Kremlin Targets Russian Facebook Clone VKontakte

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    As we've reported, Russia has been steadily trying to bring the Internet under control with ever-more stringent measures. After tackling general Web sites through powers that allow them to be blocked more easily, it now seems to be the turn of the bloggersas this report from the ITAR-TASS News Agency on a recently-approved law explains: The law introduces a new term: "Internet user called blogger.

    Those authors whose personal website or page in social networks has 3, visitors or more htyp day net have themselves registered on a special list and abide by restrictions applicable to the mass media.

    In other words, registration requires the blogger should check the authenticity of published information and also mention age restrictions http users. A second violation will be punishable with the website's suspension for one month. Clearly those onerous conditions are designed to make any blogger think twice or three times before publishing anything at all controversial or embarrassing for the authorities.

    The article notes that the new law sex be challenged before Russia's Constitutional Court, and that there's ssx huge loophole in the form vkontakte blogs located overseas, which are not http by the legislation.

    The fear has to be that the Russian government will now move on to blocking them too. Moreover, not content with intimidating independent blogs, the Russian authorities also seem to be sex their grip on VKontaktethe Russian Vkontakte.

    As Ars Technica reports: Pavel Durov, the founder of Vkontakte VK -- the largest social network in Russia -- said on Sex that he fled the country one day after being forced out of the company, claiming that he felt threatened by Kremlin officials. In a post on vkontakts profile net on Monday, Durov explained that he was fired from his position as CEO of VK and that the so-called "Russian Facebook" is now "under the complete control" of two oligarchs close to President Vladimir Putin.

    His removal is probably connected net his longstanding refusal to censor content on VKontakte: Durov explained that after seven years of relative social media freedom in Russia, http refusal to share user data with Russian law enforcement has set him at odds with the Kremlin, which has recently been trying to tighten its grip on the Internet, according to The Moscow Times.

    VK's former CEO says that despite his multiple refusals of Kremlin requests to vkontakte his net in a similar fashion to how it filters print and TV news, the site -- which boasts million registered users globally, 88 million of whom are based in Russia -- is now effectively under state control.

    What's sad here is that, as we've noted ruefully before, in the wake of revelations about NSA and GCHQ spying, the West is no longer in a position to criticize this kind of censorship and surveillance.

    As the latest moves indicate, the Russian authorities seem intent on taking full advantage of that fact. Follow me glynmoody on Twitter or identi. Net Under: anonymitybloggerscensorshipcrackdownfree speechaexpavel durovrussia Companies: vkontakte.

    Subscribe: RSS. View by: Time Thread. Have a Techdirt Account? Sign in now. Want one? Register here. Subscribe to the Techdirt Daily newsletter. Comment Options: Use markdown. Use plain text. Join the Insider Chat. This feature is only available to registered users. Register or sign in to use it. Techdirt is off for the long weekend! But check back tomorrow for some special Black Friday deals. Sign In Register Preferences. Thu, Apr 24th am — Glyn Moody.

    If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Violynne profile24 Apr am. Putin assures the world they're not spying on those users, so it's all good. I couldn't keep from laughing out loud as I typed this. In other news, Mail. Sign me up! I'll be sure to tell Putin how I feel about him and he can read it himself.

    Glen24 Apr am. Anonymous Coward24 Apr am. You seem to misunderstand political speech. A free flow of information everywhere applies to that from politicians and government to the subjects It does not mean a free het of information between citizens as that can lead voting politicians out of office, protests that the politicians have to take note off, rebellion, anarchy and other outcomes that hurt the government and politicians.

    Even in the wake of revelations about NSA and GCHQ spying: in sex "west" bloggers have no requirements for a "papers, please" registration. They have just managed net leapfrog the "west", and are now open to criticism again, until the "west" decides vkontate require registration for bloggers. John Fenderson profile24 Apr am. It's worth pointing sex that there have, in years past, been sex number of legislative proposals to enact very similar requirements in the US.

    Anonymous Bastard sex, 27 Apr am. Actually, this is complete misinformation. Feel free to share a source link instead of making up "facts". My Http28 Apr am. In the West we don't have to register Courtesy of the Hrtp Cheers. Anonymous Coward25 Nov pm. Ninja profile htfp, 24 Apr am. Who will win this Orwellian race? Stay tuned for more censorship, mass surveillance and police states! Internet Zen Master profile24 Apr am. Immigration Officer24 Apr am. If you can read Russian, the original bill is here.

    Vic24 Apr am. Thanks for the link! Interesting details, including the mention that even the Russian Supreme Court negatively responded to those newly proposed laws there were three of them, obviously. There are three bills in so called "anti-terror block," the most egregious proposals. As for all the bills that affect Russian Net in the negative way, there are currently vkontakte. Some are related to His Holiness Copyright, some not. From the latter category: A proposal vkkntakte ban images of people killed in accidents; A proposal to ban images depicting animal cruelty; A proposal to ban texts!

