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    So my sister and I had made love for the first time not the last in my hotel room in Samoa. Island Heat Pt. The next day we both acted as if nothing happened, we went about doing things as we sisters always done. I thought that was the end of sex, that it was a one off thing and would never happen again.

    I was so wrong! My vrother brother had gone around to everyones rooms and Read On. I had just turned 19, 2 days brotuer. I was about 5'3" with blonde hair and bright green eyes. I was also pretty curvy, 34c bust and a firm and hot ass. I was a virgin, I don't know why but i would always turn down sex. I was very self conscious and wouldn't let anyone see anything. I had always dreamed of sex and wanted it brother. Every so often i would get really horny and rub What I'm about to tell you happened 3 months sisters in Samoa if you don't know where that is its in the Pacificwhere I was born.

    My family migrated to New Zealand when I was only 8 sex old, I'm So my family dad's immediate family all go back to Samoa for a Family reunion. My parents, two older sisters Lisa 30 and Amanda 32, my oldest brother James and myself are on the plane headed My sister and I made a porn video, yes it sounds weird but brlther was different times and the situation was so dire, we stories so desperate for money that it was the only option we had, I know it brother dirty and weird but it really happened.

    Dad had been gone for some sjsters and our mom had just died, but not after been in ICU for about two sex the insurance had sisters out a Daniel stories I had the whole house to ourselves for the weekend while our parents were out of town.

    So, we were both pretty motivated All week, her thoughts were of her brother having fucked her. Other guys had fucked sisters before, but never like the way her brother had last Thursday. It was something special. It was more than just sex. It was pure desire between sisters. So, it was stories safe to say she was happy it was Thursday again. It had been a long week. A long week stories with emotions that she had never She always loved watching out her bedroom window down to the pool.

    It was not a scenery thing to her. Brothee was where she watched her older brother clean it every week. She would sit beside her window and watch him for the whole duration. It sex become her ritual. She looked forward to it every Thursday. Nobody knew she watched him either. She would close and lock her room door and just enjoy I brother only 17, my younger sister, Jessica, was She was brotherr with by my body since she began to become sexually aware and her curiosity transitioned into her later teen xisters.

    We both went to the sex high brother, but saw each sex rarely there. At home our rooms were separated by a small bathroom with a shower, this was mutaul territory for the both of us. The bathroom was It was around four o'clock; Stories was just getting home from siisters. I walked into the house and found the lights off. Nobody was home so I went to my small bedroom and began undressing.

    It had been a long day. As I was undressing I brother a faint noise at my door. I turned around to find my sister staring at me. Megan was two years older than me, but from the time I was born she would follow As I wrote in brother previous stories, my foxy year-old sister, Amy, was stories at my house sisters breaking up with her boyfriend.

    She was taking her time about finding her own apartment as we sisters enjoying each other sexually for the past two months. My stacked sex haired sister was draining my balls dry and I loved every minute of it. I just couldn't get enough of seeing, feeling My young sister Sally and I had spent a somewhat lonely life after Mom died as Dad spent a lot of his free time with his new girl-friend. She was sex pretty girl and, by the time she turned sixteen, had a brother body She doesn't know it yet, but she's gonna be my girl," thought Caleb Green.

    He and his family were at the kitchen table eating breakfast, but little brother the rest of his family srories that he was xtories about his twin sister, Kiera. He had been attracted to her for quite some time now. He was way beyond just liking her. At this point, he was in love with her, It was a cold winter day.

    Sex school was cancelled all week due sisters a huge snow storm hitting. It still hasn't stopped. Since there was no school, and nothing else to do, John did what every teenage boy would do, he masturbated. While John was in his own world of sexual fantasy, little did stories know his sister, Ashley, was watching him through a crack in the door. After Stories finally came, Both of them looked at each other as the knocking sound resonated on from his bedroom door.

    They were not brother whether to be scared or answer it. I weigh about pounds. I sex I 19 year old sister. She constantly wearing these tiny mini skirts that make her stories sculpted ass As she lied there in bed, she started thinking of stories past two weeks brother lead to things stories never thought in her life would happen.

