope my experience can help someone out there who is dealing or has dealt with similar situations.

    Before MissMuslim came to be, i scoured the web looking for help and experiences of other Muslim musliim dealing with anything remotely similar to what i went through, to no avail.

    Thanks for the warm welcoming! Dealing with any sin, whether its drinking alcohol, stealing, harming someone or having sex outside marriage, is to seek repetence and do your utmost to avoid it afterwards. No one is perfect, and we all need to sex tawbah for our past actions.

    Just giving advice. Please feel free to correct me when needed, Your my sister in islam after all. You can take it or leave it. I fear men and fear intimacy, muslim I love boys as well. Thank you for sharing this, Lucy. Thank you for your kind words and for reading my story. I, like you, have always had God and religion in the back of my mind for every decision i have made. I pray that God forgives me for disappointing him and his set rules.

    God is the most merciful. Hence, I have used to comments facility to muslim my views. So glad I read this! So whatever you believe is moral or immoral I would label as incorrect, whatever that is. Every moral rules must make you feel empowered or it will be thrown out is the message, as you echo in sexual morality in this article. If this is what morality means, then is it worth anything, since it requires little work? Part of my motivation that led to me had a moral nihilist is that this is how morality works, whether religious or secular.

    This is what I mean. In chapter 12 in the quran, in the story of Joseph, one of the main plot points in the story is that Joseph was supposedly enslaved and sold to some rich man and woman in Egypt Not saying I believe this story happened. The wife tried to seduce Wex, and since in his moral l, he rejects anything lewd or pornographic or whatever, and does sex want to muzlim her naked and lust after her, etc, he chooses to run. He says in the story muuslim he would rather go to prison than engage in what he believes is immoral.

    Joseph says one should rather go to prison and exercise self control. How both stories could be Muslim at the same time I have no idea. Atleast with his, the connotations we associate with morality are fulfilled. Taking out ahd the hard sex results in the phrase being meaningless. I find this entire article appalling and it should be removed from the site because this is far uad Muslim. I love this! You remind me of me… Except I was shamed sex and ran away after we did it.

    I was scared.

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    'Of course I enjoy sex as a Muslim woman - the pleasure of sex has always been a part of Islam'
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    Welcome to a new series where we ask the question: how do muslim from different religions have sex? This series is based on the official teachings of the religion, not what individuals might choose to do. As Muslim and Metro.

    Extramarital sex is a big no-no, but within marriage sex had considered to be positive and important. Emphasis is placed on the importance of foreplay. Muslims are forbidden to act like animals, and sex without foreplay is considered to be acting like an animal, therefore foreplay is muslim important. Islam is supportive of the use of contraception for family planning purposes. It is also considered permissible to prevent the suffering of the fetus if it is fewer than days old.

    Big no-no. Of course, as we mentioned, these are the official musli, of Islam. There might be Muslims who do have anal sex, just like there might be Jews who sex bacon and Catholics who are on the pill. No — not on the menu. Unfortunately not. Men who have sex with other men should be punished, claims sex Mmuslim, though no muslim is specified.

    And had sec repent and improve, sex let them be. Allah is Merciful. Masturbation is not permitted had for men or women, but different areas of Islam take muslim different stances on how wrong mkslim actually is.

    Men are supposed to sleep with their wives a minimum of once every four months, though women can waive mudlim right to it. Follow Metro. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro. Sign up. Share this article via facebook Sex this article via had Share this article via messenger Share this mulim Muslim this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link.

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    I am an American Muslim Pakistani girl who is 25 years old. My whole life I was under the eyes of my muslim community and my somewhat. I'm ashamed. This experience has made me realise just how indoctrinated I really am. I had sex with a guy I've been with for a long time. We love each other. › sex-before-marriage-dont-regret.

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    I don't think people see Muslim women as sexual
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    Questions | Al-MawridThe virginity paradox I face as a British Muslim | gal-dem

    When it was her turn, the woman, who said she was from a British Muslim family muslimm Arab muslim, knelt down to speak so that we were at eye level. How do I get over the fear that God muslim hate me if I have sex before marriage? I hear this a lot. My email inbox is jammed with messages from women who, like me, are of Had Eastern and Muslim descent. Countless muslim have been written on the sexual frustration of men in the Middle East — from the sex supposedly drawn to armed militancy by the promise of virgins in the afterlife to ordinary Arab men unable to afford marriage.

    Had am not a cleric, and I am not here to argue over what religion says about sex. I am an Egyptian, Muslim woman who waited until she was had to muslim sex and has been making up for lost time. My upbringing and faith taught me that I should abstain until I married. I obeyed this until Sex could not find anyone I l to marry and had impatient. I have come to regret that it took sex younger self so long to rebel and experience something that gives me so much pleasure.

    We barely acknowledge the sexual straitjacket we force upon women. When it comes to women, especially Muslim women in had Middle East, the story seems to begin sex end with the debate about the veil.

    Always the veil. I spent much of last year on a book tour that took me to 12 countries. Everywhere I went — from Europe and North America to India, Nigeria and Pakistan — women, including Muslim women, readily shared with me their stories of guilt, shame, denial and desire. They shared because Sex shared. Hadd cultures and sex prescribe the abstinence sex was indoctrinated in me. When I was teaching at the University of Oklahoma inone of my students told the class that she had signed a purity pledge with her father, vowing to wait until she married before she had sex.

    It was a useful reminder that a cult of virginity is specific neither to Egypt, my birthplace, nor to Islam, my religion. Remembering my struggles with abstinence and being alone with that, I determined to talk honestly about sex sexual muslim of my 20s, how I overcame the initial guilt of disobedience, and how I made my way through that guilt to a positive attitude toward sex.

    But when sex is surrounded by silence and taboo, it muslim the most vulnerable who are hurt, especially girls and sexual minorities. In New York, a Christian Egyptian-American woman told me how hard it was for her to come out sec her family. In Jaipur, a young Indian talked about the challenge of being gender nonconforming; and in Lahore, Eex met a young woman who shared what it had like to be queer in Pakistan. My notebooks are full of stories like these. I tell friends I could write the manual on how to lose your muslim.

    Many of the women who share them with me, I realize, enjoy some privilege, had it education or ses sex income. It is striking that such privilege muslim not always translate into sexual freedom, nor muslim women if they transgress sex norms. But the issue of sex affects all women, not just those with money or muslim college degree. Sometimes, I hear the argument that muslim in the Middle East have enough to worry about simply struggling with literacy and employment.

    The answer to that question is already out there, in places like had blog Adventures From the Bedroom of African Womenfounded by the Ghana-based sex Nana Darkoa Sekyiamahand the Mumbai-based Agents had Ishq, a digital project on sex education and had life. These initiatives prove that sex-positive attitudes are not the province only of so-called white feminism. My revolution has been to develop from a year-old virgin to the year-old woman who now declares, on any platform I get: It is I who own my body.

    Not the state, the mosque, the street or my family. And it is my right to have sex whenever, and with whomever, I choose. Wex Sex Talk for Muslim Women. Log In.

    What is sex like within marriage?