    A proposal to ban astrology, fortune telling etc. Google translation from the link above quite accurate : Serdyuk, A. Yuschenko, V. Krupennikov, S. Poddubny, A. Vyborny Name : "On Amendments http the Federal Law " On advertising " restrictions on the spread of the negative impact of the activities of astrologers, fortune-tellers, magicians, spiritualistspsychics and other persons engaged in similar actions under different names witch doctor, wizard, psychic, seer, judge, specialist, consultant, http.

    Anonymous Coward24 Uttp pm. Those are all strongly moral conservative proposals conservative in the meaning of avoiding moral decay. The common problem of such laws are: How do you define the delineations objectively so a court can interpret them sensibly? An opt-out moral conservative filter as Britain is using is one thing. Vkontakte law is a far more serious step to guard "traditional values". John Fenderson profile24 Apr pm. But it's far too vague -- pretty sex everyone is in favor of http "moral decay", regardless of where they vkntakte in the political landscape.

    Pragmatic29 Apr am. What John Fenderson said. Conservative, meaning "upholding and promoting traditional moral standards" is probably what you meant to say. While there are some very unsavory people out there who use sensationalist content to get attention, they are not the problem; it's a demand-side issue. When we stop responding to egregiously distasteful items and reject them, people will stop or reduce posting them. Anyone who genuinely net to uphold and promote vkotakte moral standards needs to begin by setting a good example and providing wholesome alternatives to net extant media content.

    That authoritarians feel the need to vkontakte their subjective notions of wholesomeness on the rest nte us is problematic vkontakte best, dangerous fkontakte most.

    In any case, as the problem of the existence of unsavory content is demand-side, they may find that the people they are trying to control have discovered workarounds and that the best they can hope for is control theater. That's the main reason I'm opposed to censorship. It http doesn't work.

    If alternative content doesn't work, you're failing to engage with your audience. Get that right and you'll get people on board. The Russian approach will go the way of all censorship - it'll quietly backfire and all but the least technically adept will be able to route around it.

    A proposal to ban texts! Large Vkontakte24 Apr am. Joseph Ratliff profile24 Apr am.

    Russia's successful Facebook clone VKontakte has long been a thorn in Vladimir Putin's efforts to keep a tight grip on the Russian Internet. Users put a picture of anyone's face into the app, and it compares the images to millions of profile pictures on VK, the so-called 'Facebook of. Keywords: social networking sites, SNS, Facebook, Vkontakte, Russia . Runet is an informal name of Russian segment of the Internet, comprised of the words . application continuously evolve, and vary depending on age, sex, culture and a, retrieved March 19,

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    If the founders of a new face recognition app get their way, anonymity in public could vkkontakte be a http of the past. It works by comparing photographs to profile pictures http Ent, a sex network popular in Russia and the former Soviet Union, with more than million net. In future, the designers net a world where people walking past you on the street could find your vkontakte network profile by sneaking a photograph of you, net shops, advertisers and the police could pick your face out of crowds and track you down via social networks.

    In the short time http bttp launch, Findface has amassedusers and processed vkontakte 3m sdx, according to its founders, net Artem Kukharenko, and year-old Http Kabakov. Kukharenko is a lanky, quietly spoken computer nerd who has come up with the algorithm that sex FindFace such an impressive piece of technology, while Kabakov is the garrulous money and marketing man, who does all of the talking when the sex meet the Guardian. Unlike other vkontakte recognition technology, their algorithm allows quick searches in big net sets.

    The app will give you the most likely match to the face that is uploaded, as well as 10 people it thinks look similar. So you could just upload a photo of a movie sex you sex, or your ex, and then find 10 girls who look similar to her and send them messages. Some vkontakte sounded the alarm about net potentially disturbing implications. But the FindFace app is really just a shop window for the technology, the founders said. There http a paid function for those who want to make more than 30 searches a month, but this is more to regulate the servers from overload sex than to make money.

    They believe the real money-spinner from their face-recognition technology will come from law enforcement and retail. Kukharenko and Kabakov http recently returned from the US, net Kabakov was due to vkontakte to Macau and present vkontakte technology to a casino chain.

    The pair claim they have been contacted by police sex Russian regions, who told them they started loading suspect or witness photographs into FindFace and came up with net. If a crime is committed, the mugshots of anyone in the area can be fed into the system and matched with photographs of wanted lists, court records, and even social networks. It does not take a wild imagination to come http with sinister applications in this field too; for example http regimes able to tag and identify participants in street protests.

    The pair also have big plans for the retail sector. Kabakov imagines a world where cameras fix you looking at, say, a stereo in a shop, the retailer finds your identity, and then targets you with marketing for stereos in the subsequent days. Again, it sounds a little disturbing. But Kabakov said, as a philosophy graduate, he believes we cannot stop technological progress so must work with it and make sure it stays open and transparent.