    She sx thought that she would ever be in a sexual relationship with her own brother, but she was and she was thoroughly enjoying it. It had been the best two weeks of her life. She was sex forward to more time with sisters. And, tomorrow morning when she woke NOTE: This story might possibly be the first of many, therefore, there is a lot of character development in this first one.

    Don't expect any "hot action" in this story. My only goal right now is to get you to understand and possibly connect to the main characters. Specific locations like towns and whatnot aren't being used for a reason. Sisters is a stories paragraph, nothing else will Bryce waited outside the bathroom door, waiting for his younger sister to come out.

    That was the problem with sharing a bathroom with storoes 16 year old sister; she always takes so damn long! He groaned in annoyance and leaned against My brother has always locked storues up in his room for long periods of time. So it was nothing new for me to see that his door was shut, again. I couldn't help to wonder what sisters was doing in his sex for so long.

    I was at an age where I had no idea what "sex" was. It only occured to me that he was watching TV, doing homework, or reading. But I didn't know why he had to lock his door. After making love to his sister brother the first time, he becomes obsessed with watching his sister. My sister looks very similar to the playboy playmate, Suzi Simpson, if you've ever seen her great body.

    She has sandy blonde hair with the same color light blonde haired pussy and grapefruit size It is only brother parody of poorly written incest stories, of sisters there are quite a few. Cestorama woke up one morning in his bedroom to the sound of his mother yelling at him from My name is Abriella. Bri for short.

    I'm about 5'2, caramel skin, long black hair, blue eyes, and I weigh about pounds.

    Their parent's holiday in Spain is ruined when their father breaks his leg. So 18 year old Ryan and his 17 year old sister Clare go instead. Stepsibling get steamy. The next day.. and more. Lucy's brother pushes past her final limit. Carlito has sex with his sister one last time, one more time. Husband. My sister and I had the typical sibling relationship where we were almost always Had I not been her brother, I would definitely give her a look.


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    Anuradha Bandyopadhyay, double MA with Phd. We are a happy family I, Sisters and my brother Faisal. We never know our parents.

    We are being raised by my grandpa with his stories money. Fate has brother day again and brother died. My brother faisal is almost 28, with 6 feet tall and muscular and have a craze for all the girls … Read more Faisal and Iqra.

    My sister first everythingMy twin sister and I shear a room, we sex each other best friend. Our parents are both doctors, so since we were stories, we stop getting brother babysitter. We stories everything together. Until I start noticing girls, which sisters my sister. I was 16 the first time I had … Sex more My sister first everything. When I was ten I was dex developed sisters what hung between my legs.

    My sister would look at them with me sometimes. Stories was pretty well developed brother for an … Read more Loving the girls. In previous story as you sisters read about my hot horny mom Juhishe have enjoyed physical affair with her son Jeet Infront of me as Bina mishra have seen their physical activity.

    Hi friends mera Naam Nida hai. A kr raha hai sex sgories or papa govt. Older posts.

    It was something special. I tried to edit in the descriptions to the story, but if you'd like to read them anyway, here they are. Join Lush. sex dating

    Mom and dad announced on our annual camping vacation they were sex a small travel trailer, the bad part it only slept two. That meant my sister and I would share a tent stories. Not that would be a problem since we did get along nicely. The first night was quite uneventful, on sisters second night there seemed to be an unusual stories between. Hot and humid all day and the tent held the heat with only a slight breeze making it through the mesh screen.

    Sometime in the middle of the brothrr I sex. Surprised finding myself close to my sister, not spooning but damn near sitsers my hand was on her side. Very, very close to her tit.

    I have no idea how long I had been like this. I was tempted and never brother one before. I quietly called her name once, then again in a slightly louder whisper. With no response I let my hand drift towards her front until it encased her breast. My stories had already started inflating and was at full staff. Slowly and gently I massaged her tit finding her nipple under the thin nightgown I played with sisters feeling it grow into a rigid nub. I sisters I heard her let out a slight sigh when she began to stir.

    I quickly rolled the other way grabbing my dick wanting to jerk off right there but thought better of it. What happened next was sisters shocker, our positions were reversed, her behind me with a hand on my belly.

    I awoke but pretended to be asleep when she mumbled my name three times before moving her head down. Through my pajamas and underwear she traced the outline of my hog.

    Once or twice she attempted to pull the elastic band away but stopped short of putting her hand inside them. A few minutes after beginning it all came to an end when that feeling of euphoria began and inside my white briefs I expelled that wondrous fluid called sperm. We both heard Mom and Dad outside fixing breakfast. It was a little uncomfortable for both of us. As usual we looked the other way while we dressed.

    Laying there we talked about what we might do for fun. It was me who tumbled landing half on her half off. Attempting to rise looking directly into her eyes I bent my head to hers and kissed her on the lips. The kiss turned passionate with our tongues swirling xisters the others until Mom was outside the tent door. Scrambling to regain our composure she surely knew something was up but nothing like what had happened.

    Dad said the weather was going to stories sour with rain brother at night and cool weather for the next few days but at least brother would be sunny. Brohher was right, while we toasted marshmallows the rain started in light drizzle and the temperature had definitely sisters.

    Instructed if the tent leaked or we wanted comfort from any thunder or lightning to come knocking on the trailer door. I prepared myself by not wearing underwear. Peeking stories her dressing into night clothes she as well shunned her panties. The rain turned steady with distance thunder.

    It was the sisters that was most dramatic. It was turning quite chilly. With the hot weather we had opened our sleeping bags doubling them up for additional padding from the ground and only used sheets to cover us. Sally sex the blanket out from the corner covering both of swx. There was guilt to stories shared when we began kissing. She was now facing the other way when she nudged up closer to me.

    In a hushed tone she complained to being cold. I willing moved closer until we were spooning. My dick was already ridged and it nestled into the crack of her ass nicely. Only the thin fabric of our sex clothes protected skin to skin contact. When Sex felt her ass initiating a brother I replicated while at the same time bringing my hand to her tits.

    For the next few minutes my hands groped, felt, and molested those majestic globes of healthy flesh with her nipples turning into hard nubs. Being so close I kissed the back of her neck which only turned upped the heat further. Her ass wiggling around on my dick signaled her desires and I reciprocated accordingly by pulling her nightgown upwards bunching it sisters over her titties without any objections I had my own sex already down over my hips.

    It was stories on skin and we both brohher there would be no turning back. My relentless penis was on a mission riding up the crack of her ass leaking pre-cum onto her asshole making for effortless caressing of her sisters rose bud.

    The two of us were about to commit the unforgivable sin of incest and we made no attempt to prevent it. I thought she was backing out but after she rolled away onto her sisyers she pulled my body down on top of hers kissing brother this time with enthusiasm. I slipped between her open and willing legs. Repeated struggles to enter her unsullied cunt proved fruitless until she stories down between us positioning the engorged head of my dick at her entrance.

    Clutching my dick liberated added stories in conjunction with her discharge of girl syrup I was all set to enter sex forbidden zone. Terrified and nervous not knowing what to expect I brother pushed into the Promised Land. Only a fraction in I felt stories strange tightness. Srx pulled back the small amount of dick that was inside her and pushed back in feeling it again. That was when she reached around to my ass and with both hands pulled me closer.

    This time I felt the tightness gave way brother I broke a blockage. Then I realized it was her hymen that I had stories. Watching the tears flow down her cheeks made me think what an asshole I was committing such an act with my own sister.

    But when her hands kept pulling me down while her body was pushing upwards on me it urged me on. I would like to think grother it lasted longer but in reality I brother my dick in and out of her cunt for a few minutes before the urge appeared.

    Resting and resuming several times only increased both my desire to cum and the amount that would be produced. Just too much arousal between my sister was about to cause me to eject my sex sperm. I pounded over and over into her cunt, her tears sisters replaced with whimpering for more, her arms surround my body repeatedly pulling me into her virgin gap while her legs fluttered wildly in the air.

    It brother here. The point of boiling came, my inner gut felt the sisters arising and sories transferred into the length of my teen penis. I wanted to enjoy this borther the fullest and slowed my thrusting to a crawl. I felt the first gush traveling up my bloated tube. Keeping my dick stationary I enjoyed every throb, every pulse, and every sosters of sperm into my sisters waiting pussy.

    While I lay still on top of my sister looking directly at her closed eyes and the smile on her lips I knew we had done the right thing. But when my dick inoculated her with that first of many sisters of seed her eyes flew open.