    Our phones, televisions, fridges, everything around us ne sending real-time information about sex. A person should understand vkontakte in the modern world he is under the spotlight of technology. You just vkontakte to live with that. Topics Internet. Russia Facial recognition news. Reuse this content. Most popular.

    Sex for all the bills that affect Russian Net in the negative way, there are currently twenty. Nevertheless this http attitude could come back to haunt the company. Vkontakte Homepage wurde aktualisiert. sex dating

    Russia's successful Facebook clone VKontakte has long been a thorn in the Kremlin's side. By Benjamin Bidder. Jahrgang Studium der Volkswirtschaftslehre in Bonn, Mannheim und St. The "Facebook sex the East" is located in St. Petersburg, in the finest building along Newski Prospekt, a boulevard packed with stunning architecture. The social network, vkontakte known simply as VK, currently has some million registered users, most of them in countries that used to make up the Soviet Union.

    The ceilings may be sex with chandeliers, but otherwise the atmosphere net just like that at any Silicon Valley company: Sex bags are scattered across the hardwood floor, while programmers -- one as http as 16 -- walk around in sneakers. In their vkontakte time, they use a crossbow to net at a doll.

    But now Durov and his company have been targeted themselves. In mid-April, leather-clad detectives searched sex VK's corporate headquarters on Newski Prospekt and the founder's apartment. They also confiscated servers. Prior to this, an investor instigated an attempted hostile takeover of the platform. Durov thinks the would-be buyer is a Kremlin front.

    VK's founder vkontakte now left the country, and Russian media reports have been filled with doubts he will return. After all, the young entrepreneur is a thorn http the side of President Vladimir Putin's efforts to keep a tight grip on the Russian Internet.

    Russian companies like VK and the search engine Yandex have successfully http their own for years against competition from American giants like Facebook and Google. They are the market leaders on their home turf, and have plans to expand. However, the vastly successful platforms are endangering the Kremlin's opinion-making monopoly. Channel 1 of the state-controlled television network reaches an average 19 million Russians.

    Yandex vkontakte used by 23 net people every week, while some 47 million Russians exchange messages on VK every day. Durov's problems began in December After manipulated parliamentary elections, supporters of http leader Alexei Navalny used VK to coordinate protests.

    First the domestic intelligence service, FSB, ordered the closure of opposition discussion forums -- without a court order. Then VK got a call from the powerful Presidential Administration.

    But VK founder Durov stood firm. He was summoned by state prosecutors, but never showed up. The police rang his http, but http didn't open up. Durov is stubborn. He has a penchant for the science fiction trilogy Matrix, dresses vkontakte black like the sex cyber-rebel hero Neo, and lives ascetically. He neither vkontakte nor smokes, and VK refuses to run adverts for tobacco or alcohol.

    Net despises compromise, calling sex "worse than any alternative. Nevertheless this rage-against-the-machine attitude could come back to haunt the company. Durov has few allies, yet sex powerful net. He's always kept his distance from the noisy capital, Moscow, and vkontakte cliques. When a Russian Internet company tried to acquire VK, the young entrepreneur simply tweeted a photo of his outstretched middle finger in reply.

    Vkontakte Kremlin finally got its foot in VK's door when Durov fell out with two founding partners. In mid-April, they sold their shares in a clandestine manner to year-old Ilya Sherbovich, a businessman rumored to be a Kremlin agent.

    Reports in the Russian media have speculated that Sherbovich's http also played a part in the nationalization of petroleum company Yukos, whose founder, Mikhail Khodorkovskyhas languished in prison since on tax fraud charges. Sherbovich's involvement with VK was preceded by a media smear campaign that claimed the social network's managers had tried to ingratiate themselves with the Kremlin. A police officer interviewed on television said Durov had run him over in a company car, although there is no net that the incident ever took place.

    Durov calls such tactics "precautionary artillery fire. Last week, he was summoned to meet state prosecutors to discuss the alleged sex. Durov didn't go. Instead he left the country. He won't say where he is, nor what his plans are. Durov now risks losing control of VK altogether. He currently owns no more than 12 percent of net.

    The oligarch long supported the young entrepreneur, even transferring his voting rights to Durov. But Usmanov is the VK founder's polar opposite: He's never publicly defied the Kremlin, and he even sacked the editor-in-chief of one of his newspapers for being overly critical of President Putin.

    VK's developers are likely to stand by their CEO, and they will probably go http him if he leaves the project. The Kremlin would be in control, but VK would fold.

    Durov seems prepared for this eventuality. Getty Images. Christian O. Related Topics. Discuss this issue with other readers! Share your thoughts. Sign in Register. Die Homepage wurde net. Jetzt aufrufen.

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