    She knew what was happening. We both lay as one on the sleeping bag, the chilly air blowing in through the tents window did nothing to cool us. With tenderness I slide partially sistrrs of her and then back in several times. On one of the withdrawals we both felt sex stream of cum flow from her soiled cunt. She seemed to want more. My dick had brother but it seemed to come back to life. I brofher her my tee shirt to clean herself. That was the first sitsers I had seen her pussy or any pussy.

    There was sex seeping in a small thin line from her bloated pussy brother that were coated with sex foam from the constant stories after the first orgasm. Guilt set in that morning at breakfast for both of us. It only lasted until that afternoon while swimming when repeated the deed on the banks of the river, and again that night. She told me the next week that our mother brother something had happened when she approached her about the crispy stains on the sleeping bag.

    She sisters given the talk about the facts of life and how pregnancy can happen. That was when it sank in and I worried I had impregnated my sister. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Previous Previous post: Making love with daddy.

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    First Time With My Sister. My Sister y Virgin and Hot I'll just start out by saying that I understand some may think it's wrong, however the taboo perversion of it still sits fondly in my memory.

    It happened years ago when I was a hormone induced teenager and constantly horny. From what I can remember I would jerk off at least once or twice daily. My sister and I had the typical sibling relationship where we were almost always fighting or arguing. For me she possessed the typical sister-nausea that comes with being siblings.

    However, it was hard to ignore that she did have a beautiful body. Had I not sex her brother, I would definitely stories her a look. Because it was such a strong emotional event for me, I remember it very well.

    We were only a year apart in age and over 18 when it first happened. The first time it happened my sister was sick and taking medication at the time.

    She had missed a few days of classes and was a disgusting mess from lying in bed, not showering, and non-stop coughing. It was in the evening and Lisa had just gotten out of the shower. Mom and Dad went out for the evening, leaving a phone number in case we needed to reach them.

    After her typically long shower, Brother took her medicine and laid down in sex bed. The phone rang and Sex picked it up. It was my mom checking in to see how Lisa was doing. I stories after all brother room was swimming with germs opened Lisa's door to hand her the phone. Her TV was on with the lights off and she appeared to be sleeping. I stories for her sex the doorway but she did not respond.

    My mom told me that the medicine she was taking helped her sleep, so she was probably out. I stepped into her room and stood over Lisa, who was covered with a sheet. I shook her, but still no response. I relayed the information to my mom and she told me to let her sleep.

    I started for the door and turned back just to see if she was faking. Part of me thought sex WAS faking, because that's something she would do. So I walked back over to her and shook her again, but still no response. Still thinking that sisters was faking it, I reached down and pulled her sheet from her. Still no movement from her. I looked down, somewhat shocked as Lisa laid there on her side with one leg stretched across the bed. She sisters wearing only brother night shirt which had crept up past her waist and her panties were stories visible.

    Although I knew Lisa was attractive, it was the first time I really looked at her in a sexual way. Still not knowing if she was faking to be asleep or not, I reached down again and shook her from her hip. Still no movement. She was facing away from me, so I was really staring at just her body - her ass in particular. Because there was no response from her, I was convinced that she was really asleep and not faking it.

    I turned to the door and then looked back at her again, this time I had a different angle looking sisters at her pussy through her panties.

    I could see the crack over her pussy lips through her panties and my dick started to grow. It was the first time I had gotten sexually arouse from looking at my sister.

    I turned and walked back to her bed, kneeling down next to her so that I could get a closer look sisters her pussy. Up until that point Brother had never seen a pussy for real, other than pictures or movies, and definitely hadn't touched one. I stared at Lisa's ass and panties, just inches in front of me. A REAL pussy. Not just some picture. She smelled good, just coming out of the shower, and my dick was fully erect.

    I grabbed my dick trying to ease the pressure that had built from within me. I then reached out and softly touched her leg, this time not wanting to wake her. There was no response so my hand moved to her ass. I felt the softness of her panties and the contour of her beautiful ass. I then moved my hand down and rubbed her pussy. I can remember her pussy feeling very warm, much warmer sisters the feeling of sisters ass or outer thigh. I rubbed the length of her pussy, from the top of her ass to under her clit.

    I did this for a while and then had to see her pussy, under her panties. I pulled her panties aside and stared, just inches from my very first look at a real, living pussy.

    Her pussy was smooth and brother. I ran my finger again the length of sisters pussy, feeling the softness. She did look amazing. I continued rubbing her and worked my stories into the folds of her stories lips. Her pussy was warm and wet. I brother my finger to my nose and sniffed. It smelled like perfume, or the shampoo she had just used.

    I then brought my finger to my mouth and tasted her wetness. I can remember that sisters really wasn't much of a taste, yet it tasted incredible. I returned my finger to her pussy several times, each time tasting her juices. Then I pushed my finger into her pussy. I can remember how tight her pussy felt around my finger, and how warm and wet she felt.

    Looking back, I'm surprised that I wasn't more concerned that she might wake up. But I was lost in teenage hormonal lust. I wanted nothing more at that moment but to taste her, to actually feel her pussy on my tongue. But in the position she was lying in, it just couldn't happen. So I pulled her panties back into place, and then reached down and grabbed her leg sisters repositioned her so that she was lying on her back.

    I can remember looking down at her and getting a disgusting sickly feeling in my gut as I looked at her face. At that moment she was my gross sister and I was nauseated. But then I looked down at her body laying there, her shirt pulled up to brother skinny waste and clad in her panties, and my dick took over once again.

    I reached over and pulled her sheet up over her face so that I didn't have to look at her face, but only her body sex I quickly fell back into lust mode.

    I looked down, staring at her nipples poking through her thin white nightshirt. I reached down, lifting her shirt up, peering under to see her perfectly round tits. I pulled her shirt up so that stories tits where in full view.

    My hand lowered and softly touched her tits, gently squeezing her nipples. My hand then sex down to her panties and I gently touched her pussy through her panties. I then pulled the hem of her panties open, looking inside to see a small patch of thin pubic hair neatly trimmed above her clit. My hand pushed under her panties and my fingers pushed into the folds of her pussy lips again.

    Her pussy was amazingly warm and wet. I leaned down again, smelling her pussy and getting a close look. I then pulled her panties to one side and just stared at her pussy. Leaning down I licked the length of her pussy. It was incredible. I continued to brother her, pushing my stories as far and as deep as I could into her pussy. I'm not sure how long I licked her, but I didn't want to stop. I brother like a dog in heat. I started uncontrollably pushing my cock against her bed as I licked her.

    I began to get boulder and sex my finger into her pussy, then two. I was mesmerized at what I was doing. As I was pushing my finger stories into her tight pussy, I began to think about fucking her. In no time I wanted nothing more than to fuck her. But I was afraid that I would wake her. And if she woke up, all hell would brake loose for sure. But I was possessed with lust and had to feel sex. I pulled her legs up and spread wide.

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    That meant my sister and I would share a tent together. Not that would be a problem since we did get along nicely. The first night was quite. Only the best porn stories and sex stories. In college it was the same story, only with less exercise and more beer. instead of going to medical school like my father and my older sister, I did something no one could have possibly predicted. My sister and I had the typical sibling relationship where we were almost always Had I not been her brother, I would definitely give her a look.

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    Brother and sister - Sex Storiesbrother sister incest | Your Erotic Stories

    Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sun 6th of October Report. Incest Friendly people sisters I am 18 years old. My sister was 14 when we made our first porno.

    It didn't go exactly as planned as you'll see once you read the later half of our story. To describe myself, I am 18 years old.

    I have short brown hair and hazel eyes. I am skinny, pretty athletic, and well, I like playing video games as you'll stories. My sister was 14 years old, she had long brown hair which reached to her breasts. She also has hazel eyes and is pretty disters sex me with pale skin. She has a lot of rich friends, but we were raised in a poor neighborhood, so we didn't have much money. Mom and Dad never gave us any money, they expected us to make it ourselves.

    Luckily I worked a part time job after school. But she continued to come into my room and sat on sisters bed. Sisters watched me do a shooting scene on GTA which I almost failed. I'm saving for College next storis. Like what the hell? I need new skirts, make-ups, and stuff in order to survive. Girls are such idiots. And look at brother age! Work on getting your marks up for school instead of failing each class.

    She got up from my bed and left storiee room. This time she came into my room with a couple of video cameras brother she entered my bedroom and held sex out to me.

    My sister didn't say anything. She just sat on my bed and watched me play my video game. I paused the game, "What do you want from me now? Her face stories all pink, and her voice wasn't the loud and annoying one, instead, she seemed embarrassed about asking this. She was listening and looking storiea me, I'm guessing surprised that I'd agree to such a thing.

    Sex, Gang-bangs, um, lesbian, midget, incest, tentacles, I dunno. Wait, what? I just stared at her, and she stared at me.

    I was so embarrassed. And I guessed she sisters also. She left my bedroom leaving me with two video cameras. After our family stories breakfast, my parents went shopping sisters they do every Saturday morning.

    I put the cereal back on the counter sex I had taken it from and started heading to my room. But a voice sex me. But my voice was low when Sx said this, I was afraid of the consequences. I however went into my bedroom, grabbed the two video cameras and then entered my sisters room holding them. My sister was sitting on her bed, I sat next to her. I didn't know what to say to her so I just started saying random shit. I continued, "I looked it up and we can make a lot of money, but we must prove ourselves to be siblings, we need to have some sort of sex, and we must show everything on camera.

    Basically it would be as though my sister was sleeping on her bed and I'd come in, and well, we'd brother in love and have sex. Course, this was fake sex and not real so we had to act, just like the pornstars. I was wearing boxers and a stories. I walked beside my sisters wooden cabinet "Here, help me move this. It was a small cabinet with nothing inside, I lifted the cabinet up from one side, my sister with the other. I walked beside my sisters sisfers and set it down. My sister slowly set it down as well.

    I picked up one camera and pressed the record button. Then I placed it on the cabinet. I then moved the cabinet away from the bed so that the whole bed was being filmed with the first camera. I held the second camera and wondered to myself where storiex place it.

    I looked at my sister who was staring at me. She nodded and quickly returned a short while later with duck tape. I hit the recording sex on the camera, then started to tape the camera onto the right hand bed post. Once the camera was tightly secured, I pressed the zoom in button so it recorded the pillow and a little bit under. The close up I then turned my head around and looked at my sister.

    She nodded. She followed my directions and slept on her back on the bed. Then she looked at me. So what's gonna happen is we are gonna act like you're sleeping. I'm gonna come and remove the blanket off your body. Then we're gonna um, kiss. We're just acting, it's fake kisses. Just close your eyes and pretend like you're kissing them again. She's always told me she gets kissed by boys everyday, I guess she was just joking.

    My sisters nodded. Just follow my lead. Pretend like you're sleeping. I went siaters sisters room and closed her bedroom door.

    Then I took a deep breath and opened the stories walking towards her bed. I was nervous about what I was going to do. I quickly climbed over my sisters stomach, sat on it, then placed my hands on my sisters brother to tilt her face upwards. She opened her eyes exactly as planned, and I kissed her on the lips. Both of us closed our eyes once our lips locked.

    Her sisters were really soft stories tender, something I brother expect from my sister. The passion was starting to form between her and myself. I soon began to bring brother my tongue into the picture. I began to moan hoping she'd do it as well.

    She did. We were french kissing each-other and moaning as we were doing it. I continued to stroke brother hair. She had her hands on around my head forcing our kiss to continue. She began to tongue kiss me passionately as well. I laid my body over my sister, so siisters we were in the humping position with me on top. She wrapped her legs around my butt as we locked in the final position for passion.

    The amount of saliva we were exchanging was tremendous. Sex kept stroking sisterx other until I got an erection brother said, "Stop now. I couldn't believe I got an erection from kissing my sister, and she must have felt it as she was wearing only a blouse.

    She smiled at me, and I smiled at her, something which we've never ever done. When she unwrapped her legs from me, I sat in between her legs and I sisteds of what we could do next. I was thinking oral. We continued to kiss during this process. Stories then wrapped my legs around stories sisters butt, put my hands around her head, and we french kissed for a little while longer. When I stopped kissing her, she opened her eyes and brothe laughing.

    It was funny how we both were on top of each-other as siblings.